Best Beaches in Andros Island, Greece

Andros is another jewel of the Cyclades, lesser-known but majestically beautiful. Its proximity to Athens makes it a popular destination for quick getaways, and thanks to its lush forested mountains and unspoiled beaches, it is definitely worth visiting!

Here are some of the best beaches in Andros:

15 Beaches to Swim in Andros Island

1. Batsi Beach

Batsi Beach- Best Beaches in Andros
Batsi Beach

Just beside the port of Batsi, you will find Batsi beach, an organized beach with all amenities and services available. The sandy beach is the perfect stop once you disembark on the island, as it offers eat and drink options in the nearby canteen or restaurant, as well as umbrellas, sunbeds, WC, and shower for a comfortable swim in Andros’ crystal-clear waters.

The beach is accessible by road and there are a public bus line and taxis that can get you there. Nearby, you can also find resorts or hotels for accommodation.

2. Grias Pidima Beach

Grias Pidima Beach - best beaches in Andros Greece
Grias Pidima Beach

Perhaps the most popular of Andros beaches, Grias Pidima beach is located on the eastern side of the island, in the region of Korthios. Its name translates to “Old Lady’s Jump” from an old myth about the Ottoman occupation.

The majestic beach is not very easily accessible, but worth the effort, for its sandy shore and peculiarly shaped rock pillar 15 meters in height. You can get to the beach by bus by taking the line Chora-Korthi, but the last part is on a dirt road and requires some walk on a natural path to get to the hidden shore. The breathtaking view will be rewarding for sure!

Tip: Grias Pidima beach has no amenities whatsoever, so consider bringing your sun protection and snacks to spend the day comfortably.

3. Golden Sand Beach (Chrissi Ammos Beach)

Golden Sand Beach (Chrissi Ammos Beach) - Andros best beaches
Golden Sand Beach (Chrissi Ammos Beach)

Chrysi Ammos, or Golden Sand Beach, at the western side of the island, is one of the first beaches in Andros to have a beach bar. The shallow turquoise waters and the golden sand create a lovely contrast, making it thus one of the most stunning coastline spots on the island.

It is fully organized with everything you could possibly need, such as umbrellas and sunbeds, a restaurant, a canteen, and accommodation options nearby. It is family-friendly as well, thanks to the shallow waters and lifeguard watch. The beach is easily accessible by road, and you can find convenient transportation options.

Its ideal location protects it from winds naturally and makes it perfect for swimming, snorkeling but fun water sports as well. You will find water sports facilities on shore to try out new experiences and enjoy the turquoise waters. There is also a beach volleyball court for the fans of the sport.

4. Achla Beach

Achla Beach - best Andros Beaches
Achla Beach

One of the less touristy beaches of Andros, Achla is located southeast of Stenies region. The natural beauty of the bay is beyond comparison, unspoiled and beautiful with deep blue waters.

Getting there isn’t a child’s play, but if you are looking for your peace and quiet away from the crowds, this is the place to be. You have to endure a large part of the dirt road (although it is relatively easy), or you can access it by sea by paying the fare of the tourist boats that get you there easily.

Of course, you will find no amenities in isolated Achla beach whatsoever, so prepare well before you venture there. There is a lot of free space on the partly sandy, partly pebbly shore.

5. St Peter’s Beach (Agios Petros Beach)

St Peter’s Beach (Agios Petros Beach) - Best Beaches in Andros
St Peter’s Beach (Agios Petros Beach)

On the other side of the promontory near Golden Sand beach, you will find St. Peter’s or Agios Petros beach. It is the longest beach on the island, approximately one kilometer of pure Golden Sand.

It is a great beach to visit even in the busiest months of summer, because of its size, it rarely gets crowded. You can both enjoy the amenities of the lovely beach bar, or use the ample free space and spread out to explore nature and the crystal-clear waters.

6. Paraporti Beach

Paraporti Beach - Andros island beaches
Paraporti Beach

This large sandy beach with beautiful waters and an imposing landscape of promontories is situated just outside Andros Town. Although it offers amenities and services, it is relatively untouched and keeps its natural beauty.

It is easily accessible by road, and conveniently, there is also road parking. It also offers great views of Andros Town and Tourlitis Lighthouse.

Tip: You will find great service by the beach bar nearby, which gives you the option of a refreshing, cold beer even on the hottest of days.

7. Zorkos Beach

Zorkos Beach - Andros beaches Greece
Zorkos Beach

Zorkos beach is another one of the popular beaches in Andros, on the northeastern part of the island.

