Best Beaches in the Cyclades

The Cyclades is an island complex in the Aegean Sea of Greece, known for the amazing small islands full of traditions and distinct architectural styles. The Cyclades are among the top destinations for all kinds of travelers, whether they come from Greece or abroad. The complex consists of 39 islands, only 24 of which are inhabited.

All of them possess a stunning beauty beyond comparison. Some of the most popular Cycladic islands include cosmopolitan Mykonos, religious but trendy Tinos, vibrant Ios, volcanic Milos, traditional Naxos, wild Koufonisia, and many others.

All of these islands have the best beaches in the Cyclades, which are surely worth a visit! Read their descriptions below and add them to your bucket list!

The Best Beaches to Visit in the Cyclades

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Super paradise is among the most visited and famous beaches on Mykonos Island. It is a lovely sandy beach overlooking the shallow turquoise waters. Mostly known for its countless amenities such as parasols and sunbeds, of course, its luxurious beach bar, super paradise, is the perfect spot to party, socialize, and have a great time, whether it’s with your friends, partner, or even for families.

There are plenty of accommodation options there. From boutique hotels to villas, you can find amazing views of the shore in high lux spaces decorated with the most modern style.

You can get there by car or hop on a shuttle operated by the beach club itself. You will get it from the Famprika bus terminal.

Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

Sarakiniko in Milos - Most beautiful Greek Islands
Sarakiniko Milos

Undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches worldwide and among the best beaches in the Cyclades, Sarakiniko in Milos is a place out of a dream. The otherworldly rock formations make it look like a volcanic landscape with inviting azure waters.

Visitors flock to Sarakiniko beach to enjoy its pristine waters, untouched nature, and wild beauty. For this reason, you might wish to visit the beach early in the morning or avoid the high season in Milos (mid-July to September.)

The beach is completely unorganized to protect the area with such a rich geological history, so come prepared! The beach itself is tiny, and there are no amenities, so bring water, food, and all necessities.

 You can reach this beach by public transport as there is a bus going there with 1.80 Euros for a single ticket. Another way is to get there by car, motorcycle, or foot. There are some dirt roads around the beach which you can explore if your vehicle is equipped for that.

Tip: For adventure lovers, don’t miss the opportunity to explore some underground tunnels which are now abandoned and once used to be mining tunnels. You will cherish the once-in-a-lifetime experience! You can also try cliff jumping if you’re brave enough, always with safety and precaution!

Firiplaka Beach, Milos

Firiplaka beach Milos island
Firiplaka beach Milos island

Firiplaka is perhaps the second most popular beach on the island of Milos, much longer and more comfortable in terms of size and capacity. You will find it in the southern part of Milos and about 20 minutes drive from the town of Adamantas.

The long sandy shore is located near steep rocks that do not provide shade, so you will only find some thanks to some umbrellas from the beach bar. However, keep in mind that the beach is super busy. Bring your own umbrellas and towels to lie in the sand and sunbathe or swim in the amazing waters.

There is a rock arch you can swim through, and it’s not quite deep, so it’s not even dangerous. Generally, if you wander, you will find that the beach is full of lagoons and sea caves and great opportunities for snorkeling.

You can get there by bus or car, but you can also rent a scooter or an ATV.

Kolymbithres Beach, Paros

Kolymbithres Beach Paros
Kolymbithres Beach

Kolymbithres is the most popular beach on Paros Island and among the best beaches in the Cyclades. Its name translates to small swimming pools, and it’s likely due to the fact that rocks have sculpted strange formations that divide the beach into smaller swimming pools.

The beach is located in Naoussa Bay, and it is organized thanks to its popularity. You will find a beach bar, and you can also hire sunbeds and umbrellas or even sports facilities if you’re interested. The sandy beach is perfect for exploring, swimming, or simply relaxing by the sea.

There are some taverns with fresh fish food or traditional cuisine along the coastline road. There is a good asphalt road that can get you there, and you can even hop on a bus as there are frequent bus schedules. Alternatively, you can get there by small fishing boats that depart from the port of Naoussa and get you to the beach.

Santa Maria Beach, Paros

Santa Maria is another popular beach in Paros, where you can find a lovely environment and a luxurious beach bar to lounge. The beach is located on the northeastern part of the island and has amazing turquoise waters and thick white sand. It is also located in Naoussa (or Plastira) bay.

The bay has an organized side with sunbeds, umbrellas, and all the amenities offered by the beach bar. Here you can chill out, enjoy a cocktail or grab a snack. But as the bay is long, you can also find the unorganized part.

You will not get bored here, as you can find countless water sports facilities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and paddle boats. There is also a camping site for nature lovers who wish to enjoy Santa Maria’s beauty for more than a day.

You can get there easily by car and park in the parking lot, which is spacious. Or you could take the bus from Paroikia to Naoussa and drop off at Santa Maria beach.

