Best Beaches in Kassandra, Halkidiki

Halkidiki is part of northern Greece, known for its beautiful beaches and clear waters. You might hear locals bragging that there is no place like Halkidiki, and it holds some truth, as the seaside of this area is one of a kind. 

On the west side of Halkidiki is the peninsula of Kassandra. It is one and a half hours away from Thessaloniki, and every summer attracts many visitors who long for the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the massive tourism, which endangers the authenticity of the area, Kassandra keeps its character. 

This article is a short guide to the best beaches in Kassandra, Halkidiki.  It is worth mentioning that all beaches that I will suggest here are awarded the blue flag for the quality of waters and landscapes.

8 Beautiful Beaches to Visit in Kassandra, Halkidiki

Kallithea Beach

Kallithea Beach best beaches in Kassandra
Kallithea Beach

Kallithea is one of the most famous beaches in Kassandra. It is a cosmopolitan and busy beach, with many bars and taverns. 

Visitors can enjoy the calm, warm and transparent waters. The sand is soft, and it is sloping smoothly into the sea. It is a good destination for families with children, as the waters are shallow.

The beach bars offer sunbeds and umbrellas, which you can rent for a few hours. You can also order snacks or coffee to be served by your sunbed. While you swim, you listen to the music coming from the beach bars. 

There is a free parking space close to the beach.

Nea Fokea Beach

Nea Fokea Beach Kassandra best beaches

On the south side of Nea Fokea town, there is one beautiful beach also named Nea Fokea. Like all the beaches of Kassandra, this one does not lack turquoise waters and golden sand. The beach has sunbeds and umbrellas. There are many traditional taverns where you can try fresh fish and wine while enjoying the views of the Sithonia peninsula.

At the left of the beach, there is a Byzantine Tower, built in the 15th century. The tower is linked with a tradition that narrates that Apostle Paul used to baptize new Christians at this spot. There is also a spring of holy water in close distance.

You can reach Nea Fokea beach by car. You can also approach it with a yacht since there is a small marina near the beach. 

Loutra Beach

Loutra Beach - best beaches in Kassandra
Loutra Beach

Loutra beach is a small quiet cove. The entry into the sea is a bit stony, and the beach is pebbly, but the waters are warm and clear. The area around the beach is very green, and the landscape is beautiful. Around the beach, there are a few taverns and cafes. 

The beach took its name from the ‘Loutra’ (=baths) of Saint Paraskevi, a natural thermal spa in close distance. The minerals in the spa waters have therapeutical properties and are beneficial for people with bone ailments, neck problems, etc. The spa facilities include swimming pools, saunas, hammams, and hydro-massage and they are open to visitors every day.

Before the beach, there is a spacious parking space where you can leave your car.

Siviri Beach

Siviri Beach
Siviri Beach

On the west part of the Kassandra peninsula is Siviri, a long and sandy beach. Like many in Halkidiki, this beach is very easily accessible for families and safe for children.

The beach bars rent sunbeds and umbrellas for the day. If you arrive early, you can find a spot at the rent-free umbrellas placed at the beach by the municipality. If you prefer a less crowded and calmer experience, then you can go to the left side of the beach.

The parking area has plenty of space, and there are trees around, so if you are lucky, you might have your car parked in shadow the whole day.

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Sani Beach

Sani Beach in Kassandra
Sani Beach

Sani is one of the most popular beaches in Kassandra. This area has many luxurious resorts, which means that Sani is quite busy most of the summer. Nevertheless, it does not lose its beauty. The soft sand and the clear waters are mesmerizing. The bottom of Sani beach attracts the interest of divers because the rocky structures are of unique beauty.

From the public parking space to the beach, it is a 300 meters distance. If you want to find a good spot at the beach, make sure you arrive early in the morning. Around noon, it usually gets busy, and it is hard to find a sunbed.

The luxurious Sani resort has a marina for private yachts, surrounded by restaurants. The place is a bit pricy, but a delicious meal with views of the cove is worth the money.

Paliouri Beach

Paliouri Beach - best beaches in Kassandra
Paliouri Beach

Paliouri beach, also named “Chrouso” is close to Paliouri village. The waters are shallow, and there is sand everywhere. Whether you decide to spend your day sunbathing, have a cocktail at the beach bar, or go for water sports, you will enjoy yourself.

There is a free parking area for your car. On your visit to Paliouri, you can also check two nearby beaches: Glarokavos and Golden beach. 

Possidi Beach

Possidi Beach - Kassandra Halkidiki
Possidi Beach

Possidi is one of the longest beaches in Kassandra, and it includes the cape of Possidi. It is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters, where are several bars, mini markets, and restaurants. The beach has an organized part with sunbeds and umbrellas that you can rent for the day. If you choose to swim in a more isolated part, make sure you have your sun tent, snacks, and water with you. 

There is a free parking lot towards the cave, but you can also park the car in other spots by the road. If you park the car in the parking space, you will have to walk a short distance to get to the beach.

Towards the cape, the waters are crystal clear but a bit pebbly near the water. Bringing your swimming shoes is a good idea. Close to the edge of the cape, there is a lighthouse dating back to 1864.

Athitos (or Afitos) Beach

Athitos or Afitos (Afytos) beach
Athitos or Afitos (Afytos) beach

Another beautiful beach on the peninsula of Kassandra is Afitos beach. Visitors are always impressed by the swallow, clear waters. Some parts of the beach have stones, while others have soft sand. It is recommended for families with kids, as the facilities are good and the environment safe. The beach is also ideal for people who are into water sports like snorkeling.

You can park your car in the free parking space before the beach, or you can walk down the stone path that connects the village to the beach.

At the beach, there are several beach bars with sunbeds and umbrellas. They also serve drinks and food. There is a couple of restaurants around. It is a good idea to arrive at the beach early if you want to find a free spot at the sunbeds. There is also space to put your umbrella in case you bring one. 

Being there, do not miss visiting the village of Afitos, known for its picturesque alleys paved with stones and the preserved old houses. At the top of the settlement, there is an open-air exhibition of sculpture. For this spot, you can see the breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

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