Best Beaches in Lemnos Island, Greece

When you’re planning a trip to the Greek islands, you’re likely to be seeking a destination with great beaches, tavernas, landscapes, and attractions and thankfully, Lemnos offers all of that and more! Lemnos is one of the larger Greek islands, so it boasts around 100 different beaches and coves to explore. Here I’ll give you a run-through of the best beaches in Lemnos so you can start planning your perfect Greek getaway.

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16 Must-See Lemnos Beaches

1. Havouli or Chavouli

Chavouli-Beach Lemnos
Havouli Beach

Havouli in the southeast of the island is a beautiful stretch of beach with sunbeds and parasols available for added comfort and shade and a beach bar offering simple drinks and snacks. There is usually a beach volleyball net set up next to the bar too, which can be a fun way to while away an afternoon and make new friends. While there is a section of organised beach, for visitors who prefer to soak up the sun there is also plenty of soft sand where you can simply pitch up with a towel.

If you’re looking for a great spot for sunset Havouli is it, with the sun dipping below the landmass in the distance, creating a warm glow over the beach in the early evening.

2. Fanaraki and Mikro Fanaraki Beach

Mikro Fanaraki Beach Lemnos
Mikro Fanaraki Beach Lemnos

Paralia Fanaraki and Mikro Fanaraki are a pair of beaches located slightly further north of Havouli with crystal clear, shallow waters that are ideal for families. Both beaches offer sunbeds, parasols, and beach bars which means you can happily stay all day, enjoying the sun, sea, sand, and snacks.

The landscape around the Fanraki beaches is dotted with rocky outcrops and caves which are fun and fascinating to explore. Don’t miss out on seeing Seal’s Cave a natural arch in the rocks that is a stunning site for photography.

3. Keros Beach

Keros Beach Lemnos
Keros Beach

Situated on the eastern side of the island, Keros Beach is a key destination on Lemnos for surfers and water sports enthusiasts thanks to the gusty breezes that make the waves well-suited to surf activities. There is a Surf Club set up to offer equipment hire and instruction, as well as a beach bar providing refreshments for when you come out of the water.

Keros in Lemnos
Keros Surf Club

If you’re visiting specifically for the surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing then you may want to stay on Keros Beach in one of the luxury safari tents on the Surf Club Keros site.

Keros Beach isn’t ideal for families or those who just want to sunbathe, as the winds bring quite a lot of seaweed onto the beach and the waves can be fairly strong.

4. Kokkinos Vrachos Beach (aka Red Rock Beach)

Kokkinos-Vrachos-Beach Lemnos
Kokkinos Vrachos Beach

As the name suggests, Kokkinos Vrachos Beach is located in an area with red rock, with large rocks jutting out of the water.

This beach can be reached by following a dirt track down from the Poliochni Archaeological Site which will lead to an organised beach and cocktail bar that is a great place to relax. The bar uses natural resources to highlight the beauty of the area, with palm-leaf parasols on the sand offering shade from the hot midday sun.

5. Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach Lemnos
Plaka Beach

Located in the northeast of the island, Plaka Beach is an organised beach and small harbour with soft sands and warm, clear, enticing water. The beach features rows of sunbeds and parasols in front of the beachside taverna tables so you can dip in and out of the shade as you please. There is also plenty of space available if you don’t want to pay for a bed and umbrella.

The beach is situated close to the village of Plaka with a range of shops, bars, cafes, and tavernas, as well as the church Agios Dimitrios. You can, therefore, spend a day in the north of the island exploring both the beach and village.

6. Saravari Beach

Saravari Beach Lemnos
Saravari Beach Lemnos

Saravari Beach is an absolutely stunning stretch of beach situated in the northeast of the island, with soft golden sands, a collection of umbrellas and sunbeds, and the Saravar Beach Bar which serves up delicious home-cooked cuisine right on the seafront. As Saravari is reached via a long dirt track, it remains a relatively quiet beach both in and out of peak season.

saravari beach in Lemnos island

The busiest the beach gets is when the conditions are perfect for surfing and windsurfing, but this gives you something to watch while you relax on the beach or dine on souvlaki and stuffed tomatoes in the taverna!

7. Neftina Beach

Saravari Beach Lemnos

If you’re seeking a quiet, unspoiled cove on Lemnos, head north to Neftina Beach. Situated 36km north of the island capital of Myrina, Neftina is a fairly secluded beach that is reached by following a dirt track road away from Alexandros Village. The beach features shallow turquoise waters, soft sand, and some large volcanic rocks which make for a pretty picturesque landscape. There are no facilities at Neftina Beach, so you’ll need to be prepared with plenty of water, snacks, and sun cream!

Neftina Beach

The beach is located close to the Choros Kavirio archaeological site and Zematas Beach, so you could combine a trip to these two sites while visiting Neftina.

