Best Beaches in Ikaria

Ikaria is an upcoming Greek island that has recently been visited by many people who wish to enjoy its pristine nature, otherworldly beauty, and absolute serenity.

It is known as the island where time stops, or rather, works quite differently. With secluded beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the famous “Ikariotika panigiria”, which are traditional feasts with drinks, food, and a lot of dancing.

Ikaria has a lot to offer, from organized beaches to isolated coves full of hidden treasures, and it is mostly adored by nature lovers and camping enthusiasts.

Interested in visiting this majestic island? Here’s a detailed list of the best beaches in Ikaria:

Best 11 Beaches to Visit in Ikaria

Seychelles Beach

Seychelles Beach - best beaches in Ikaria

Seychelles is the top beach in Ikaria and among the best beaches in Greece, known for its exotic beauty of the most emerald waters and wild cliff surroundings. This paradise is relatively secret and untouched; that’s why it attracts nature lovers.

It is situated 20 km outside Agios Kirikos, and you can get there by car, park on the main road and then descend to the beach on foot via a small path along the river. Sometimes, there is a water taxi service from Manganitis port.

The beach has whitish pebbles and rocks, which creates a great contrast with the brightest turquoise waters. There are some rock formations that form tiny shelters for natural shade, but other than that, the beach is unorganized, and you have to bring your own stuff, including some food and water.

Tip: If you plan to visit Seychelles Beach in Ikaria, wear appropriate shoes for a small hiking path that can be steep at places.

Nas Beach

Nas Beach - best Ikarian beaches

You will find Nas beach, one of the best beaches in Ikaria, just 6 km from Armenistis. It is a location with a rich historical past and remains from the Temple of Goddess Artemis. It is an earthly paradise in pristine nature, attracting nudists and non-nudists who wish to explore its beauty.

You will be surrounded by a lush forest and streams of water, and you can enjoy a day at this sandy beach sunbathing or diving into crystal-clear waters. You will find no amenities on-site, so bring your own.

To get to the shore, you have to hike along the Chalares river, pass the waterfalls and reach Nas beach. On the cliff where you can park, you will also find tavernas and shops to eat and relax in traditional cuisine with a view over the Aegean Sea. Nas beach is also known for the best sunset on Ikaria Island.

Kampos Beach

Kampos Beach in Ikaria

You will find the wonderful beach of Kampos west of Evdilos in Kampos village of Ikaria. Situated near a plain, hence taking its name “Kampos”, the village has a beautiful sandy bay, popular among youngsters and families alike.

The beach is accessible by car, and there is a beach bar on-site to offer drinks and refreshments. You will also find sunbeds and umbrellas to lounge by the sea. Although it is considered quite touristic, it’s worth the visit, with many archaeological and cultural sites to explore in the village nearby.

Messakti Beach

Messakti Beach - Beaches in Ikaria

Among the top Ikaria beaches is also Mesakti beach, located near Gialiskari. It’s perhaps the most popular beach in Ikaria, with many visitors who wish to enjoy its pristine crystal waters.

Υοu can get to Mesakti by car and find many amenities there, including beach bars and canteens, sunbeds and umbrellas, and even a lifeguard on site for when the waves are big and the currents strong.

The sandy beach has shallow waters and is generally family-friendly, but it is also ideal for surfing. You can rent sea kayaks here to explore the area. There are various accommodation options nearby and many taverns to enjoy the local cuisine.

Livadi Beach

Livadi Beach - best beaches in Ikaria

Livadi is a golden sandy beach near Armenistis in Ikaria. It has beautiful emerald waters and lush green vegetation around it. The river that flows in it creates a lagoon, ideal for a refreshing swim.

You can get to Livadi beach by car. You will find various canteens and beach bars, sunbeds, umbrellas, and even kayaks for rent. There is ample parking space on the access road and the main road. You will find all services you need, including accommodation nearby.

Tip: If you take the stairs west while accessing the beach, you will find “Ammoudaki,” a smaller, quieter, and secluded cove.

Armenistis Beach

Armenistis Beach in Ikaria

Armenistis is a fishing village that is the most popular resort area on the island and hosts one of the best beaches in Ikaria. It features traditional white houses built amphitheatrically, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

You can reach Armenistis very easily by road. You can find some umbrellas for rent here. The beach has thick golden sand that contrasts with its blue waters and a forested surrounding of pine trees. There are some nearby facilities to grab something to eat and drink, but the beach is unspoiled and pristine.

Therma Beach

Therma beach in Ikaria

You can find Therma beach in the city of Therma, a place known for the hot mineral springs with therapeutic powers. Therma is among the most accessible beaches in Ikaria, with road access, water taxi, and public bus transport.

The sandy beach is ideal for families and older people who wish to enjoy a quiet day at the beach with comfort. You will find all kinds of amenities on Therma beach, including beach bars and cafes, restaurants, kayaks, paddleboat rental services, and public umbrellas.

The ancient ruins of Therma are reachable via a 10-minutes-walk from the beach, where you can find Loukoumia, a hot spring. You can find the Cave Spa (Spilia), in the vicinity where you can get hot spring baths and relaxing massages.

Nealia Beach

Nealia Beach in Ikaria

Near Therma beach, approximately 3.5 km, you will find Nealia beach, a remote, partly sandy and partly pebbly beach with lovely waters.

To get to Nealia, you will have to take the main road and then turn into a dirt road. It is generally unorganized, and you will find many boats anchoring here to enjoy the beach during the high summer months. You won’t likely find a lot of people here.

Kerame Beach

Kerame Beach in Ikaria

Located 10 km outside Agios Kirikos, Kerame beach is a beautiful sandy with some small pebbles cove with mirror-like waters. You will find some natural shade and shelter thanks to its rock formations.

The beach has golden sand, and although it is popular, it’s not organized. You can access it on foot after parking your car near the main road from Agios Kirikos.

Faros Beach

Faros Beach - Best beaches in Ikaria

Near the village of Faros, and 10 km outside of Agios Kirikos, you will find Faros beach, the last but not least of Ikaria’s best beaches. It is an organized sandy-pebbly beach with many taverns, restaurants, beach bars, and cafes at the waterfront. It is a popular weekend getaway for the inhabitants of Agios Kirikos.

You will find all the amenities you would need, including windsurfing and kayak rental services. It’s also a good spot for fishing. There is a volleyball court for fun matches at the beach.

You can get to Faros beach by car via the main road to the village.

Iero Beach

iero beach - beach in Ikaria

Another one from the list of most beautiful beaches in Ikaria, Iero beach, is a secluded paradise with no crowds. Located near the airport, it is a great recluse for people who wish for some privacy and serenity. There is good road access, and you can get there by car by taking the road to Faros and then exiting towards the airport.

The spot is ideal for scuba-diving enthusiasts and naturists, and you can also explore the Dionysus cave nearby, a place of mythical beauty.

The beach is located in a small, unorganized, secluded bay, partly with sand, pebbles and mirror-like waters.

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