Best Beaches in Sithonia

One of the most visited mainland destinations for summer vacation is Halkidiki in Northern Greece, near Thessaloniki. The wonderful location is split into three peninsulas, Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos. Sithonia is situated 130km away from Thessaloniki and is most known among visitors and locals for the best beaches of the region.

Although it has a lot of travelers around July and August, it is rarely crammed like the Greek islands. It offers a wide range of options, from organized beaches to hidden gems and coves for explorers and adventurers. 

Let’s explore the best beaches in Sithonia:

12 Sithonia Beaches You Should Visit


Kavourotrypes Beach, Halkidiki - Best Beaches in Mainland Greece
Kavourotrypes Beach, Halkidiki

Kavourotripes beach certainly looks exotic just like the coastline of the Maldives or the Caribbean shores. And yet, it is nowhere else but in Halkidiki. It is among the best beaches in Sithonia, and arguably the most famous.

Pine trees and rocks with white hues come in stark contrast with the cyan waters, shallow, bright, and mirror-like. The beach is golden sandy, and it has a great view of Mount Athos. Thanks to its relatively shallow waters and no waves, it is kid-friendly.

It is organized with free sunbeds and umbrellas for the clients of the bar. The beach is accessible by car and there is parking space for vehicles on road, so you have to be extra careful during rush hours. The beach is then accessed via a natural path from the road parking, passing through the pine forest. There is a small beach bar nearby to grab something to eat or drink on a hot summer day.

Tip: This beach is very crowded, and at times there’s not enough space. Nearby, you can find other small coves, rockier but somewhat secluded.

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Vourvourou Beach

Vourvourou Beach - Best beaches in Sithonia
Vourvourou Beach

The village of Vourvourou in Sithonia has one of the best beaches in the region. It is a very long sandy stretch of shore, divided into at least 5 beaches, some of which are private beaches for hotel resorts, reserved for the guests. Only the northern part of the long coast is only public and you can also find boat rental options.

The part called Karidi beach is a wonder of nature, with peculiarly shaped rocks and turquoise waters. It is not organized with umbrellas or sunbeds but has some trees that offer shade, where some people camp as well.

Within walking distance, you can find a beach bar, a mini-market, and even further, a restaurant. It is sandy, with shallow to medium waters and a lifeguard. Access is easy by car and parking is available on the street.

Armenistis Beach

Armenistis Beach, Halkidi - most beautiful beaches in Mainland Greeceki
Armenistis Beach, Halkidiki

Armenistis in Halkidiki is known as one of the greatest beaches in Sithonia, but also generally in Greece. An open bay of white sand and bright blue waters, Armenistis lacks nothing. Awarded with a Blue Flag, the beach boasts crystal-clear waters of medium depth and normal temperature. It has a lifeguard and no waves, which makes it particularly suitable for children.

Due to its length, Armenistis is never overcrowded, and it caters to the needs of everyone. It combines the beauty of nature with countless amenities, from beach bars and restaurants to restrooms and a mini-market within walking distance to get groceries.

There are spots with sunbeds and umbrellas, free for the beach bar clients, but thanks to its length, you can also find secluded spots.

The access is easy by road, and there is a free parking space along the street. To reach the shore, you take a long natural path. The location is preferred by many for camping and nature enthusiasts flock there to enjoy the landscape. Another benefit of this beach is that it has easy access for people with disabilities as well, by passing through the camping site!

Akti Elias – Elia Beach

Elia Beach - Sithonia Beaches
Elia Beach

In the wonderful and luxurious Akti Elias of Sithonia, you will find Elia beach, on the northwestern coast of Sithonia. The beach is 2 kilometers long and sandy, situated close to Spathies and Lagomandra, both also among the best beaches in Sithonia.

Elia is awarded a blue flag thanks to its shallow kids-friendly, crystal-clear, and mirror-like cyan waters. It has a part with umbrellas and sunbeds of a beach bar that offers amenities, and you will find a restaurant nearby. Although the region is touristic, the great beauty of Elia beach and the natural shade from the thick woods that surround it makes it a perfect camping spot.

It is easily accessible by car, as there is an asphalt road along the stretch of the coast, and you can park on the street once you reach the spot.

Kalamitsi Beach

Kalamitsi Sithonia Halkidiki
Kalamitsi in Halkidiki

Kalamitsi is another beach to visit in south Sithonia. It is most loved for its semi-circle shape and the finest sand for bare-foot beach strolls and sunbathing for hours with just a towel.

You can enjoy its beautiful turquoise waters either with your beach accessories or by “renting” a chair or a sunbed and umbrella in the near beach bar. This will cost nothing more than ordering something from the beach bars. The beach has deep waters but the depth comes gradually, and although there are waves, there is a lifeguard on watch, so the beach is kids-friendly.

You will find an organized parking space, but if it’s full, you can also park on the street. Access is easy by car, and there are amenities such as a beach volleyball court and water sports facilities.

The location is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. The seabed offers unique underwater experiences, that’s why you’ll find scuba diving clubs providing courses to explore the sea.

