10 Best Beaches in Visit Kimolos

Kimolos is a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea with distinct beauty and is known for its white sandy beaches, emerald waters, and unique architecture. The island takes its name from the Greek word ‘kimolos’ which translates to ‘white stones’ or better yet ‘chalk’. The island indeed has chalk mines thanks to its volcanic origins.

Kimolos is situated very close to the stunning volcanic island of Milos and almost 50 km away from Sifnos, in the Cyclades region. It also offers opportunities for exploration, as it has three unspoiled islets nearby, including Polyaigos, Agios Efstathios, and Agios Georgios.

If you’re looking for a quiet Island for some laid-back vacation, away from the fuss and the crowds, then you should choose Kimolos, swim at its beautiful beaches, discover its hidden coves and taste the delicious local cuisine.

Here is a detailed list of the best beaches in Kimolos that are worth your visit:

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10 Kimolos Beaches You Must Visit

Prassa Beach

Prassa Beach Kimolos best beaches

Prassa beach is perhaps the most famous on the island, with divine turquoise and azure waters to swim in. It is located on the northeastern part of the island with a view opposite Prasonisi.

The fine white sand and amazing waters provide a perfect setting for days at the beach. You will find well-stacked beach bars with sunbeds and umbrellas (with a fixed fee) and a lot of opportunities to party or relax with dance music. You will definitely find all the amenities you need here, including drinks and snacks!

Psathi Beach

Psathi Beach Kimolos

Psathi Beach in Kimolos is right at the port of the island. It has part small pebbles and part sand with quite shallow waters which can be family-friendly.

You will find various accommodation options by the beach, as it is a hub for hotels and rooms to rent. It also has small traditional seaside fish taverns with fresh delicious dishes you can’t miss. You can find a few sunbeds and parasols to enjoy your day here.

Bonatsa Beach

Bonatsa Beach Kimolos

Another golden sandy beach in Kimolos, Bonatsa beach is a paradise on earth. It has some parts with medium to large pebbles, so you should also be careful while walking carefree.

You can only access this beach on foot or by boat which departs from the port of Psathi. However, keep in mind that you can find some restaurants and local taverns to eat and drink on a hot summer day.

Tip: Visit Bonatsa beach when the northern meltemia hit, and you will likely be protected from strong winds!

Aliki Beach

Aliki Beach in Kimolos

Situated south of Chorio, also near the port of Psathi, you will find Aliki beach, a tranquil shore with crystal waters and small pebbles.  You can relax here any day and find enough room as it is quite long. You can find some natural shade from trees.

The place offers itself for windsurfing and even snorkeling or diving. It has a very interesting seabed, which hides the story of a sunken ancient city and its ruins!

Monastiria Beach

Monastiria beach Kimolos

Monastiria beach in Kimolos is a stunning cove with a wild landscape and the endless Aegean blue. It is situated in the northern part of Kimolos island, and quite far away from any major village. It is secluded and unorganized, and its access is not easy, as you have to drive a long dirt road that requires a 4×4 vehicle to avoid inconvenience.

Usually unprotected from northern winds, it is quite windy and exposed. You should probably avoid it on these days.

Soufi Beach

Soufi Beach

A neighboring beach near Monastiria beach, Soufi is relatively protected from strong winds. You can reach its magnificent waters by hiking for about 20 minutes. It is really worth the hike!

You will find an unspoiled paradise with natural shade from cedar trees and beautiful waters to spend the day. The beach is absolutely secluded and inaccessible, so there are no amenities whatsoever, but surprisingly, you will find a house here, with traditional utensils that add to the mystery of the place.

Mavrospilia Beach

Mavrospilia beach Kimolos

Mavrospilia is among the top beaches on the island. Situated only 5 km away from the port, still it is quite isolated. It is very long and sandy with very little vegetation such as bushes. The water is crystal clear and the sunbed is also sandy.

Mavrospilia offers no amenities whatsoever, except the shade of a scarce tree here and there. So be prepared for an adventure.

It offers amazing sunset views and the opportunity to explore the nearby ancient ruins of Ellinika with just a short walk.

Rema Beach

Rema Beach - Kimolos beaches

Rema beach near the cove of Goupa Kara is located near Chorio and Psathi beach. It is a small bay with mirror-like waters. The beach offers no amenities, save for the shade from trees and a great swim. It mostly consists of pebbles.

The main attraction there is “Syrmata”, peculiar formations or caves built by fishermen to secure their boats from extreme weather conditions. Typically, it is protected from the winds.

Klima Beach

Klima Beach in Kimolos

Klima beach is located just outside of Chorio, which is the capital of Kimolos. It is a relatively popular beach because of its accessibility with good road network and close distance to the capital. It is a very long and barren shore with amazing waters and a mix of sand and small pebbles.

It is unorganized, so there are no amenities whatsoever, save for a few rooms to let which can be found nearby. It has a lot of free space for sunbathing and enjoying nature.

Kalamitsi Beach

Kalamitsi Beach - Best Kimolos Beaches

Kalamitsi beach in Kimolos found near the village of Psathi. It has golden sand and turquoise and emerald waters, which deepen gradually. You could surely enjoy a good swim here.

Nearby, you can find your accommodation options to stay, as well as beach bars and even taverns that can offer local delicacies and comfort. You will also find the shade of trees there.

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