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Chios, a Greek island of immense beauty, is mainly known for its mastic, famously growing on mastic trees only in the forest of Chios. Its beauty, however, does not only lie there. You can explore its hidden treasures, namely, the beaches in Chios and the rich history and tradition in the central town and its villages.

You can explore this gem of an island and immerse yourself in a place with a rich history since the Neolithic era, and a picturesque town that never fails to amaze the visitors. Try walking around Vounakio square or shopping at the “Aplotaria market.” Visit the castle and the port, and take a tour of the museums. But mostly, don’t forget to enjoy a sunny day at the lovely Chios beaches.

Visiting Chios and want to know what’s worth seeing? Here’s a detailed list of the best beaches in Chios and how to get there:

15 Beaches to Visit in Chios Island

Mavra Volia Beach

Mavra Volia Beach - Best Chios beaches

You can find Mavra Volia (Black Pebbles) beach about 5 kilometers outside Pyrgi, a traditional village. It has lovely turquoise waters and eerie, volcanic beauty, thanks to its black pebbles and deep waters!

You can find a small canteen and some restaurants nearby. There are also accommodation options available with rooms to let and a hotel very close.

You can access it by car, as it has an asphalt road or bus. Luckily, there is also some natural shade at the beach.

Vroulidia Beach

Vroulidia Beach - Best beaches in Chios

In the same direction, near Pyrgi village, you will find yet another of the best beaches in Chios. The secluded Vroulidia beach is a paradise, with light turquoise waters, thick sand, and a wild landscape of white cliffs and rocks above you.

You can access it by road, only 9 km away from Pyrgi, but there is no bus service there. In order to get to the beach you need to walk down a path. You will also find a canteen there to grab a cold drink or a snack.

There is some natural shade thanks to the steep rocks, but there is not enough free space, so keep that in mind and go there early to get a good spot by this exotic sea.

Agia Dinami Beach

Agia Dynami Beach - Best beaches in Chios

Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in Chios, Agia Dinami is a divine refuge to enjoy a swim in tranquility. You can access it by car, near the village Olympi.

The beach is sandy, with some pebbles here and there, and you can enjoy its family-friendly shallow waters. You will not find other amenities here, so bring your own stuff, including an umbrella and water. There is a small chapel nearby, from which the beach takes its name!

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Salagona Beach

Salagona Beach

Salagona is a beach in southwestern Chios, around 5 kilometers outside the village of Olympi. It is a relatively big pebbly coastline with excellent crystal-clear waters to dive in.

You can access it by road, but there is no public bus service here. You will likely find a canteen during the summer months to get refreshments, and perhaps seasonal parasols and sunbeds.

Avlonia Beach

Avlonia Beach

Avlonia is also among the best beaches in Chios, and although secluded in location, it is organized. It’s a wide coastline with small pebbles, located 5 km away from Mesta village.

A canteen can offer drinks and snacks and some umbrellas and sunbeds to relax and enjoy the day at the beach.

The place is ideal for families, and you can access it via road, but with a private vehicle as there is no bus transportation there.

Apothika Beach

On the southwestern part of Chios, a little less than 5 km away from Mesta village, you will find the beautiful beach called Apothika. You can access it by car, but there are no bus schedules to this destination. It is an alternative beach, quite windy, and ideal for sea activities such as sea kayak, snorkeling, and diving (there is also a diving center).

The beach is partly sandy and partly pebbly, with crystal-clear deep waters. You will find some umbrellas and sunbeds and a beach bar on the top of the hill, where you can enjoy fantastic views over the Aegean.

It is a beach suitable for active beach-goers and water sports enthusiasts.

Didima Beach

Didima beach is among the top beaches in Chios, known for its exotic turquoise to emerald waters, peculiar cove formation, and unique steep surroundings. It takes its name from the two identical coves that split the beach into two small beaches. Hence they are called “twins.” It is primarily sandy and has some parts with small pebbles called “shingle.”