Tip: There is another small beach nearby known as Mikri Santa Maria to avoid the fuss, the crowds, and the loud party music.

Kalotaritisa Beach, Amorgos

Looking like a beach straight out of an exotic island, Kalotaritisa beach in Amorgos is an idyllic sandy paradise. The good thing about it is that it is also protected from most winds, so there are no waves in most cases. Its waters are the brightest turquoise, and the surrounding scenery is mesmerizing.

You won’t find many amenities there, save for a small beach bar that offers refreshments and snacks. It also has sunbeds and umbrellas, as there is no particular shade there provided by the environment. 

You can get to Kalotaritisa beach by car via road or use the public bus option. Click here for further details about the bus schedules.

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Plaka Beach, Naxos

Plaka - where to stay in Naxos
Sunbeds on Plaka beach

Naxos Is also among the Cycladic islands with the best beaches to visit. One of the best beaches is Plaka beach, situated near Agia Anna, about 9 km from Naxos town.

It used to be a nudist beach, but now it is a popular one attracting couples, families, and all types of travelers, especially during high season. Since it is a four-kilometer-long wide sandy beach, there is plenty of room for all of these people, and nudists tend to flock to the southern part to relax by the sea.

Part of the beach is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, and beach bars that offer refreshments and snacks.

You can access the beach by car as there is an asphalt road to Agia Anna. After that, you’ll need to take the mild dirt road to Plaka.

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Mylopotas Beach, Ios

Mylopotas Beach in Ios

The most popular beach on Ios island in the Cyclades is Mylopotas beach. Situated just 3 kilometers from Ios Chora, the beach is a tropical paradise of a long sandy bay with the most turquoise waters, awarded with a Blue Flag. The beach is divided into two parts: the organized one and the unorganized one, both ideal for swimming or basking in the sun.

The organized part has umbrellas and sunbeds and a beach bar, but the unorganized one is an untouched paradise to explore wild nature. The beach is also ideal for water sports such as windsurfing, diving, or snorkeling. To enjoy this beach unbothered, you can come early in the morning, but if you want to socialize and party, you should come in the afternoon.

You can reach Mylopotas beach by car, by taking the bus from the main village, or simply by walking for 20 minutes down the hill.

Pori Beach, Koufonisia

Pori Beach

Koufonisia is an upcoming Cycladic Island of immense natural beauty and distinct character. It has amazing beaches, one of which is Pori beach, located southeast of Chora. The beach is made of fine sand and crystal-clear azure waters, with mostly shallow waters. It is relatively protected from meltemia, and the summer winds, so there are no waves.

There aren’t many amenities there as it is quite remote, so bring your own, although, for the last year, a small canteen has been set up to offer refreshments to visitors. The moon-shaped cove is a perfect example of the rich rock formation and diversity that the island offers.

There isn’t road access directly to the beach, but you can walk there from Platia Pounda or take a boat to Pori from Finikas.

Livadi Beach, Donousa

Donousa - quiet Greek islands
Livadi Beach Donousa

Among the best beaches in the Cyclades is also Livadi beach on the small but stunning island of Donousa. It is located near Mersini village, and it is a famous beach for most visitors.

The beach itself is a long, sandy shore with crystalline waters. There are no tourist amenities, and it is unorganized to remain unspoiled by the human touch, like most places on Donousa island. There are not many accommodation options nearby, but a lot of people choose to camp here to enjoy the pristine nature.

You can only get to Livadi beach by walking there for 20 minutes from Mersini village. Or you could go on the boat tour “Donousa Magissa” which stops there.

Agathopes Beach, Syros

Agathopes Beach in Syros
Agathopes is one of the most beautiful beaches in Syros

The lovely island of Syros has great beaches for every taste. Agathopes beach is among the best beaches in the Cyclades, with crystal clear waters and a long sandy shore. The beach is protected by the Ministry of Environment as a natural habitat.

Lilies bloom here in the sand, and there are small islets that add to the great views. It is the perfect spot to sunbathe and swim in shallow to medium-depth waters. You will find amenities here, such as umbrellas and sunbeds, and taverns to eat fresh food. If you wish to stay, there are also accommodation options in nearby hotels.

The beach is found in the Possidonia region. You can reach Agathopes beach by car or take the bus. Alternatively, you can always find taxis at Miaouli Square.

Psili Ammos Beach, Serifos

Psili Ammos beach in windy and magical Serifos is perhaps the most popular beach on the island. The lovely beach is accessible by car and can be found only 8 km away from Serifos Chora.

People head there to enjoy the exotic turquoise waters against a background with many trees and an endless sandy shore to explore. What’s more exciting about this beach is that it has an endemic species of lilies growing out of the sand. It is quite an experience to bathe there. There is a lot of shade from trees, a snack bar, and a tavern, but no umbrellas or sunbeds.

Tip: Keep in mind that you may find crowds flocking to the beach, especially during high season, and there is a parking problem during those months.

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