Kouros of Naxos

Kouros of Naxos

Among the many cultural sites that one can visit on the island of Naxos, the Kouroi are indeed some of the most impressive. A Kouros is a neologism, a modern term used to describe free-standing ancient Greek sculptures that appeared …

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Greece’s National Dish

Moussaka - Greece national food

Greece is a gem of the Mediterranean. Everywhere you go there is a little touch of paradise, be it during the summer or the winter. That would be enough, but Greece’s graces don’t stop there! The food is also mind-blowingly …

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Famous Greek Desserts

karidopita - famous greek dessert

Greece is famous for the breathtaking natural beauty that makes it a bit of a paradise to vacation in. But that’s not all. Greece boasts fantastic cuisine, be it traditional or modern, which manages to be extremely tasty yet also …

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