Best Beaches in Patmos

Patmos island is an island on the east side of Greece, close to the borders of Turkey. Most people know it as the island of the Apocalypse because Saint John wrote this book of the Bible in a cave on Patmos. 

Apart from its importance as a pilgrimage, Patmos has a natural beauty that enchants visitors. The long sandy beaches with crystal clear water attract people from all over the world who seek relaxation in one of the Aegean gems. 

In this article, you will find a list of the best beaches on Patmos Island and all the essential information for your visit.

8 Amazing Beaches to Visit in Patmos

Agriolivado beach

Agriolivado Beach Patmos

Agriolivado is a calm cove surrounded by hills. It is 3 km from Skala and 8 km from Chora. The beach a quite long, consisting of sand and pebbles. The waters are crystal clear, shallow, and warm. The place is safe and family-friendly. On the horizon, you can see the island of Hagia Thekla. Around the beach, there are smaller coves that you can only approach in a boat. 

You can rent parasols and sunbeds at the beach. There is also a tavern where you can enjoy your lunch after your swim.  

Park your car for free in the open space around Agriolivado.

Kambos beach

Kambos beach Patmos

The beach took its name from the village Kambos, which is nearby. This beach is on the north side of the island, 9 km from Chora. Some say that it is the most popular beach on the island. One thing is for sure, Kambos has all the amenities you might need, and it is always busy. 

The waters are clean and clear blue, and the trees offer shadow on most of the beach. You can rent a sunbed and umbrellas at the beach. Two taverns and a beach bar offer refreshing drinks and food. 

On the beach, a watersport center, rents equipment for wakeboarding, windsurfing, water skiing, and more. 

There is free parking space around the beach, but it is advisable to arrive early, to find a good parking spot and a nice place under the trees to leave your stuff and relax. 

Meloi Beach

Meloi Beach Patmos

Walking 15 minutes from the settlement of Skala, you find another worth-visiting beach called Meloi. This is a place for those who want to relax and chill, without too much noise, music, and people around. 

One of the best things is that many trees create shade in a big part of the beach, which means that if you arrive at a good time in the morning, you can pick a great spot with natural shade where you can spend your day. Apart from the trees, the waters at Meloi are crystal clear and shallow, surrounded by a sandy beach. 

There is a small marina with a few boats and a tavern where you can enjoy local food. 

Vagia beach

Vagia beach Patmos

Those who love less busy places will fall in love with Vagia beach. A calm cove with deep blue waters invites you to dive in. The beach is a favorite destination for families, young couples, and solo individuals. 

On the hill above the beach, is located the ‘Café Vagia’, known for its delicious chocolate pie. 

Vagia beach is 1 km from Kambos, and you can walk from one beach to the other. There is a free parking space where you can leave your car. 

Lambi beach

Lambi beach Patmos

Lambi is a long beach, on the northern part of the island, 9 km from the port, Skala. You can arrive here by car or by shuttle bus. There is also a boat that leaves every morning from Skala and brings you to Lambi in half an hour. 

The pebbles at the beach have different colors and shapes, and many visitors take a few as they leave. This became a trend, and the number of pebbles at the beach lessened in the last few years!

Like most beaches in Patmos, Lambi has rich shade from the surrounding trees, which means you do not need to bring a parasol with you. The beach is exposed to ‘meltemia’, the summer winds that blow in the Aegean Sea during summer, which results in the sea being especially wavy on this side of the island. 

At the beach, there is a café-bar and a tavern.

Psili Ammos Beach

Psili Ammos Patmos

Psili Ammos is a beach for the ‘free spirits. Why? First, because half of the beach is for nudists and free campers. Secondly, because you cannot approach the beach by car or bus. You can only get there on foot or by boat. The path that takes you to Psili Ammos starts at Diakofti beach, where you can leave the car. As for the boats, they depart daily from Skala. 

The difficult access to the beach makes it one of the best places on the island as nature is virgin and the landscape mesmerizing. 

There is a tavern at the entrance of the beach. This part is for everyone but the space further from the tavern is mainly for nudists. 

The tavern, named after the beach, offers delicious Greek dishes with fresh ingredients. What can be better than having a tasty lunch by the beach?

Livadi Geranou

Livadi Geranou beach Patmos

Livadi Geranou or Livadi Ntelapothitou is one of the most beautiful beaches on Patmos Island, with no human intervention, no bars, taverns, or shops around. Pure nature. 

The beach has sand and pebbles. Many tries offer shadow most of the day. There are no sunbeds or umbrellas, so people bring their equipment. 

From the beach, you can see the neighboring island of Saint George, and a white chapel on it.

The beach is 10 km away from the port of Skala. You can park your car on the side of the street that leads to the beach, around the traditional tavern ‘Livadi Geranou’.

Liginou beach

Liginou beach Patmos

Liginou twin beaches are a top destination for locals and tourists. They consist of two smaller coves separated by a rock formation. The landscape is breathtaking, perfect for Instagram-ready photos. The beach has sand and pebbles, and the waters are crystal clear.

Liginou twin beaches are on the north side of the island, 8 km from Skala. Close by is Vagia beach, and you can visit both locations in one day.  There is a free parking space.

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