Alonissos Beaches – The Best 10 Beaches of the Island

When planning your holiday to the beautiful island of Alonissos in the Sporades, you’ll want to know which are some of the best beaches so that you can really make the most of your trip! To be fair, as with most Greek islands, Alonissos offers a whole host of stunning beaches to choose from and you can’t really go wrong, but here I’ll list some of my favourites so you can choose whether you want a pebble or sandy beach and whether you’d prefer something bustling with cafes and tavernas or somewhere a little more laid-back.

Read on to find out about the best beaches in Alonissos and once you’ve visited, let me know your favourite in the comments below! 

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Map of Alonissos Beaches

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10 Beaches to Visit in Alonissos

1. Patitiri (Port)

Patitiri Beach in Alonissos

Paralia Patitiri is the main port beach, with a stretch of pebbles located in front of the town’s hotels, cafes and tavernas where you can layout your towel. While the beach is quite small, it is a great spot to go for a quick dip in the water which is surprisingly clear for a port.

Patitiri - Beaches in Alonissos

Patitiri is an unorganised beach so it’s probably not the best choice for a family day out as you won’t have the option of sunbeds and parasols, but you can easily pop into the nearby amenities for some shade and refreshments when you want to cool off.

2. Agios Demetrios

Agios Demetrios Beach Alonissos

Agios Demetrios is often hailed to be the best beach on the whole of Alonissos with the crescent-shaped cove luring in travellers from all over the island. The beach features soft white pebbles and crystal-clear water and features a few different sections of sunbeds and parasols to accommodate visitors. Agios Demetrios beach also boasts a couple of tavernas offering classic Greek cuisine and beach snacks.  Unfortunately, the monastery of Agios Dimitrios that the beach was named after was supposedly destroyed by pirates but the area is still beautiful and intriguing enough that it makes it worth the drive.

3. Georgie Yalos

Georgie Yalos in Alonissos

Georgie Yalos (also sometimes spelt Tzortzi Gialos) is one of the nicer unorganised beaches in Alonissos with the small pebble cove being backed with pines trees. This beach is particularly famous for its lush turquoise water and is a popular spot for yachties.

Georgie Yalos Alonissos

There is one taverna on the beach that offers simple, local dishes that are ideal for a lunchtime break. Visitors can also follow the walking trail up from the south of the cove to gain a birds-eye-view of the area which is fantastic for photography!

4. Leftos Yalos

Leftos Yalos - Beaches in Alonissos

Just one cove further north of Georgie Yalos lies Leftos Yalos another pebble beach but this time with sunbeds and parasols. This is a favourite among young people on the island as the beach bars serve up tasty cocktails and snacks.

Leftos Yialos Alonissos Beaches

Most of the sunbeds here are the comfortable, modern type with plush cushions and it’s a great spot for snorkelling!

5. Kokkinokastro

Kokkinokastro Beach Alonisoos

Kokkinokastro beach – meaning red castle – is one of the most dramatic landscapes on the island, with sheer red cliffs lining the edge of the beach and a large rock formation (known as Kokkinonnisi) jutting out of the water.

Kokkinokastro Beach Alonissos Greece

The beach is covered with small pebbles tinged with red sand and features lovely warm, azure waters. There are also some slight archaeological remains of the ancient city of Ikos which would have stood nearby. Kokkinokastro beach features sunbeds and parasols and a small coffee/smoothie bar.

6. Chrissi Milia

Chrissi Milia Beach Alonissos best beaches

Chrissi Milia – meaning golden apple tree – is one of the few sand beaches on Alonissos with soft golden sand making it a lovely spot for families. The beach is one of the most popular on the island and as such, features sunbeds, parasols, parking, water sports, snorkel-hire, diving trips and a Greek taverna. The cove is surrounded by verdant trees and a rocky backdrop which is particularly picturesque and the water is clean and clear.

7. Milia

Milia Beach in Alonissos

Just further south-west than Chrissi Milia is the pebble beach of Milia, a smaller, quieter cove with some sunbeds and umbrellas. While there are areas where you can put your own towel or parasol, it’s worth noting that some of the pebbles can be quite large. The beach is encased by a pristine pine forest and the stony sections of the cove are ideal for snorkelling. The middle of the bay offers clear, turquoise waters which is great for swimming.

8. Roussoum Yalos

Roussoum Yalos in Alonissos

Roussoum Yalos (or Gialos) is close to the port and Patitiri beach with visitors being able to walk from one to the other. Paralia Roussoum Yalos is ideally situated close to a number of hotels, apartments and tavernas so is perfect is you’re staying nearby. There is also a large car park at one end of the beach if you’re arriving from elsewhere on the island. The beach offers both organised and unorganised sections and has small pebbles and crystalline waters.  This is a popular tourist spot so has pretty much all amenities and facilities you’ll need nearby.

9. Megalos Mourtias

Megalos Mourtias - Alonissos Beaches
Megalos Mourtias

Megalos Mourtias is a pebble beach in the south of Alonissos, just 6km/10-minute drive from the port town of Patitiri. Nestled down the hill from the Old Village, Megalos Mourtias is a peaceful cove that has the ideal combination of tavernas and sunbeds as well as clean, clear waters.

This means you could easily while away a whole day here, dipping in and out of the warm Aegean water, snorkelling near the rocks and eating hearty moussaka for lunch. Please bear in mind that the walk from Patitiri is quite strenuous (45-50 minutes up and down hills) and the stones on the beach can be a little uncomfortable underfoot.

10.Gialia or Yalia Beach

Yalia Beach - Alonissos best beaches
Yalia Beach

Paralia Yialia/Gialia is one of the island’s more rugged beaches that is known for having a disused windmill perched on the hillside next to the bay. This makes the cove a great spot for photography and for those who love quieter beach destinations. As the beach is located on the north-western side of the island, it is open to the wind which means that rough waves are quite common. It’s therefore not always the best spot for sunbathing or swimming but it’s still worth a visit.

So, there you have it, some of my favourite beaches on Alonissos. Most of these beaches are organised with sunbeds, parasols and tavernas, but if you’re looking for some more off-the-beaten-track beaches then fear not as you’ll be able to find these on Alonissos too.

Let me know which beaches you love on Alonissos in the comments below and you may well see them added to the list!

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