Greek Islands With Airports

Plane landing in Corfu - Greek islands with airports

While the primary way of reaching the Greek islands is by sea, some have airports! If you prefer flying to places, consider these Greek islands first. Flying is, after all, the fastest way to travel and the fastest way to …

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The Greek Island Groups

Serifos belongs to the most famous greek island groups the Cyclades

Greece is famous for her islands. And rightly so, because Greece has more than 6000 of them, of all shapes and sizes. Of these islands, only around 230 are inhabited, and are clustered in groups. The Greek islands have a …

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Patras Greece Travel Guide

Lighthouse in the port of Patras, Greece

Most people seem to know Patra only as of the port city that will connect them via ferry to Italy or to the Ionian islands like Kefalonia and Corfu. Most people, therefore, are missing out! Patra is a worthy tourist …

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Kastoria, Greece Travel Guide

Kastoria Greece Travel Guide

Kastoria is located in the western region of Macedonia, in the north of Greece. It is a mountainous region full of Byzantine churches, Ottoman villages, and beautiful lakes. The city is located on a lake, nestled in between the limestone …

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