8. Zematas Beach

Zematas Beach Lemnos

Just further up from Neftina is Zematas Beach, a favourite among windsurfers and those who like a bit of breeze while the sunbathe. Despite being organised with sunbeds and parasols Zematas Beach is a relatively quiet beach and it’s a wonderful place to go late afternoon so that you can enjoy the sunset. Zematas Beach does boast a local taverna too, so you can while away the hours dining on Greek cuisine while you wait for the sun to dip below the horizon.

Zematas Beach is reached by a dirt road so is best accessed by those with a car or decent motorbike.

9. Kotsinas Beach

Kotsinas Beach
Kotsinas Beach

Kotsinas Beach is another of Lemnos’ fantastic beaches with warm, golden sand and clear shallow waters. This makes Kotsinas Beach an ideal destination for families as there is ample parking, sunbeds and umbrellas and a small taverna with a handful of tables which serves up drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Kotsinas Beach Lemnos

Kotsinas Beach is also a gorgeous spot to watch the sky turn rosy pink in the evening, seeing the sun set over the land in the distance.

10. Gomati Beach

Gomati Beach

The stunning Gomati Beach is nestled on the coast near to the Ammothines of Lemnos (Lemnos’ famous sand dune desert) and is a gorgeous spot for landscape photography. The rolling dunes contrast beautifully with the azure water and blue Greek skies.

The drive to Gomati Beach takes around 10 minutes on a dirt track, but once you reach the beach there is parking, a few tavernas, and some organised sunbeds meaning you could easily spend the day here and have everything you need.

11. Diapori Beach

Diapori Beach Lemnos

Diapori Beach is a quaint, quiet spot on the south of the island, with fishing boats bobbing in the water. The beach feels almost like a small inlet, with sandbanks and land surrounding the cove. While it’s not an organised beach there are a handful of wooden umbrellas offering a small amount of shade, and some nearby tavernas serving up local drinks and snacks. Visitors can easily drive to Diapori Beach and there is plenty of parking just behind the beach.

12. Evgatis Beach

Evgatis Beach Lemnos

A couple of coves further west lies Paralia Evgatis, a buzzing beach with water sports, tavernas and organised sunbeds and parasols. There is additional room to relax on the sand if you wish, but most opt to have a pair of sunbeds and some shade. There are even some chic cabana style beds for those who want added comfort (and Instagram kudos!).

Evgatis beach

This beach also offers Seatrac assistance, a system that helps those with limited mobility be guided into the water on a seat.

13. Thanos Beach

Thanos Beach Lemnos
Thanos Beach

Situated just 4km south of the capital Myrina and close to Thanos Village lies the large stretch of Thanos Beach dappled with areas of organised beds and umbrellas and other spaces or seclusion. The beach itself has fine sand and warm, turquoise waters and there are a number of guesthouses and tavernas located both on the edge of the beach and set a little further back.

Thanos Beach

Thanos is a particular favourite among families who want to simply relax on one spot as you have everything you need for a peaceful beach getaway on your doorstep.

14. Plati Beach

Plati Beach Lemnos
Plati Beach

Plati is one of the largest and most well-organized beaches on the island of Lemnos, with a great selection of beach bars, tavernas, cafes and water sports activities. There are also plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas available so you can dip in and out of the shade as you please. The beach is located below the village of Plati and is just 2km southeast of Myrina.

Platy Beach Lemnos

The beach stretches for around 700m so even in the height of summer there is enough space for the crowds, and it’s a lovely place for an evening stroll before deciding on somewhere to have dinner.

15. Riha Nera Beach

Riha Nera Myrina Lemnos Beach

Situated on the edge of the island’s capital, Riha Nera Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Lemnos not least because of its facilities and accessibility. The well-organised beach is great for all ages and types of travellers, with some areas featuring sunbeds and cabanas and others being left natural for a quieter, more relaxing experience.

There are water sports available as well as a choice of beach bars and restaurants, and the dramatic landscape surrounding the bay makes it wonderful for photographers. Riha Nera also boasts one of the best spots on the island for sunset with the golden sun dipping straight into the sea in front of you at the end of the day.

16. Agios Ioannis Beach

Ag Ioannis Lemnos

Last but by no means least is Agios Ioannis Kaspakas Beach, a sandy cove located 6km north of Myrina. The golden sands here sweep in a sweetheart shape, with large volcanic rocks framing the bay. The beach is situated just outside the village of Kaspakas and is backed by a handful of guesthouses and residences that overlook the water.

Agios Ioannis offers visitors a selection of beach bars and traditional Greek tavernas, some of which also provide sunbeds and umbrellas for after you dine.

So, there you have it, a selection of the best beaches in Lemnos! You could easily spend weeks here beach hopping from one cove to the next, some days choosing spots with beach bars and water sports and others opting for secluded bays where it’s just you, the sea and the sand.

Have you been to Lemnos? Which do you think is the best beach on the island? Let me know in the comments below and if I’ve not been to it yet I’ll add it to my list for next time!

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