Best Beaches on Skiathos Island, Greece

The stunning Greek island of Skiathos might be small but its beaches are mighty with 60 to choose from along the island’s 44km coastline offering seclusion or fun in the sun. plus There’s even an idyllic islet located a few kilometres off of Skiathos Town with 3 more beaches to explore! Better get booking those plane or ferry tickets!

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The best 15 beaches on Skiathos island

1. Koukounaries Beach

best sandy beaches in Greece - koukounaries - skiathos

The most picturesque and popular beach on the island, therefore also the most crowded in the Summer, crescent-shaped Koukounaries Beach has soft sand, shallow blue-green water, and a gorgeous pine forest that backs onto the sand with a lake separating the beach from the main part of the resort.

Located in the southwest of the island, 16km from Skiathos Town, this beach is accessible by bus and water taxi from the town and is well organized with plenty of sunbeds, water sports facilities, and a good selection of beach bars and cafes both on the beach and within walking distance.

2. Lalaria Beach

Lalaria Beach, Skiathos - best greek islands for beaches
Lalaria Beach, Skiathos

Only accessible by boat, this secluded yet stunningly beautiful cliff-backed beach with a sea arch rock formation, famous white pebbles, and azure waters is a true piece of paradise found on the North-Eastern tip of the island.

Best enjoyed off-season or early or late in the day (before or after the other day trip boats arrive), Lalaria Beach does not have any sunbeds or other facilities and can be quite uncomfortable for sunbathing due to the pebbles and lack of shade but is certainly one of the most picturesque places in Skiathos that is a must-see!

3. Agistros Beach

This small quiet sandy bay with taverna and sunbeds is otherwise unorganised ensuring it never gets overly crowded, unlike neighbouring Elias Beach. Located on the North of the island, 15km from Skiathos Town, it is accessed by walking a picturesque 2km steep path that passes through the Mandraki forest or by boat from Skiathos harbour.

A great beach for snorkelling, visitors should be aware that due to its location on the North of the island, it can get windy and nudists do tend to congregate at the far end of the beach.

4. Big Banana Beach

This popular organised resort beach on the West coast draws in the younger crowd thanks to its lively beach-party atmosphere. This crescent bay with fine golden sand and a gently shelving shore has been drastically developed in recent years, now lined with hotels and apartments.

Beach bars pump out the music and have DJs during the peak Summer months to keep the atmosphere alive well into the evening with a range of water sports facilities available during the daytime.

5. Megalos Aselinos Beach

One of the most popular sandy North beaches on the island with impressive green surroundings, Megalos Aselinos Beach (Big Aselinos Beach) is located 12km West of Skiathos Town and accessible via car along a scenic dirt track or by boat as part of a sightseeing trip.

This beach is known for its big waves on windy days and there is a beachside taverna along with a few sunbeds to rent but most of the beach is unorganised allowing you to lay your towel down anywhere you like.

6. Agia Paraskevi Beach

Also known as Platanias Beach, this large sandy beach resort with the gently-shelving shore is located South coast, 9km from Skiathos Town. A unique beach due to it being frequented by a family of swans thanks to the freshwater stream that flows into the sea, it is organised with sunbeds and several tavernas and beach bars with other eateries and mini markets within walking distance. Shade can be found beneath the palm trees and there are a range of water sports available including scuba diving plus boat excursions and boats to hire.

7. Xanemos Beach

If you’re a plane spotter, you’ll love this 300-meter long beach as it’s located at the end of the runway, the planes from Skiathos airport taking off and landing overhead. Rarely crowded, this sand/shale beach is a good place to snorkel on calm weather days, usually benefiting from a light breeze through the wind that can whip the waves upon rougher days. There’s a taverna on-site that also provides sunbeds and umbrellas but otherwise, this beach remains unorganized – a great place to escape the crowds!

8. Kastro Beach

Kastro beach, Skiathos - best greek islands for beaches
Kastro beach, Skiathos

Small and secluded Kastro Beach is located on the Northern tip of the island, 8.5km from Skiathos Town and is accessible via car along a dirt track with a walk down to the beach via a steep path boasting stunning views, or more simply, via excursion boat.

Within walking distance of the ruins of Skiathos’ Medieval city which are a must-see, combine some sightseeing with sunbathing for the day. A taverna can be found on this small shingle beach but there are no sunbeds, watersports, or other facilities ensuring a relaxed time away from the crowds.

9. Achladies Beach

Accessible by bus, car, or water taxi from Skiathos town, this popular sheltered sand and pebble bay has accommodation and tavernas lining the seafront, sunbeds to rent, a watersports centre offering jet skiing and banana boat rides, and also boasts masseurs offering various relaxing massages right there on the beach – no need to move from your beach towel!

10. Tzaneria Beach

This lively yet idyllic South coast beach stretches for 120km along the Kalamaki Peninsula, 6km from Skiathos Town. Popular during the height of Summer, tavernas pump out the music, sunbeds line the sandy shallow seashore, and there are plenty of watersports on offer including a scuba diving centre ensuring plenty to do if you’re the type of person who struggles to sit and do nothing!

Accessible by bus, car, or water taxi from Skiathos Town, Tzaneria Beach is nestled in greenery with pine trees backing onto the beach and offers something for everyone whether you’re on holiday with friends, a family with young kids or teens, or an older couple.

11. Troulos Beach

This sandy South coast bay with crystal clear waters is fringed with pine trees and olive trees making it a beautiful setting to kick back and relax amongst nature. Located 9km from Skiathos Town (accessible by bus and hire car) the beach is lined with sun loungers and has tavernas, a hotel where you have the option to make use of the pool facilities, water sports, pedalos and other boats for hire, plus hiking trails through the Dasi Nisou Skiathou Magnisias national park.

12. Elias Beach

This large sandy beach with shallow waters is officially known as Mandraki Elias beach but its name is often shortened to Elias Beach or Elias Bay. Located on the Southwest coast, Elias Beach is accessible by car along a dirt track followed by a walk through pine trees and has plenty of sunbeds and sun umbrellas for everyone as well as a taverna.

13. Megali Ammos

This narrow 2km long beach is one of the most popular on the island both with locals and holidaymakers due to its close proximity to Skiathos Town which is 2km away, many hotels and eateries lining the seafront here giving it that typical Greek resort feel.

Organised with sunbeds and offering a range of water sports, the shallow water makes it ideal for families but if you seek seclusion in the peak summer months, just walk East past the rocks and you’ll find a place to sink your toes into the sand away from the crowds.

14. Vromolimnos Beach

Deemed the second best beach on the island, Vromolinos Beach is backed by dense trees making for a picturesque setting yet benefits from a range of lively beachside amenities including beach bars and tavernas that pump out the summer tunes and water sports facilities including beach volleyball, pedalo and boat hire so draws in the younger crowd.

Located on the Kalamaki Cape South coast 8km southwest of Skiathos Town, Varomolimnos Beach is easily accessible by bus, car, and boat from Skiathos Town and is a sunspot watching hotspot so be sure to stay till sundown!

15. Tsougrias Beach

A tiny islet located 6.5 km off of Skiathos Town, water taxis and excursion boats take visitors across to this beautiful uninhabited ‘desert island’ with its 3 beaches, 1 church, and pine and eucalyptus tree interior in just 15 minutes.

Crowded in the Summer months, with a limited number of sun loungers and only 1 taverna, Tsourgrias Island gives you stunning views back across to Skiathos whilst making you feel like a true explorer as you cross the woods to reach the quieter side of the idyllic island.

Which stunning beaches have caught your attention from this list? Let us know where you’ll be heading to first in the comments!

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