12 Best Beaches in Kos Island, Greece

This idyllic Greek island of Kos has more than 20 beaches scattered along with its 112km crystal clear coastline. You might get to see them all if you visit for 2 weeks but if you’re only visiting for a shorter time use this guide for visiting the best beaches in Kos, whether you like isolated beaches for natural beauty or party beaches with water sports.

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The Best 12 Beaches to Go in Kos 

1. Marmari Beach

This beautiful sandy beach is one of the best on the island. Located 5km from Pyli and 20km South-west of Kos Town, it never gets properly crowded but still benefits from all the needed amenities thanks to the beachfront hotels with sunbeds to hire, beach bars and cafes, showers, plus water sports, Marmari being a good beach for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

With a backdrop of sand dunes, which also help protect you from the wind, the beach is long enough to find a quiet spot to lay your towel down if you prefer some privacy in your own piece of paradise.

Popular with the younger crowd but also suitable for families, mini markets are within walking distance if you want to create a picnic; however, it is rocky in places, so beach/swimming shoes are recommended.


2. Cavo Paradiso

Hidden away on the southern tip of the island, Cavo Paradiso should not be confused with Paradise Beach as they are 2 different beaches, this one an isolated naturist beach.

Not the easiest place to reach, accessible by steep, narrow, and bumpy dirt tracks that travel over the mountains, best negotiated with a 4×4 rather than a quad bike, those who do venture to this beautiful bay are well rewarded with a serene slice of paradise perfect for snorkelling though do check the weather forecast as the wind can whip up causing big waves with strong tides.

There is a beach cafe with a few sunbeds and sun umbrellas to rent for the day if you need some creature comforts; otherwise, walk away from civilization and plant your towel down as you enjoy being one of the few people laying out on this piece of wild golden sand!

3. Paradise Beach

One of a string of beaches located on the South-west coast, 13km east of Kefalos, Paradise Beach is often confused with Cavo Paradiso beach but the two couldn’t be more different – this beach is one of the most well-known and most-visited beaches on the island, a world away from the secret naturist cove!

Lined with sun umbrellas and sunbeds, Paradise Beach has golden sand underfoot, shall water, and a fun atmosphere with beach bars and water sports, including banana boat rides and water skiing plus there’s an inflatable water slide nearby which the teens will enjoy.

Affectionately known as ‘Bubble Beach’ due to the bubbles that form on the water due to volcanic gases below, it should be noted that the water here is on the chilly side here due to the cold currents, great on a scorching hot August day but perhaps too chilly for swimming in May-June.

4. Mastichari Beach

things to do in Kos - Mastichari beach

This 5km long white sand beach with its crystal-clear waters backed by sand dunes and shady trees is a popular tourist beach that gets busy in the height of Summer. A great spot to enjoy kitesurfing and windsurfing along with other water sports, it is located 22km West of Kos Town.

A clean, family-friendly, organized beach with sunbeds and sun umbrellas, Mastichari Beach benefits from warm sea temperatures and is also a top spot for watching the striking sunset in the evening.

5. Tigaki Beach

This popular sandy beach on the North Coast is located just 11km from Kos Town and is easily reached by car or bus. Though it can be breezy here, the 10km long beach is a great place for families with young kids as the sea is usually calm as well as warm and shallow just watch out for the shale you have to cross – beach/swim shoes might be advisable.

Though family-friendly in the organised area where the sunbeds and water sports can be found, there is a nudist part of the beach at the far western side where you’ll find sand dunes as well as the picturesque salt lake of Alikes Tigaki. The seafront bars and tavernas offer waiter service to your sunbed, but for a cheaper option, there are supermarkets a 10-15minute walk away in the village.

6. Camel Beach

This small rocky cove is a great place to enjoy snorkelling and doesn’t get as crowded as the other nearby beaches, such as Kasteli Beach. Located 6km from Kefalos and 30km South-west of Kos Town, the steep road provides picturesque views out to Kastri Island but be sure to keep both eyes on the road and if you have a scooter, consider parking at the top and walking as some visitors have reported struggles driving back up the hill! Down on the beach, there is an area with organised sunbeds, showers, and a taverna.

7. Agios Stefanos Beach

With stunning views out to the nearby islet of Kastri with its blue and white chapel plus Christian temple ruins located seconds from the sea, Agios Stefanos Beach is one of the most visited places on the island.

Located in the South of the island, 3km from Kefalos and 40km South-west of Kos Town, it is an organised sandy/pebble beach with shallow water making it great for families and also benefits from sunbeds for hire, water sports including pedalos (so that you can access the islet if you don’t fancy swimming the distance!) and a taverna at the far end.

8. Kochylari Beach

Located on the West of the island, 5km from Kefalos, this 500-metre stretch of wild sandy beach with shallow waters is easily accessible if you have a hire car.

Largely unorganized, allowing you to find a spot to place your towel amongst the sand dunes, you will find a small beach bar that has a few umbrellas and sunbeds to rent. It’s an ideal spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing with beginners able to take lessons at the school on the beach.

9. Kamari Beach

This small 5km long shingle beach is located on the South West of Kos, just 2km from Kefalos and 45km from Kos Town. It is divided into two by a stone jetty where fishing boats and small yachts moor, the left side of the beach being sandier yet smaller, the right more picturesque due to its rocky surroundings. A mini-market and tavernas back onto the beach with sunbeds are also available to rent on the left side.

10. Kardamena Beach

This 3km long popular resort beach is buzzing with the younger crowd during the Summer months. Lively beach bars, water sports, and plenty of sun loungers can all be found here with the sand stretching from the harbour towards the quieter, less crowded Southern part of the beach. Beach/swim shoes are a must as the rocks can be lethal underfoot, but on the plus side, the rocks make it a great beach for snorkelling.

11. Limnionas Beach

This small bay, located 5km from Kefalos and 43km from Kos Town is truly beautiful with its fishing boats bobbing in the crystal clear water. Not overly commercial like some of the other beaches, Limnionas Beach is split into two by the small harbour, the left rockier side a good spot to enjoy snorkelling. It has a few sunbeds and sun umbrellas available to rent with a taverna serving up fresh fish dishes at very affordable prices.

12. Lambi Beach

Things to do in Kos - Lambi beach
Lambi Beach

The kilometer-long beach of Lambi stretches from the port on the edge of Kos town, so is easily accessible on foot. The beach is sandy with small pebbles and in places, there are sunbeds, umbrellas, and a few beach tavernas serving snacks and great seafood.

The water is crystal clear, but beach shoes make reaching it, easier. Sitting on the beach, there is plenty to see with boats regularly leaving the port and the Turkish coastline on the horizon. There is a flat, coastal path that is ideal for walkers, joggers, and cyclists and this leads to the little village of Tigaki.

As you can see, the beautiful Greek island of Kos has a variety of beaches for everyone to enjoy whether you seek a lively atmosphere, solitude, or something in between!

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