A Guide to Anthony Quinn Bay in Rhodes

Anthony Quin Bay is on the eastern side of Rhodes Island, the beautiful island on the east side of Greece. The cove earns the admiration of people that visit it and swim in its turquoise waters every year. 

Do you find the name of the cove surprising? Well, here is why this bay has the name of the famous Mexican actor: The original name of the bay was ‘Vagies’. In the 60s the famous actor came to Greece to film the movie ‘The guns of Navarone’, and he filmed some scenes at this specific beach.

He fell in love with the beautiful landscape, and he wanted to buy this piece of land a create a global center where actors from around the world could come, relax and socialize. Despite his efforts, his dream never came true due to bureaucracy. Nevertheless, since the 60s this charming cove has the name Anthony Quinn Bay. 

However, the famous actor is not the only one who fell in love with the beach; thousands of people come here every year to enjoy the warm clean waters and the unique landscape. Therefore, the beach is usually busy, especially during the high touristic season. 

This article includes all information about this charming bay and the surrounding area. 

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Discovering Anthony Quinn Beach

Anthony Quinn Bay is a few minutes away from Faliraki and is a beach of extreme natural beauty. It has approximately 10 meters in width and 250 meters in length, which means it is a rather small beach.

It has sand and pebbles and is surrounded by rock that makes the place look like an exhibition of natural architecture. All around, the rocky cliffs are forested with tall pine trees. The emerald, green colors of the water and the green of the pine trees create a color combination that leaves a strong impression in the eyes of the beholder. 

The seabed is rocky for the most part, and it is advisable to have sea shoes if you want to go in and out of the water with convenience. Nevertheless, even without those, you can still go in and out of the water; just be careful not to hurt yourself.

Many boats and yachts are anchored in the bay while their owners swim and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Usually, the vessels are further from the shore, and there is no danger for the people who swim. 

Tip: If you don’t want to drive to Anthony Quinn Bay you can get there by boat. Below find 2 options:
From Rhodes: Day Cruise with Snorkeling and Lunch Buffet (includes a swim stop at Anthony Quinn Bay)
From Rhodes City: Boat Day Trip to Lindos (includes a photo stop at Anthony Quinn Bay)

Services at Anthony Quinn Bay

The beach is popular for its natural beauty, preserved thanks to the low human interference. There are no beach bars, as you find on other beaches in Rhodes. There is a bar/café a bit higher on the top of a staircase where you can get cocktails, beer, and light snacks combined with a marvelous view of the bay.

It is an organized beach with sunbeds and parasols to rent. 

Additionally, if you are looking for some fun at the beach, you can rent equipment for scuba diving or snorkeling and explore the seabed of this beautiful cove. The rocks create underwater structures, and fish swim all around. 

There is a free parking space close to the beach. It is convenient because you do not need to worry about where to park your vehicle. The parking is just a 2-3 minutes walk to Anthony Quinn Bay.

Things to see around Anthony Quin Bay

A trip to Anthony Quinn Bay can be combined with an excursion to places of interest nearby: Faliraki, Ladiko, and Kallithea Springs. 

Beach with hotels in Faliraki

Faliraki is a village by the sea, 14 km away from Rhodes town. In the last few decades, the area has seen high touristic growth. At Faliraki, you can find everything you need: shops, bars, taverns and restaurants, organized beaches, big and luxurious hotels, and sports facilities.

Ladiko Beach

Driving west from Anthony Quinn Bay is another beach that is, like Faliraki, more cosmopolitan, called Ladiko beach. It is organized, and it has -apart from showers, sunbeds, parasols, and taverns- a center for water sports activities. Ladiko is one of the best places for rock climbing in Rhodes. If you are into this activity, this is an extra plus.

Kallithea springs

Another attraction close to Anthony Quinn Bay is Kallithea springs. It is a natural thermal spa by the sea. It has been a place of interest since the ancient years. The last renovation in 2007 gave a new glow to Kallithea. The spa is architecturally interesting, and it is a space where weddings, conferences, and events are also hosted. The price for entering is affordable, and the experience is worth a visit. 

Where to stay at Anthony Quin Bay

Anthony Quinn Bay has a unique natural beauty that the authorities try to preserve. For this reason, there are no big hotels right next to the beach. However, there are many accommodation options all around. If you have a vehicle, you can book one of these and drive to the bay. It will only take a few minutes. Many people choose to stay in Faliraki, as it has more options not only for the accommodation but also for other kinds of conveniences (shops, markets, etc)

How to get to Anthony Quin Bay

If you drive from Rhodes town to Anthony Quinn Bay, the quickest way to get to the beach is by taking the Provincial Road 95/Rodou-Lindou and following the signs to Kallithea. The distance is approximately 17 km and you will be at the beach in about 20 minutes. 

If you do not have a car, you have three options. Take a cab, a shuttle bus, or a cruise. The cab is more convenient and faster, but it is pricy. Before taking a cab, ask the driver about the price for the ride to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

If you choose to take the bus, you need to go to the Rhodes station for KTEL (This is the name for this type of bus). There is a direct bus to Anthony Quinn Bay which operates a few times a day. It will be good to ask for the itineraries and arrange your day accordingly. 

If you don’t want to drive to Anthony Quinn Bay you can get there by boat. I recommend the following: From Rhodes: Day Cruise with Snorkeling and Lunch Buffet (includes a swim stop at Anthony Quinn Bay)

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