Best Beaches in Mainland Greece

Although the Greek islands are the ultimate destination in Greece, known for their wonderful beaches and their amazing coastlines, there are also many beaches in mainland Greece. Along the coastline of the mainland of Greece, you can find beaches with crystal-clear emerald waters to dive into and awe-inspiring landscapes to enjoy nature. Here’s a list of the best ones, for you to explore!

10 Must-See Beaches in Mainland Greece

Voidokilia Beach, Messinia

Voidokilia Beach, Messinia - Best Beaches in Mainland Greece
Voidokilia Beach

Located in the Messinia area of the Peloponnese, Voidokilia is a stunning beach known for its peculiar shape. The dunes of the beach form a semi-circle, which offers the perfect protected cove for swimming.

The beautiful waters are turquoise and very inviting, protected from high waves, even when it’s windy. The beach has golden sand and some parts with pebbles, and the waters are pretty shallow and safe for families. It is approachable by an easy path, and it has road parking, although no other amenities are provided.

On the other side of the dunes lies the Gialova Lagoon, a very important habitat for bird species, protected by Natura 2000. Along the dunes that connect Gialova Lagoon to Voidokilia, you can find archaeological sites such as the Nestor’s Cave and Palaiokastro, and hiking routes are available to explore the whole region.

Mylopotamos Beach, Pelion

Mylopotamos Beach, Pelion -Best beaches in Greece Mainland
Mylopotamos Beach, Pelion

In the eastern middle part of Greece, in Pelion, you can find Mylopotamos beach, near the wonderful traditional village of Tsagkarada. Mylopotamos is a bay, separated by a single rock, which splits it into two beaches. The waters are medium to deep, and they create a bright blue hue, perfect for swimmers, and very photogenic! It has pebbles onshore and on the seabed, and its beauty is wild but outstanding.

Mylopotamos Beach, Pelion Mainland Greece
Mylopotamos Beach

There are umbrellas and sunbeds available at reasonable prices, and there are amenities such as cafes, restaurants. The beach has access by steps, and it is connected with the mainland by road network. Cars can be parked by the road, and the beach is approximately 10 mins away.

Fakistra Beach, Pelion

Fakistra Beach, Pelion - Best beaches in Greece Mainland
Fakistra Beach, Pelion

Located only 5 km and 12 minutes by car away from Mylopotamos beach, is Fakistra, one of the best beaches on the mainland. Its beauty is beyond compare, a little paradise on earth, hidden away from civilization and the fuss. Surrounded by steep cliffs with the richest vegetation, this wild beach will mesmerize you at first glance. The waters remind you of a greenish-turquoise pool, and certainly not the open sea.

It is generally isolated and it is accessed by a natural downhill path, which is challenging and lasts about 15 minutes, but surely worth the effort! There are no amenities offered whatsoever; it’s only nature, you, and the endless sea. However, the protected peninsular nature and the trees offer shade all day long. The beach has some sandy spots ashore and medium to large pebbles on the seabed.

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Kavourotrypes Beach, Halkidiki

Kavourotrypes Beach, Halkidiki - Best Beaches in Mainland Greece
Kavourotrypes Beach, Halkidiki

Is it in the Maldives, or is it in the Caribbean?  It certainly looks like it, but this beach is in Halkidiki, in Northern Greece. Pine trees and rocks with white hues come in stark contrast with the cyan waters, shallow, bright, and mirror-like. The beach is golden sandy, and it has a great view of Mount Athos.

Although it is partly organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, it is not that easily accessible. Still, it attracts many people who visit it to dive into its tranquil waters. There is parking space for vehicles, but the road network to the beach is not very good. The beach is accessed via a natural path passing through the pine forest. There are some restaurants and cafes nearby to grab something.

Tip: This beach is very crowded, and at times there’s not enough space. Nearby, you can find other small coves, rockier but somewhat secluded.

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Armenistis Beach, Halkidiki

Armenistis Beach, Halkidi - most beautiful beaches in Mainland Greeceki
Armenistis Beach, Halkidiki

Armenistis in Halkidiki is known as one of the greatest beaches in mainland Greece for camping and nature enthusiasts. An open bay of white sand and bright blue waters, Armenistis lacks nothing. Awarded with a Blue Flag, the beach boasts crystal-clear waters of medium depth and normal temperature.

