A Guide to Mandrakia, Milos

On the northern coast of Milos island in the Cyclades, you will find the picturesque Mandrakia village. With beautiful, whitewashed houses, lush vegetation that trails into the sea, and crystal-clear waters, Mandrakia village is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the slow, calm rhythms of life by the sea.

Mandrakia village is built around a small bay with gorgeous blue and turquoise waters that remain transparent quite far in the sea. In fact, the entire view of the little village is so perfectly beautiful that it feels like a set for a movie rather than an actual village where people make a living.

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Where to find Mandrakia

Mandrakia village Milos

Mandrakia is just 4 km from Plaka, Milos’ capital town. It is right in the middle of the road between Firopotamos and Sarakiniko beach. You can drive there or visit it on one of the many tours offering you a taste of the best of Milos. Some will take you there by boat from Plaka!

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What to see in Mandrakia

Explore Mandrakia

Me in Mandrakia, Milos

The biggest attraction of Mandrakia is Mandrakia itself. The tiny port village is unbelievably scenic. It’s not only the crystal-clear waters. It’s the settlement itself that represents a different era without the usual veneer that tourism brings to places.

Huddled around the little bay there are fisherman’s caves, literally built on the waves. There are also the traditional ‘syrmata’: fisherman’s houses with a characteristic boat garage located on the ground floor of the buildings.

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Syrmata in Mandrakia Milos

The brilliant white of the houses contrasts with the bright colors of shutters and doors that mesh with the deep hues of the sea. The entire village follows the natural landscape and gives the impression that it’s carved out of the rock itself.

traditional Syrmata in Mandrakia Milos

In the center of Mandrakia, you will find its church, Zoodohos Pigi. It is built on a hill and it looks like it is rising above the rest of the village.

Mandrakia doesn’t have a beach unless you count a very thin strip of pebbly sand near the bay. But that doesn’t matter. Just walking down its narrow paths or listening to the lapping waves against the rock at the houses’ feet is enough to fill you with serenity and relax you.

Find Tourkothalassa beach

Tourkothalassa Beach
Tourkothalassa Beach

If you still want to make visiting Mandrakia a beach day you can seek out Tourkothalassa beach very nearby. Like a gem, it’s hidden between jagged rocks and is easily overlooked if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

The only way to go to Tourkothalassa is on foot, which is great because the beach is completely unmarked and you can easily miss it!

Thick white sand and pebbles contrasting with gorgeous azure waters await you there. Once you find it, however, it’s likely you’ll have it to yourself with complete privacy! Swimming in its waters is ideal, but because it’s so remote, despite being so near Mandrakia. The water-hewn rocks that hide it also provide some narrow but solid shade to protect you from the sun.

Medusa restaurant, Mandrakia
Medusa restaurant Mandrakia

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Where to eat in Mandrakia

Medusa: perched right above the ‘syrmata’ you will find Medusa restaurant, which combines the gorgeous view with delectable meals you can’t miss. Even if you aren’t interested in the calm retreat that Mandrakia offers, consider going just for the food served in Medusa. You will find a range of dishes, from seafood to vegan options. Medusa is considered one of the best restaurants in Milos so don’t miss out!

food in Medusa restaurant

Where to stay in Mandrakia

Mandrakia is a small fishing village with a taverna. It is a peaceful place to stay but you will need a car in order to explore the island.

Recommended places to stay in Mandrakia:

Aerides Mandrakia Milos: A holiday house with balcony and air-conditioning located in the fishing village of Mandrakia.

Seashell Mandrakia Sea view: A holiday home with a fully equipped kitchen, and balcony located in Mandrakia village.

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