You can access it by car. You will find this beach outside the medieval village of Mesta, 32 km from Chios town. Because of its location, it is pretty secluded and virgin, without amenities.

You will find nothing there, no shops or even a canteen, so be prepared with your own stuff and enjoy the serenity on an unspoiled landscape of immense beauty.

Lithi Beach

Lithi Beach - best Chios beaches

Among the worthiest Chios beaches to visit, you will also hear about Lithi beach, a long cove near the fishing village of Lithi. It can be accessed by car, and it is very well-organized, with beach bars and taverns specializing in fresh fish you shouldn’t miss! It is situated about 24 kilometers from Chios town, on the western part of the island.

It mainly consists of golden sand, and the waters are very clean and inviting.

Trachili Beach

Tracholi Beach - Best beaches in Chios

This pebbly beach has a similar name to Trachilia, but it’s another beach on the western coast of Chios. You will find it near the fishing village of Lithi, and you can get there by car, although you would need an off-road vehicle to get through the final turns of the dirt road.

You can always park your conventional vehicle and walk the last few meters to the secluded bay.

Once there, you’ll see an isolated cove with azure waters of medium depth, perfect for a getaway, away from the crowds and the fuss. You will find no amenities and no particular natural shade, so bring your umbrella. 

Giali Beach

Another isolated paradise is Giali beach, which can either be accessed on foot (a 1-hour-hike from the village of Avgonima) or by taking a dirt road from Lithi village with a suitable vehicle. It is located about 20 km outside of Chios town, on the western coast.

It is unspoiled and exotic, it has thick white sand and the bluest waters to dive into tranquility and relax. You won’t find any facilities there, so get ready before you arrive.

Elinta Beach

Elinda Beach - Best Chios beaches

Elinta is not that popular but among the best beaches in Chios, nonetheless. It consists of a small natural harbor with the most crystal waters, as it is untouched by civilization and touristic activities. It is protected from the wind and offers shelter, and recluses from the busy life of the island, only 25 km away from its capital.

You can only reach Elinta beach by private means, there is no bus schedule, but there is road access. It has some fine pebbles and sand here and there, ideal for relaxing and basking in the sun. You will find no amenities whatsoever.

Glaroi Beach

Glaroi Beach in Chios

Glaroi beach, also known as Moni Mirsinidiou is among the best beaches in Chios, with beautiful, mirror-like waters and an imposing landscape. You will find the beach just 7 km outside Chios town by taking the road to Kardamyla. There is also a public bus route that leads there.

It’s a sandy beach with a beach bar and visitors who wish to party or simply enjoy its pristine waters. You can relax at the sunbeds or find a spot nearby in the unorganized space.

Agia Fotini Beach

Agia Fotini Beach in Chios

Agia Fotini is a pebbly, partly organized beach in Chios, ideal for couples and families. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and has all the necessary amenities for a relaxing day at the beach.

You can find beach bars with sunbeds, taverns, and even accommodation options. There is road access, and you can find it 11 km outside of Chios town. It is a touristic spot on the island that tends to attract crowds.

Nagos Beach

Nagos Beach in Chios

Nagos beach is another top beach in Chios, situated only 5 km from Kardamyla village. The crystal turquoise waters of this pebbly shore are very inviting.

You can reach the spot by car, and you can also explore the chapel of Holy Mother, just on the cliff overlooking the shore, by climbing some stone steps. There are various taverns that can offer fresh fish and shops with local delicacies nearby.

Giosonas Beach

Giosonas Beach - best Chios beaches

Last but not least, on the list of best beaches in Chios, there is Giosonas beach, known as one of the largest northeastern shores of the island. There is road access here just 6 km outside of Kardamyla village.

The shore is a mix of small pebbles (shingle) and thick sand, and it is pretty long to offer the option for anyone wishing to enjoy nature in its unorganized parts. It is organized with a beach bar that offers sunbeds and parasols, drinks, and refreshments.

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