It is a beautiful natural landscape of oleanders and rocky surroundings, which can be very windy at times, as it is quite open. You will find services and amenities on this organized beach, including umbrellas, sunbeds, and a canteen to catch a snack.

It accessible by dirt road and you can park your car in off-road parking, and approach the beach via a natural path. Alternatively, you can approach it by sea, and the anchorage is allowed just in the open.

8. Vitali Beach

Vitali Beach - Best beaches in Andros
Vitali Beach

Northeast in Andros there is Vitali beach, a wonderful pebbly beach, with small stones onshore and clear blue waters.

It is accessible by road and the route that starts from Gavrio lasts 45 minutes with a length of about 15 km, including a dirt road of 3km. The road trip offers one of the greatest views of Andros, overlooking the mountains on the one side and the steep cliffs reaching the Aegean Sea on the other.  

The beach is organized and you can get drinks and snacks at the beach bar. The highlight of this beach is the rock, peculiarly shaped and perfect for diving!

9. Kypri Beach

Kypri Beach Andros
Kypri Beach

Kypri beach is like the continuation of Golden Sand beach, similarly long and sandy. Perfect for swimming and spending the day at the beach, the beach itself offers little to no shade.

It is organized, however, with sunbeds and umbrellas and endless opportunities for chilling by the waves. Seldom will you find those, as it is known as one of the least windy beaches in Andros.

Easily accessible and convenient, ideal for families and couples, willing to go for endless walks in its soft sand.

10. Neiborio Beach

Neiborio Beach - Andros beaches
Neiborio Beach

Neimporio beach is actually the beach of Andros Chora, known as the most cosmopolitan beach of Andros and the first to be established due to the very easy access, just left off the main road in Chora.

The beach is now a hub for Andros’ nightlife, with countless facilities by day and beautiful beach bars to enjoy drinks at night. The beach has relatively shallow waters and it is mostly protected from the winds, so it is safe for children as well.

Highlights of the beach is the river flowing from the village of Lamyra all the way into the sea, and the rock known as “Tourlos”, which separates the beach in two.

11. Fellos Beach

Fellos Beach - beaches in Andros Greece
Fellos Beach

In northwest Andros, four kilometers from the port of Gavrio, you can find sandy Fellos beach. It is quite easily accessible via asphalt road.

Fellos beach is ideal for swimming and relaxation, with perfect mirror-like waters and a tavern, known for the best local specialties. The beach is most known for fishing, and some trees provide thick shade.

12. Gialia Beach

Gialia Beach - best Anrdros beaches
Gialia Beach

Between Andros Chora and Stenies, in the eastern part of the island, you can find Gialia, a popular beach with soft pebbles. During high season, it is most visited by tourists thanks to its facilities and taverns with delicious cuisine.

Gialia beach has crystal clear waters but tends to be affected by winds, the so-called “meltemia”, especially during July and August. Access to the beach is easy via road and the location offers road parking.

13. Chalkolimnionas Beach

 Chalkolimnionas beach Andros island
Chalkolimnionas Beach

Chalkolimnionas beach is situated in the southwestern part of Andros, a long sandy bay with a beach bar. Easily accessible by road with the option of road parking, it has eat and drink amenities in the canteen, as well as umbrellas for sun protection.

The seabed is partly pebbly and partly sandy, and the waters of medium depth. Even if it has amenities, the landscape seems wild and untamed.

14. Vori Beach

Vori Beach Andros Greece
Vori Beach

This impressive paradise that is called Vori beach, north of Andros is referred to as one of the top beaches in Andros, thanks to its idyllic virgin natural landscape and inviting waters.

The beach is hardly accessible by land, as it has a bad and lengthy dirt road, not suitable for common vehicles. It is best to approach it by sea by renting a boat. The location has no amenities and facilities, only the imposing rocks and the sandy shore.

Nearby, you can discover the breathtaking shipwreck from 1996, half-sunken and ready to be explored. Behind the rocky coastline is the Valley of Vori, lush in vegetation thanks to the flowing river. The beach is like an oasis of the island.

15. Kolona Beach (in Batsi)

Kolona Beach Andros island beach
Kolona Beach

In the traditional village of Batsi, you can spot Kolona beach, a wonderful and small protected cove. The sandy shore and sea bed are ideal for children, although the waters are of medium depth.

You can get to the beach by car or by bus, and there’s ample parking just on the road above the beach. It is organized with umbrellas and free sunbeds, as long as you get a drink or something at the beach bar.

The imposing rocks nearby are perfect for sunbathing and relaxing!

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