Best Βeaches in Peloponnese

The Peloponnese peninsula is a popular destination all year round, due to its diverse landscapes and proximity to the capital. However, it is an ideal destination for a summer holiday, with many stunning beaches scattered around the region, featuring emerald waters, sandy or pebbly shores, and secluded coves to explore nature. Here are some of the best ones:

12 Amazing Beaches to Visit in the Peloponnese

Foneas Beach, Mani

Foneas Beach, Mani - Best Beaches in Mainland Greece
Foneas Beach, Mani

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Peloponnese, popular and usually rather crowded during high season, is Foneas beach in Mani, near Kardamili. This small cove is naturally protected and hence its turquoise, clean waters are also usually timid without big waves. Surrounded by rocks and vegetation, it is perfect for nature-lovers, but it offers a canteen for those in need of snacks or refreshments on hot summer days. The scenery is stunning and the seabed interesting for snorkeling enthusiasts.

The shore has big pebbles which are not easy to walk on, so people consider wearing sea shoes to avoid discomfort. There are free parking and shade by the road, and the shore is accessible on foot via an easy natural path.

The Foneas Canyon which is about 7 km long leads to this beach and is worth hiking and exploring when the weather permits.

Tip: It’s best if you visit Foneas during the morning hours, and the other summer months, when few people are enjoying this beach.

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Kalogria Beach, Mani

Kalogria Beach  - best beaches in Peloponnese
Kalogria Beach

Located in the Mani region, near Stoupa, Kalogria beach is one of the most visited beaches in the Peloponnese. This sandy beach has shallow to medium depth, with crystal clear emerald waters, and beautiful rocky surroundings that mark the protected cove.

Eat and drink amenities are provided, such as sunbeds umbrellas, bars, restaurants, and cafés by the beach. There are rooms to let and hotels for accommodation, and the beach is accessible by road, with on-road parking options.

Canoeing, snorkeling, and pedal boat renting are available, and the beach is used as a camping spot.

Tip: Don’t miss the amazing sunset in Kalogria Beach.

Limeni Beach, Mani

Limeni Beach - Peloponnese beaches
Turquoise waters of mediterranean sea with cliffs. Limeni, Greece.

This location in Mani is practically a port and an anchorage spot for boats, there is no shore, rather, the sea is accessible via steps. However, the waters are turquoise and resemble a pool rather than a beach. Surrounding this port are traditional stone-built buildings, which are either private residences or luxurious resorts.

Seaside restaurants and local taverns offer delicious seafood and traditional sea cuisine, while Areopoli is only 1.5 km away.

Onshore and on the seabed, you will find rocks, and cliffs are surrounding the cove. There are fun water sports facilities and the location is interesting for snorkelers.

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Marmari Beach, Mani

Marmari Beach  - Best Beaches in Peoloponnese
Marmari Beach

Located in the Mani region but almost 40 km south of Areopolis, this wonderful beach named Marmari is a paradise on earth. It is a bay that is divided into three different coves and beaches, one of which is organized with bars, restaurants, and all the possible amenities provided, while the two others are remote and untouched.

The three beaches all have white sand and a gradual incline inside the sea, which makes it safe for families. The landscape is wild, with barren cliffs standing imposingly over the beaches.

If you wish to visit the organized beach, keep in mind that the sunbeds/umbrellas are paid with a reasonable fee.

Simos Beach, Elafonisos Island

Simos Beach
Simos Beach

Although not technically in the Mainland, Elafonisos is an island off the coast of Peloponnese. The ferry takes 8 minutes to reach the island of Elafonisos from the port of Pounta near Neapoli in South Peloponnese.

Simos is located in the southern part of Elafonisos, featuring sandy dunes and turquoise crystal-clear waters of exquisite beauty. It has a reputation as one of the best beaches in Greece. The bay is divided by a long stretch of sand into two beaches: Mikros Simos, or Small Simos, and Megalos Simos, or Large Simos.

There is road access to the beach but you can access the beach only via a natural easy path. There are amenities provided, including umbrellas and sunbeds by beach bars, which offer refreshments and snacks.

The location is perfect for camping enthusiasts, and when the wind permits, the cove is used for windsurfing as well.

Voidokilia Beach, Messinia

Voidokilia Beach in Mainland Greece - Best Beaches in Greece
Voidokilia Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Mainland Greece is Voidokilia, located in Messinia near the Gialova Lagoon. The Lagoon is protected by Natura 2000 as a natural habitat of significant value, while the beach has some archaeological value as well, with Palaiokastro and Nestor’s Cave being the main sites.