Due to its length, Armenistis is never overcrowded, and it caters to the needs of everyone. It combines the beauty of nature with countless amenities, from cafes and restaurants to restrooms and mini markets to get groceries. There are spots with sunsets and umbrellas, and secluded spots as well. The access is easy by road, and there is a free parking space. To reach the shore, you take a long natural path.

Ammolofoi Beach, Kavala

Ammolofoi Beach, Kavala
Ammolofoi Beach, Kavala

Three kilometers long and sandy, Ammolofoi beach is what its name promises to be; sandy dunes. Located only a kilometer away from Nea Peramos outside of Kavala, this beach does not remind you of Southern Greek landscapes. Easily accessible by road, the location also offers parking space, hence it is visited by thousands of bathers.

Its exotic greenish waters attract young people and families alike, who rush to enjoy the sun, with all possible services provided. Many beach bars and restaurants offer refreshments and snacks, and there are countless umbrellas and sunbeds to relax. There is also a public shower option and a beach volleyball net.

Bella Vraka Beach, Syvota

Bella Vraka Beach, Syvota - Mainland Greece beaches
Bella Vraka Beach, Syvota

In the wonderful Thesprotia of Epirus, you can find another gem. A strip of sand separates the beach into smaller coves of exquisite beauty, with shallow waters resembling a lake rather than the sea. It is sandy on the shore but also has pebbles in some spots and on the seabed. The waters are very shallow.

The beach is accessible by road, but on foot to reach the shore, the path is rocky and not very comfortable. The parking is on the road, and on busy days it is difficult to find a spot. An alternative would be to reach the beach by boat, as there are many available for rent for daily trips.

Tip: The beach offers amenities such as a canteen, sunbeds/umbrellas, and water sport activities only for hotel guests, so keep that in mind when planning your visit and bring snacks!

Sarakiniko Beach, Parga

Sarakiniko Beach, Parga - Best beaches in Mainland Greece
Sarakiniko Beach, Parga

There are many beaches named Sarakiniko, but this one is based in mainland Greece, in Parga. All the beaches that share that name, share legends of Sarakini pirates stranded on the shores.

The rocks of the beach are volcanic and whitewashed, thus creating a beautiful landscape. This beach is located 12 km away from Parga and offers an amazing getaway. It is also accessible by cement road and offers free parking options.

Its shore is sandy but it has pebbles as well, and the bay is organized with paid sunbeds, beach bars, and restaurants offering local Greek cuisine. There are various options for accommodation around, including hotels and rooms to let.

Although not as popular as other beaches, this one offers an alternative and also many services; canoeing, fishing, boat rental, and snorkeling.

Alonaki Beach, Parga

Alonaki Beach In Preveza - Beaches in Mainland Greece
Alonaki Beach

Located further away, almost 25 km away from Parga, Alonaki beach is a protected cove, where pine trees almost meet the crystal waters, only separated by a strand of golden sand. The beach is accessible via a dirt road, and there is road parking. The seabed has somewhat sharp pebbles, but it is worth the drive. The cove offers great underwater scenery for snorkeling.

Although it is small in size, it is organized, with a beach bar and free sunbeds for the customers. There is a public shower as well. The beach tends to get crowded, so it is better to visit it during the morning hours to enjoy its peace and quiet.

Foneas Beach, Mani

Foneas Beach, Mani - Best Beaches in Mainland Greece
Foneas Beach, Mani

Last but not least of the best beaches in mainland Greece is the secluded beach of Foneas in Mani of Peloponnese. It is a protected, rocky cove, exciting to explore and delightful to dive into. This beach is wild but accessible by road and the forest offers shade for both the parked car and the bathers.

The canteen offers basic amenities, such as food, snacks, and refreshments, and there is also a public shower. The untamed landscape offers amazing views and the rocky seabed is amazing for snorkeling, so don’t forget your goggles.

Tip: Consider bringing shoes, as the big rocks will be uncomfortable.

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