A Day Trip From Crete to Santorini

day trip Crete to Santorini

When you’re already visiting the fantastic island of Crete where there’s so much to see, it may sound impossible to fit another island into your vacation. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! While you’re enjoying Crete, you can …

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Best Day Trips From Kos

The beautiful island of Kos is a great destination for those eager to explore original culture, unique architecture, and rich history. From many cultural sights like the Asklipeion to wonderful local cuisine and wineries, this island offers countless possibilities for …

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A Guide to Ikaria Island, Greece

Ikaria island

If you are looking for a unique, different Greek Aegean island with lush nature, rich culture, and beautiful beaches, then you can’t miss Ikaria. Ikaria is considered one of the most verdant islands of the Aegean and is mentioned as …

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A Guide to Spetses Island, Greece

Spetses Greece

The wonderful thing about vacations in Greece is that they are incredibly versatile. Many gorgeous Greek islands are only a couple of hours away from the coastline. Of them, the island of Spetses is queen. Even if you planned to …

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A Day Trip From Rhodes to Symi

Symi is a small island with charming neoclassical houses and beaches with crystal clear waters. It is also home to the 18th-century Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis, an important pilgrimage site. Due to its proximity to the island of Rhodes, …

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Luxury Hotels in Kefalonia

Luxury hotels in Kefalonia make this region a place to call home. The Ionian Island of Kefalonia, commonly known as Cephalonia, is extensive and picturesque. The golden beaches are also a visual pleasure; all you have to do is a …

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Best Beaches in Ikaria

Ikaria is an upcoming Greek island that has recently been visited by many people who wish to enjoy its pristine nature, otherworldly beauty, and absolute serenity. It is known as the island where time stops, or rather, works quite differently. …

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How to get from Athens to Aegina

Aegina - The best islands near Athens

Aegina Island is a Saronic island located just 40 minutes (only 15 nautical miles) away from the port of Piraeus in Athens. It’s an excellent destination for an escapade or a quick weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of …

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Best Beaches in Chios

Vroulidia Beach - Best beaches in Chios

Chios, a Greek island of immense beauty, is mainly known for its mastic, famously growing on mastic trees only in the forest of Chios. Its beauty, however, does not only lie there. You can explore its hidden treasures, namely, the …

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Luxury Hotels in Corfu

If Corfu is on your vacation list, here you will find some of the best luxury hotels on the island, which are breathtaking and elegant. Corfu provides the ideal hotel for you, whether you like urban ambiance or peaceful natural …

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