Best Beaches in Lipsi

Lipsi is an island in the Dodecanese group south of Patmos and north of Leros. Because of its size, it doesn’t attract many tourists, as it is very small. But it is a small paradise where you can enjoy a beach holiday, recharge, and escape the noise of the big city.

The island is well connected with ferries from Athens and different islands. Also, the closest airport is on the island of Leros, where you can jump on a ferry and cross to Lipsi.

Here are the must-visit beaches on Lipsi island.

Amazing beaches in Lipsi to visit

Liendou Beach

Lientou -Best beaches in Lipsi

Liendou Beach is only 1 kilometer from the town and is the closest one. For that reason, it attracts many tourists and has many facilities. You can easily walk to the beach from Lipsi’s town. It is a sandy beach, protected from the winds, and a perfect choice for families with children.

Kampos Beach

kampos - Best beaches in Lipsi

Kampos Beach is not very far from the town. You can easily walk, as well as drive. It is around 15 minutes walk and one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island. You won’t find any facilities there, so be prepared, but there are a few available rooms.

Platis Gialos Beach

Platis Gialos - Best beaches in Lipsi

Platis Gialos Beach is around 4 kilometers away from the town of Lipsi. To get there, you can cycle or drive. You can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters. Usually is very windy, but it is a good spot if you want some privacy. There are no facilities. Be careful of the road as it is pretty narrow.

Tourkomnima and Xerolambos Beaches

Tourkomnima and Xerolambos - Best beaches in Lipsi

Tourkomnima and Xerolambos Beaches are 40 minutes from the main town, and you can get there from the main road or follow the track road. As well as cycle or drive. It is a small bay with pebbles and crystal-clear water. It is formed from 2 beaches. Usually, when one is windy, the other one is not. You can see a small church dedicated to Saint Stathis at the edge of the peninsula.

Hohlakoura Beach

Hohlakoura - Best beaches in Lipsi

Hohlakoura Beach is one of the most extensive beaches on the island and is 4 kilometers east of Lipsi’s town. You can cycle or drive. It is a 30 minutes walk, formed from white stones, and has a green surrounding. It lacks facilities and is very popular, so make sure you arrive on time to find a spot.

Katsadia Beach

Katsadia - Best beaches in Lipsi

Katsadia Beach is 3 kilometers from the main town and 15 minutes walk. You can cycle or drive too. It is a narrow beach with shallow waters. Near you can find 2 smaller beaches, ideal for nudιsm. There are no facilities, except a small tavern, where you can order coffee, have lunch and why not have a drink during the sunset.

Papandria Beach

Papandria - Best beaches in Lipsi

Papandria Beach is 4 kilometers from the main town, a 15 minutes walk. Of course, you can cycle or drive. It is a small bay formed from pebbles and sand. There are no facilities and bear in mind that you won’t be able to find shade. So be prepared.

Christ Beach

Christ Beach is 15 minutes walk from the town and has colorful pebbles. Also, a church is dedicated to Jesus Christ, where the beach took its name from. You can sunbathe on the sea platform. But make sure you arrive early to find a spot, as it is tiny.

Elena Beach

Elena Beach is a 20-minute walk from the center of the island. It offers complete isolation and is partly sandy with rocks. You can choose from different small bays, depending on how many people you travel with.

Koimisis Beach

Koimisis Beach is better accessible by car or bike as the road is difficult to walk. It is around 20 minutes from the center, and the water is green and blue. There are no facilities in the surrounding area, so ensure you are prepared.

Monodentri Beach

Monodentri Beach is a 60-minute walk from the main town of the island. You can also cycle or drive. The access is a bit difficult, but it is worth it. The name means “One Tree,” which is true as there is only one tree on the beach. Legend has it that the wind blew a seed from Africa, and since then, this tree has been there.

Kamares Beach

Kamares Beach is 45 minute walk, and you can cycle or drive. The access is challenging but ideal if you want to be isolated. The surroundings of this beach are wild and have large pebbles and rocks.

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