Best Beaches in Skopelos Island, Greece

Relatively unknown until it became the filming location for Mama Mia, Skopelos is a gorgeous Greek island in the Western Aegean, part of the Northern Sporades. Known for its pine trees that reach right down to the shore there are more than 18 beaches to explore along 67km’s of coastline – In this article, you can discover the best of them.

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The Best 13 Beaches to Swim on Skopelos Island

1. Panormos Beach

12km from Chora lies the pebble beach of Panormos situated within a sheltered green bay of the same name from where you can take in the great view, especially at sunset. This is the only beach on the island with deep blue waters which makes it popular during the Summer.

Accessible via a picturesque road that runs through pine trees, the beach is organised with sunbeds and a lifeguard, and you’ll find a taverna and cafe on the beach with more amenities in the village which is within walking distance plus ancient walls belonging to a fortified Acropolis that once stood on the hill.

2. Stafilos Beach

This is the closest organised beach to Chora and also the most popular. Accessible by bus and car, Stafilos Beach is a mixture of sand and fine shingle and has a beach bar and sunbeds to hire for the day as well as plenty of open space for laying down your beach towel.

Surrounded by pine tree-covered hills, the wind-protected beach is idyllic with a spring providing freshwater, rocks to explore, and the coves of the bay providing the perfect place to snorkel in the crystal clear blue-green water.

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3. Kastani Beach

One of the beaches used for filming scenes from Mama Mia, small yet spectacular Kastani Beach is located 21km from Chora with access via a dirt road. The sandiest beach on the island of Skopelos, pine trees stretch right down to the rocky shore with sunbeds available on half of the beach.

This has become a popular beach due to fans of Mama Mia wanting to see the idyllic beach for themselves but don’t expect to see the jetty that appeared in the film – It was removed after filming.

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4. Hovolo Beach

This small white sand beach with pebbles is made up of 3 coves that will make you think you’ve arrived in the tropics! Well worth the short hike over rocks and through the water to reach the furthest coves (no pain, no gain!) you’ll be greeted with crystal clear water lapping against white rocks, all of this beauty nestled below a cliff covered pine forest.

The beach is unorganised, without any facilities, so visitors should ensure they carry enough water and food with them for the day. Located 14km from Chora, Hovolo Beach is a dream come true and the perfect place to snorkel or simply kick back and relax as your worries float away.

5. Milia Beach

This long and wide organised beach, located 13km from Chora, is divided into two by rock formations, the left side being the busy side with sunbeds to hire and beach bar, the right side quieter and more secluded.

Deemed as the most beautiful on the island with views out to the small island of Dassia and a backdrop of pine trees, Milia Beach has a rocky shore and a beach of small pebbles mixed with white sand. The sun sets behind Dassia Island, so make sure you stay on to watch Mother Nature put on her nightly show!

6. Agnondas Beach aka Agnontas Beach

8km from Chora, this beautiful pine-covered area, the trees growing right down to the shore on either side of the sand and shingle beach which changes to pebbles the further along you walk, is an idyllic place to relax. A small coastal settlement with a fishing port, you can watch the boats go in and out as you sink your toes into the sand.

7. Elios aka Neo Klima Beach

19km from Chora and fully accessible by road (no steps down from the parking area), this organised sand and shingle beach is family-friendly and a favourite with locals, the beach stretching alongside the village of Neo Klima with port, waterfront tavernas, and other amenities within walking distance of this popular tourist destination. Water sports are available including sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding and sunbeds are available to rent.

8. Agios Ioannis Beach

One of the most picturesque and impressive beaches on the island, rugged and rocky Agios Ioannis Beach is located 30km North of Chora and sits next to an impressive church built on top of a rock. To reach this church that is featured in the movie Mama Mia, you must climb 105 steps, but it’s well worth the trek to admire the view across the beach below. This idyllic small beach has no facilities other than a nearby taverna renting out sunbeds in the peak Summer season, making it the perfect place to relax away from the crowds.

9. Glysteri aka Glisteri Beach

This small North coast beach, located 4km from Chora, is protected from the worst of the Northern winds due to the long curving bay. Accessible by car or boat, the tranquil sand and pebble cove has a taverna and is surrounded by greenery thanks to the pine trees and olive groves. Glysteri Beach was used as a filming location in several scenes of the Mama Mia movie and has sunbeds and sun umbrellas available to rent.

10. Glifoneri aka Agiоs Kοnstаntinоs Beach

A sand and pebble beach surrounded by pine trees, Glifoneri Beach, is located less than 1km north of Chora and can be accessed via road or water taxi from Chora. Largely unorganised except for sunbeds provided by the taverna, this beach is a popular spot with locals and tourists but rarely gets crowded. Due to the shallow water, it is a family-friendly beach, but large waves should be expected when the North winds are blowing as this beach is largely unprotected from the elements.

11. Velanio Beach

The only official nudist beach on the island, Velanio is located 5km south-east of Chora, accessible on foot from Stafylos Beach or by boat. A sand and pebble beach with pine trees reaching the crystal clear turquoise coastline, Velanio Beach has a beach bar with sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. Frequented by goats in the late afternoon into the early evening thanks to the freshwater spring located at the end of the beach, be sure to stick around to watch the sunset.

12. Armenopetra Beach

This idyllic, unspoiled beach is somewhat a hidden gem. Located 20km from Chora via a narrow winding road, the long sand and pebble beach with an iconic upright rock on the shoreline has shallow waters, making it ideal for families with young children. However, the water is colder than at other beaches. Unorganised, without sunbed facilities or eateries, this is the place to kick back and enjoy mother nature and never gets crowded.

13. Limnonari Beach

This sheltered sandy beach can be found 9.5km from Chora, accessible by fishing boat or road with a short path down to the beach from the parking area. It has sunbeds to hire, a taverna, and boats moored out in the bay making for a picturesque scene, especially with the pine tree-covered hills behind. Even when the strong Northern winds blow, this bay is protected so the waves are never large; however, there are smooth and slippery rocks underfoot along the seashore so care should be taken.

Do one of these gorgeous beaches call out to you louder than the others, or do you now have a bucket list of beaches to visit when you’re in Skopelos? Let us know in the comments!

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