Best beaches in Amorgos

Located in the southern Cyclades, Amorgos is a top island destination for people who wish to explore authentic Cycladic beauty and mostly an alternative type of holiday. The island is well-known as the filming location of the brilliant 1988 film “The Big Blue” with Jean Reno.

It has the picturesque capital of Chora and many stunning beaches. It’s definitely worth being on the bucket list of every traveler who wishes to explore more of the endless Aegean blue.

Best Beaches to Visit in Amorgos

Katapola Beach

Katapola - Best Beaches in Amorgos

Katapola beach is a beautiful beach in Amorgos, located near Katapola port of Amorgos, in the middle of the island. The famous harbor has a sandy beach with crystal-clear turquoise waters.

It is well organized and offers many amenities, including sunbeds, umbrellas, and beach bars for snacks and drinks. The beach is also full of natural shade for those who wish to go to the unorganized side.

You can easily access the beach by car as there is good road access to and from the port.

Tip: Nearby, you can also find the ancient wonders of Minoa if you’re into sightseeing.

Maltezi Beach and Plakes Beach

Located just near Katapola, you will find two more popular beaches in Amorgos, Maltezi, and Plakes. These can be accessed by boat from the port of Katapola. It just opposite, so you only need to cross. You will find a boat schedule every half an hour during the summer months. For Maltezi, there’s also the possibility to hike there by taking the path from Xylokeratidi.

Maltezi is a sandy beach with mesmerizing waters. It is ideal for sunbathing, relaxing, or swimming. You will find sunbeds and umbrellas there, as well as a beach bar that offers snacks and refreshments.

Plakes beach is a more isolated cove, ideal for nudists and naturists who wish to avoid the crowds and the fuss of the beach bar. Unlike Maltezi, Plakes beach has rocky surroundings, and you can dive from there directly into the serene waters.

Aghia Anna Beach

Aghia Anna - Beaches in Amorgos

Among the top beaches in Amorgos is Aghia Anna, located very close to Chora. It is near the Panagia Hozoviotissa Monastery, a breathtaking sight one can’t miss while in Amorgos.

It is a very small pebbly beach with rocky surroundings and very bright blue waters to swim into. The landscape nearby is rugged and adds to the beach’s wild beauty. It is not organized, and there is no shade, so if you plan to go there, prepare all the necessities to spend the day at the lovely location.

Even if it’s relatively remote, it’s very famous, partly because it was also featured in the film. It is not very family-friendly, as the rocks are pretty sharp, but it’s ideal for adventure lovers and snorkeling/diving enthusiasts. You can get there by walking from the Monastery. It’s just a few steps away.

Kalotaritissa Beach

Kalotaritissa - Best Beaches in Amorgos

Looking like a beach straight out of an exotic location, Kalotaritissa beach is an idyllic sandy paradise. The good thing about it is that it is also protected from most winds, so there are no waves. The waters are the brightest turquoise, and the scenery is amazing.

You can’t find many amenities there, save for a small beach bar that offers refreshments and snacks. It also has sunbeds and umbrellas, as there is no particular shade.

You can get to Kalotaritissa beach by car via road or use the public bus option.

Mouros Beach

Mouros - Amorgo's Top Beaches

Mouros is perhaps the most stunning beach in Amorgos, located near the village of Voutsi. It is not very easily accessible, as it is nestled between the mountains, protected from the high mountain walls. You can access it via a natural path, and it may require some climbing at some spots. The view is amazing, and the mirror-like waters will compensate for the effort.

It is a perfect little pebbly cove with rocky surroundings, which is pristine and unorganized. Be prepared for a little adventure there, and bring snacks and other beach accessories to spend the day.

The beach is ideal for snorkelers and diving enthusiasts. You can marvel at the seabed, explore underwater caves, or dive from the rocks into the serene waters. Keep in mind that the beach gets very crowded during the high summer months-mostly, July and August.

You can reach the beach by car via the road. There is a parking space and a traditional tavern and cafe/bar with panoramic views to catch a breath and enjoy the local delicacies.

Paradisia Beach

Paradisia - The Top Beaches in Amorgos

You can get to Paradisia beach by driving about 10 km outside Chora. As its name suggests, it’s a little paradisial small, partly sandy, partly pebbly beach and bright blue waters. It is another unorganized, virgin beach in Amorgos, so you must come prepared. There is no particular natural shade.

Nearby, you can also explore 3 to 4 other small coves for more privacy and less noise. You can swim there to discover them.

Aegiali Beach

Aegiali - Nicest Beaches in Amorgos

Aegiali is also among the most beautiful beaches in Amorgos. It is situated about 20 km from Chora, but its majestic turquoise is worth the route. The waters are practically pool-like, of cyan color, relatively shallow, and family-friendly.

The sandy beach stretches for about 1 km, attracting many visitors. It is considered one of the most popular tourist locations, so you will find all possible amenities here. Of course, you can also enjoy the free part of the beach if you walk further and get the shade of the lush pine trees decorating the shore.

You can reach Aegiali by car or public transportation, as frequent busses are running to and from the village.

Levrossos Beach

Levrossos - Amorgo's Top Beaches

Another gem of Amorgos Island, Levrossos, is situated very close to Aegiali. You can practically walk there and reach the beach in 20 minutes.

The beach is a lovely, sandy bay with views over the Aegiali opposite. You won’t find umbrellas or sunbeds here, but there is a small tavern, ideal for fresh fish food or other local dishes by the seaside.

You can also take a boat that gets you from Aegiali port to Levrossos paradise. It runs every 20 minutes in the high summer season.

Aghios Pavlos Beach

Agios Pavlos - Best Beaches in Amorgos

It’s no wonder the film was called “The Big Blue.” Aghios Pavlos is among the best beaches in Amorgos to prove that. You can find it just 5 km from Aegiali port.

It is a pebbled beach whose cobalt-blue waters are inviting and ideal for swimming, diving, and snorkeling! You will find many boats anchored here during summer to enjoy a dive and spend the day moored there. There are no amenities there, so bring your own!

Nikouria Beach

Just opposite Aghios Pavlos beach, you can find a magnificent little island called Nikouria. The small heaven of an island has three sandy beaches whose beauty is unparalleled. You wouldn’t want to miss that while in Amorgos.

You can find some umbrellas and sunbeds for rent there, but it can get somewhat crowded with those boats transferring people. If you can, bring your own umbrella, or go early to avoid the fuss. You will find refreshments, snacks, and drinks provided by a small beach bar.

You can get there by boat directly from Aghios Pavlos beach. The transfer fare is usually 5 Euros for the round trip, but of course, prices may vary.

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