Kalogria Beach

Kalogria Beach - Best Sithonia beaches
Kalogria Beach

About 5 km south of Nikiti, there is Kalogria beach, a stretch of over half a kilometer of fine sand. This beach is very popular and ideal for families, as it has no deep waters and no waves.

Its stunning waters are awarded the blue flag, and the landscape has remained relatively untouched without sunbeds or umbrellas in most of its parts. There is, however, a hotel nearby that offers some with extra charge. There are no other amenities whatsoever, so bring your own if you’ll venture out here.

 The beach is accessible by car and there is parking on the street.

Koviou Beach

Koviou Beach - Sithonia Beaches
Koviou Beach

Koviou beach is also among the best beaches in Sithonia, although perhaps lesser-known and less crowded. Situated 5 km away from Nikiti, this sandy beach has turquoise clean waters, and a peculiar blue-tinted pebble that makes its sunbed and shore a bluish hue. Koviou beach also boasts a blue flag, thanks to the virgin landscape and seawater quality.

There are no amenities whatsoever there, so keep that in mind, especially if you wish to visit there as a family, but there is a hotel with sunbeds right at the beach. The location is kids-friendly thanks to its shallow waters, perfect for play and fun.

You can access Koviou beach by car and park along the street. Then, follow the concrete path all the way to the beach.

Porto Koufo

Porto Koufo is an enclosed bay that looks like a lake from above, as it is one of the largest natural harbors of Greece. The narrow sandy coast has an almost circular shape, nestled between rocky hills with secret caves to explore.

Thanks to its enclosure, it rarely has any waves, and although the waters are relatively deep for a beach resembling a lagoon, it’s generally kids-friendly. Lots of campers enjoy staying here and enjoying the natural wonder and the breathtaking sunsets, among the best you can find in Halkidiki.

Porto Koufo is not organized, neither with sunbeds and parasols, nor a beach bar, but you will find a traditional Greek tavern within walking distance. You can also find a mini-market nearby. The beach is accessible by car and you will park in the village above the beach.

Paradisos Beach

Paradisos Beach in Sithonia
Paradisos Beach

Paradisos beach is in Neos Marmaras of Sithonia. It is a narrow, organized beach with countless accommodation options by hotels and apartment resorts on the seaside. You can choose from a wide variety of beach bars and restaurants, and choose which spot you wish to relax to, in carefully arranged sunbeds and parasols.

The beach is mostly sandy, but there are also some small pebbles, both onshore and at the seabed. The waters are not deep but there is always a lifeguard patrolling, so the beach is safe for kids.

Conveniently, you will also find a mini-market within walking distance. If you access it by car, be sure to park your car in the village, and then walk to the beach.

Nikiti Beach

Nikiti Beach - Sithonia Halkidiki
Nikiti Beach

Nikiti is located at the very beginning of Sithonia, only 100 km outside of Thessaloniki. It is a place of rich history, with past events of pirates and Turks destroying the town and then WWI history taking over. Nowadays, it is a favorite seaside destination for many visitors, thanks to its lovely beach.

Mostly sandy onshore and at the seabed, the beach is surrounded by a thick pine forest that offers natural shade and a refreshing breeze. However, you can also find sunbeds and parasols from nearby beach bars, offering them for free to clients. The beach is well-organized, with lifeguards on watch, a beach volleyball court, and many facilities. And yet, its stunning waters are awarded a blue flag. You can access the beach by car easily and park in Nikiti village.

Tip: If you visit Nikiti beach, stay longer to enjoy one of the most awe-inspiring sunsets in Halkidiki.

Lagomandra Beach

Lagomandra Beach - Sithonia beaches
Lagomandra Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Sithonia and very popular thanks to its Blue Flag awarded waters of an endless azure hue. The natural shade of the thick trees makes it an excellent location for visitors and campers alike. The waters are not deep or wavy, so it is very family-friendly.

Lagomandra is split into two parts, the northern being most popular thanks to the pines and good organization. There is a lifeguard, as well as beach bars, sunbeds, and umbrellas. You will also find a beach volleyball court, and water sport services to rent.  You will also find a lot of facilities including stores and some accommodation options.

You can reach the beach by car and find parking on the street but with shade thanks to the thick trees.

Platanitsi Beach

Platanitsi Beach - Sithonia Beaches
Platanitsi Beach

Platanitsi is the last of the best beaches in Sithonia on our list. It features a stunning coast of white fine sand and Blue Flag certified crystal waters.

It is well organized with beach bars equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, a mini-market, and a lifeguard. It is, therefore, a very family-friendly beach and thankfully it also has access for people with disabilities. For the active type of visitors, it offers a beach volleyball court for some fun.

Platanitsi beach is part of the camping place, a perfect destination for campers, and a great place for relaxation. It offers majestic views over Athos Mountain of the third peninsula of Halkidiki. Its beautiful seabed attracts divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. Athos mountain.

You can reach Platanitsi beach by car and park along the street.

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