Voidokilia is a beach of sandy dunes and a peculiar semi-circular shape that makes it so unique. The seabed has a combination of sands and pebbles and there are no amenities provided to avoid impact on this natural treasure.

There are road parking available and hiking routes along the lagoon and the river for some exploration.

Golden Beach / Kastro Kyllinis

Golden Beach in Kastro Kyllini
Golden Beach in Kastro Kyllini

Chrissi Akti, translating to Golden beach in Kyllini, just opposite Zakynthos at the northwestern part of Peloponnese is true to its name. Golden sandy dunes that stretch out for 5 km offer an exotic scenery of breathtaking beauty, with shallow and tame waters to enjoy the swim.

The beach is laden with luxurious hotels and resorts with sea views, offering all kinds of private services and amenities to the guests. The bay is wide open, with organized parts filled with canteens, bars, restaurants with sunbeds and umbrellas, and free space for fans of unorganized bathing.

Nearby, you can find the thermal baths of Kyllini, with therapeutical properties from volcanic sources.

Fokiano Bay, Kyparissi

Fokiano Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Peoloponnese
Fokiano Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Peoloponnese

Although it is situated in the eastern part of the Peloponnese, overlooking the Aegean Sea, Fokianos beach is protected by a bay. This stunning beach is organized and offers services and amenities, and yet the landscape looks untamed and relatively untouched. Mountainous scenery with lush pine tree forests reaching down to the rocky shores creating an amazing contrast.

The shore is cobbly with big cobbles on the seabed as well, so walking is a bit uncomfortable and special shoes may be needed. There are cafes and restaurants with umbrellas and free sunbeds, as well as a variety of water sports including jet ski rental, wakeboarding, and pedal boat.

The whole bay also offers two anchorages and a mooring spot for sea-travelers and sailing enthusiasts to drop anchor and dive into deep, mirror-like waters.

Kaiafas Beach, Katakolon

Kaiafas Beach Peloponnese
Kaiafas Beach

Kaiafas beach in Zacharo of Neochori is an open bay near the lake Kaiafa. Sandy and wide open, it offers free space and an opportunity to enjoy pure nature with no amenities. The beach is part of a priceless ecosystem with thermal baths, the lake, and the mountain Lapitha.

The beach and lake are accessible by road and an easy path of golden sand ashore. Parking is available on the road.

The depth is shallow to medium, with golden sand all around and weak currents.

Karathonas Beach, Nafplio

Karathonas Beach in Peloponnnese
Karathonas Beach near Nafplio

Located 5 km away from the center of Nafplio, Karathonas Beach is accessible by road in only 8 minutes. This sandy cove is spacious and offers eat and drink amenities, such as beach bars and restaurants with free sunbeds or paid sunbeds and umbrellas to enjoy the beach.

There is also enough free space for free-style bathers eager to enjoy the sun a bit isolated from the crowds. The location offers countless opportunities for fun water sports, canoeing, and snorkeling! There are also pedal boat rental options, so all needs are catered to.

You can find public showers and WC in Karathonas beach.

Arvanitia Beach, Nafplio

Arvanitia Beach - bet peloponnese Beaches
Arvanitia Beach

In the wonderful town of Nafplion, you can find Arvanitia beach, which is stony or pebbly and it is accessible by a promenade, a stone-built pier along the coastline with amazing views that visitors love to stroll. Alternatively, it is also accessible by road or with a taxi service.

Although it is close to the town, its waters are clear and the scenery is picturesque. The depth of the water is medium, and the temperature is normal. You can find public showers there.

Tip: At the beginning of September, usually the bars and restaurants are closed, so make sure you bring your own snacks.

Psilli Ammos Beach, Tolo

Psilli Ammos Beach, Tolo Peloponnese beaches Greece
Psilli Ammos Beach, Tolo

One of the most crowded beaches of the Peloponnese during July and August, Tolo beach is located 10 km and 15 minutes away from the center of Nafplion. Taking its name from the thin golden sand, Psilli Ammos offers everything a bather could need.

It combines wonderful nature, and a beach with shallow, warm waters, safe for families, with facilities, such as countless cafes, bars, and restaurants to relax and enjoy the sun. There are sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as public showers and toilets. Grocery stores and supermarkets are within walking distance.

There are facilities for fun water sports, as well as sea canoeing, and pedal boat renting. Nearby, you can find the village port, where boats are always resting and the landscape is picturesque.

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