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Welcome to Greece Travel Ideas. I’m Chrysoula, born and raised in Athens, Greece. Through the pages of this blog, I want to help you make the very most of your visit to Greece and the Greek Islands and show you how to plan your trip to Greece like an insider. Thanks for visiting!

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chania crete - how to get from Athens to Crete

How to Get From Athens to Crete

Crete, the fifth-largest island of the Mediterranean and the biggest island in Greece. Rich in history and tradition, Crete is a destination that caters to…
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What Is Greece’s National Animal

Animals carry symbolism. They are often powerful representations of various concepts. In that manner, many countries and nations have adopted an animal to symbolize them.…
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Greece in Spring - Acropolis Athens

Spring in Greece

Spring is the season of rebirth and regeneration. It is nature’s symphony, when the earth turns green and flowers bloom with abandon when the sky…
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Village of Metsovo with snow in Greece

Greece in Winter

Everyone pictures the beautiful and scorching hot summer when Greece is talked about as a vacation destination. And that is for good reason! There are…
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Konitsa Greece in Autumn

Autumn in Greece

Autumn is the season of rich colors, cool but still-warm weather, light breeze, and crispy sounds of leaves on the ground, and tasty food with…
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Methoni Castle

Best Palaces and Castles in Greece

Greece has a long and illustrious history and is considered the birthplace of western civilization, including western philosophy and literature, democracy, political science, and major…
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Temple of Hephaistos, Athens

Ancient Greek Temples

Every civilization needs a place to worship the divine. The ancient Greek were no exception. The ancient Greek temple had one primary function: to provide…
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Voidokilia Beach in Mainland Greece - Best Beaches in Greece

Best Beaches in Mainland Greece

Although the Greek islands are the ultimate destination in Greece, known for their wonderful beaches and their amazing coastlines, there are also many beaches in…
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40 interesting Quotes about Greece

40 Quotes About Greece

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Greece has inspired philosophers, poets, and writers since the dawn of civilization. These inspiring quotes about…
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Sarakiniko Beach in Parga Greece

Summer in Greece

Summer in Greece is a dream for many: From the brilliant blue skies to the glistening, crystal blue and turquoise seas to the golden sandy…
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Islands Near Santorini

Santorini, the famous island of the Aegean Sea took its name from Santa Irene, from the cathedral built in Perissa dedicated to her. Its official…
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The 4 seasons in Greece

Seasons in Greece

Greece is mostly associated with the famous and highly popular “Greek Summer”. With good reason! Summer in Greece is a paradise of heat, blessed shade,…
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Best Greek Islands for food

Best Greek Islands for Food

No trip to Greece is complete without sampling the country’s rich and delicious cuisine. Like many Mediterranean countries, the trinity of wheat, olive oil and…
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