Best Greek Islands for Couples

Golden sunsets, idyllic landscapes, turquoise waters are just a few of the elements that bring, every year, many couples in the Aegean. If you wonder, what are the best Greek islands for couples, then read the top tips for a romantic summer with your partner.

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12 Greek Islands Perfect for Couples

1. Santorini

The island of Santorini is one of the top romantic destinations. The volcanic landscape, the picturesque Caldera, the view, and the sunset mesmerize the visitors. Many marriage proposals and many weddings take place in Santorini every year. There are great activities to do as a couple on this island. 

Wine tasting: This is a must. Santorini is famous for its wine production. There are about 18 wineries on the islands. They usually have a vast variety of choices so you will find the best wine for you. I recommend this Santorini Half-Day Wine Adventure Tour.

wine tasting in Santorini - 2 day Santorini itinerary
Wine tasting in Santorini

A stroll in Oia: One of the most picturesque places in Santorini. Get lost in the small allies, holding hands with your partner, find the best spots for your romantic photo shooting and enjoy the atmosphere and the vibe of the island.

Sunset catamaran cruise: Santorini is also known for its magic sunsets. Imagine experiencing that in a catamaran, in the middle of Aegean, holding the hand of the person you love…What can be more romantic? There are a few companies that offer such cruises, and most of them include drinks and dinner in the price. I totally recommend this Premium Catamaran Cruise with Fresh BBQ & Drinks.

2. Milos

Milos - Best islands to visit in Greece
Klima village in Milos

Milos is the island in which, according to Greek mythology Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love was born. It is for sure one of the best destinations for a romantic getaway.

Romantic beaches: Milos is known for its clear waters and beautiful landscapes. Do not forget to visit the beaches of Sarakiniko, Firiplaka, and Firopotamos. Rent a scooter and discover them all, one by one!

Sarakiniko in Milos - Most beautiful Greek Islands
Sarakiniko Milos

Cruises: Book a cruise and sail around the island. There are many beautiful locations that you can only see if you sail with a catamaran -for example, Kleftiko, the landmark of the island. This is a unique rock structure, a miracle of “natural architecture”. I recommend this all-day cruise around Milos and Poliegos island.

Daytrip to Kimolos: Kimolos is a small island right next to Milos. You should not miss the opportunity to discover it. It is the perfect destination for a day trip. Ferries depart from Appolonia to Kimolos about 8 times a day.

3. Astypalea

Astypalea, with its historic castle, its imposing view, and its turquoise beaches, is one of the best Greek islands for couples. There are plenty of activities to do with your partner. 

Enjoy the nightlife: Astypalea is not one of the party islands, but it is one of the islands that offer high-quality nightlife. There is a vast selection of bars and restaurants located either by the sea or in the castle.

Castle of Astypalaia
Castle of Astypalaia

Koutsomitis and Kounoupes tour: Once you are in Astypalaia do not forget to board for this amazing half-day cruize. They take you to the neighboring islands Koutsomitis and Kounoupa. They are not inhabited, but there is a beach bar on Kounoupa, where you can buy a cocktail or a snack. Click here for more information and to book this tour.

Walk around the castle: On the top of Chora, the visitor can admire the Venetian castle which was constructed in the 13th century. You can walk there and enjoy its unique architecture and 360 views.

4. Folegandros

Folegandros Island Greece

The main village (Chora) of Folegandros, was built in a Venetian Castle.

From there starts a stairway that takes you to the monastery of Panagia. Its unique landscape is the trademark of Folegandros and attracts many visitors every year. 

Scuba Diving: If you are adventurous, then you should go scuba diving. There is a dive center on the island, and you can hire an instructor if you are a beginner. Discover underwater caves and reefs and experiences the underwater romance, diving hand to hand with your partner. 

Katergo Beach in Folegandros
Katergo Beach in Folegandros

Galifos Nudist beach: Give your bodies all the freedom they deserve by enjoying the nudist beach of Galifos. It is an experience that you should have at least once in your life. You and your partner can swim, feeling the freedom of nudism.  

5. Koufonisia

Kato Koufonisi
Kato Koufonisi

Ano and Kato Koufonisi are two islands in the middle of the Aegean. They attract people who like a calm lifestyle and want to enjoy nature. It is almost certain that if you visit Koufonisia once you will always go back.

Enjoy a Greek Panegyri: Panegyri is the Greek word for the fest. Koufonisia islands are known for their crazy panegyria. People eat, drink, and dance Greek dances. Do not be afraid to go to the dancefloor, people will lead you and teach you the right steps. 

Visit the caves: There are several caves by the beach. You can access some of them on foot, while others are only accessible with a boat. Must-see is the cave Gala and the caves at Xylobatis Cove.

6. Alonissos

Alonissos is one of the greenest islands of the Aegean. It is one of the best Greek islands for couples because it is less touristic so you and your partner will enjoy all the privacy you need!

Enjoy Seafood: All Greek islands have exquisite seafood, but Alonissos is the queen of seafood. You can try a lobster spaghetti that is to die for. If you want to surprise your partner, book a table at one of the many beautiful restaurants and enjoy!

Road Trip: Rent a car and explore every corner of the island. Alonissos has everything, from breathtaking beaches to mountains and forests.

7. Symi

symi island

Symi is one of the pearls of the Aegean, which combines color and elegance. This island makes a difference, with its colorful painted houses.

The monastery of Panormitis: In a small cove is the monastery of Panormitis, the historical, intellectual, and religious center of Symi, and it is one of the biggest attractions of the island. Take a chance to explore spirituality with your partner. You can hike from Symi to the monastery.

symi island greece

Sea sports: In Symi, you can try almost every sea sport: Flyboard, jetski, wakeboard, etc. Are all available in the village. Try something new –you will never regret it.

8. Hydra

Hydra Island Greece in 5 days
Hydra Island Greece

Hydra is a magical island where time has stopped. Going there you feel like entering a different era. There are no cars on the island, and if you want to cover a big distance you can only ride a donkey. Due to its location, it attracts the high society of Athens, and it is a romantic destination for couples that want to have a quick escape from the capital.

Fine dining: If you are looking for good food Hydra is one of the best destinations. Even the simplest taverns will serve you delicious dishes. You can also choose upscale restaurants that will not disappoint you.

Hydra - How to get from Athens to Hydra
Hydra Island

Night view: On the left side of the port is the statue of Andreas Miaoulis, a great captain of the Greek Revolution. The statue is in a very panoramic spot from where you see the port of Hydra and across the sea, the shores of Peloponnese. Take a romantic walk there at night. 

9. Kastelorizo

Kastellorizo - small Greek Islands

Located close to the board with Turkey, Kastelorizo is one of the most isolated Greek islands. Most visitors are Italians, as the islands became very popular in Italy during the 70s.

Private boat trip: Unlike the rest of the Greek islands Kastelorizo does not have beaches. You can hire a private boat and sail around the island. You will see the clearest waters you’ve ever seen, and you will swim along with tortoises.

Blue Grotto Kastellorizo Greece
Blue Grotto in Kastellorizo

Sunset view from the mountain: In Kastelorizo there is a team of young people, who organize hiking tours for the visitors. They will take you to the place with the best view where you can spend some romantic time with your partner. 

10. Nisyros


Nisyros became popular in the last years, thanks to the friendly locals and the wild nature. If you look for something different then you should visit this small island. 

The Volcano: The volcano of Nisyros attracts the attention of visitors. The lunar landscape makes you feel like to have visited another planet. 

Active Volcano in Nisyros Island - Volcanoes in Greece
Active Volcano in Nisyros Island

Gaia Workshops: Spend quality time with your lover at Gaia. They offer art workshops and invite famous artists from all over Europe. You will work with different materials, and you will give some space to your artistic side.

11. Paxos

Paxos Island
Loggos in Paxos Island

Located in the Ionia Sea, Paxi is one destination that you will never forget. The waters around the island have an emerald color that can easily compete with the waters of the Caribbean.

Hot Springs: In the locations Ozias, Glyfada, and Gianna you can find hot springs. This water is known for its therapeutical power. Enjoy the natural springs and the warm waters.

Erimites Beach

The Rock of Erimites: Erimites is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Above it is a cliff from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunset views. It is one of the most photographed spots on the island.

12. Syros

Ermoupoli in Syros - Beautiful Towns in Greece
Ermoupolis in Syros

Last but not least, on this list of the best Greek islands for couples is Syros. This island is different than the rest. It is very cosmopolitan, it has a university, and it is the center of Cyclades. 

Horse riding: On the island, there is a very organized riding club. You can horse ride by the sea. What can be more romantic? The club offers rides for beginners and experienced riders. 

Stroll in Ano Syros: Get lost in the alleys of Ano Syros. The architecture combines a Greek and a Venetian character.  Beautiful yards, small churches, picturesque taverns will make you feel like you traveled back in time.   

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