Best Greek Islands for Hiking

Greece is an incredible hiking country. It is home to numerous islands with majestic views, great beaches, and stunning mountains – you’ll struggle to find better trails in Europe.

There are over 6,000 Greek Islands, and you can find stunning hikes on a large number of them. It is a hard choice to decide which island to pick for hiking. But we have found the best Greek hiking islands, and we’re going to tell why you should lace up your hiking shoes and visit them!

8 Greek Islands Perfect for Hiking

1. Crete

E4 European Walking Path in Crete - Best Greek islands for hiking
Domata Beach in Crete is partof the E4 European Walking Path

Crete is the biggest island in Greece, and it’s home to incredible scenery. One of the best hikes is the E4 European Path which passes through Crete. The E4 European Walking Path is 500km straight through the island. It provides views of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of Crete.

Samaria Gorge  in Crete - Great Greek Island for hiking
Samaria Gorge in Crete

There are some challenging parts, including both an alpine section and a coastal section, which require experience. But if you’re an adventurous soul, the trail will be perfect for you. Another stunning Crete hike is Samaria Gorge, one of the island’s most popular tourist attractions, which spans 18kms and takes about four to seven hours. The tallest peak in Greece is Timios Stavros – reaching a height of 2546m, it’s a phenomenal climb with spellbinding peak views.

2. Santorini

Hiking from Fira to Oia in Santorini - Best Greek island to hike
Fira to Oia Hiking trail in Santorini

When people think of the Greek Islands, many think of Santorini. This iconic island is home to some of the best Greek scenery with excellent hiking viewpoints. Fira to Oia is the most famous trek of the isle. It offers phenomenal views of Santorini, and with cliff-top views, excellent vantage points, and historical sights, it remains one of the best hikes in Greece.

Hiking over the volcano in Santorini
Hiking over the volcano in Santorini

But if you want to see some of Santorini’s most majestic elements, be sure to complete the Nae Kameni Volcano & Hot Springs hike. You’ll get the opportunity to see the volcano and the hot springs – two excellent attractions.

The volcano remains active but has been dormant since 1950, and the hot springs are volcanic hot springs that are perfectly safe to swim in. You’ll enjoy these, especially during the winter months when the islands’ temperatures considerably fall. Also, be sure to check out the Ancient Thera hike. It is a challenging but beautiful trail with superb views and wildlife.

3. Naxos

Hiking to mount Zas in Naxos Island - Hiking on the Greek Islands
Hiking to mount Zas in Naxos

Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades. It’s not one of the most touristy, but it certainly is one of the most beautiful islands. The island includes Mount Zas, the highest peak of Naxos, standing at 1003m tall. It is a fantastic hike with numerous routes to the top.

Filoti Village and mount Zas - Naxos Hiking
Filoti Village and mount Zas

Another popular hike is the Aghia Marina route – it is the easiest, safest, and most comfortable. The mountain is an 8km round trip, and you’ll witness amazing views on the way up. An alternative hike is the Seven Villages Tour.

You’ll hike through seven quaint Greek villages where you can interact with the locals, eat the local food, and enjoy some stunning views. The hike will take around 2 to 3 hours covering a distance of 6.1km. It is an easy hike for most people.

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4. Sifnos

Hiking in Sifnos Island Greece
Path from Agia Poulati to Kastro Old Town in Sifnos

Sifnos is one of the lesser-known Greek islands resulting in a vast array of uncharted hiking trails. The island is in the heart of the Aegean Sea and one of the unknown gems of the Cyclades. One of the best hikes on Sifnos is the Eternal Capitals hike. You’ll begin the hike in Agios Andreas Archaeological Site and marvel at the excellent views along the way.

View over Kastro and the windmills in Sifnos - Hiking on the Greek Islands
View over Kastro and the windmills in Sifnos

You’ll pass the Holy Monastery of Vrysi, the only monk monastery on the island during the hike. Then you’ll head past the Kastro Village, Erkies Creek, and Seralia Bay – all exciting spots. The Sifnos Trail is an excellent hike, and with a total of 11km, you’ll witness some of the best beach views on the island.

5. Amorgos

Aegiali Village as seen from a hiking trail in Amorgos - best Greek islands for hiking
Aegiali Village as seen from a hiking trail

Amorgos is an island on the southern side of the Cyclades. It was the location of the film ‘The Big Blue’ and offers visitors ample hiking trails. One of the best benefits of visiting this island is how quiet it is. The island is very much off the tourist trail which means tonnes of secluded hikes to enjoy.

One of the most popular hikes is the Itonia hike, the same path that locals have used for four thousand years. The total distance is 12.2km, and it should take around 3 hours, but you’ll experience unforgettable views along the way. Furthermore, visitors love the Old Strata hike which begins in the village of Chora.

You will pass through various monasteries and stop at multiple coastal viewpoints, and then you’ll end the hike in Langada. It is a challenging hike, and it will take you around 5 hours, with a 14km distance.

6. Andros

Hiking trail in Andros island Greece - best greek islands for hiking
Hiking trail in Andros island

Andros is a quiet island in the Cyclades. But unlike the other Cyclades island – which is generally barren – this island stands out for the luscious greenery. The island is close to Athens, but there are very few tourists here. So you’ll get many of the great hikes to yourself, which is a great bonus!

Hiking in Andros Greece - Best Greek sialnds for hiking
Hiking trail near Chora in Andros island

The island remains highly underrated for the great hikes. But the most popular hike is the Andros and Paleopolis hike. It is a 3.7km loop hike, which people of all fitness levels can complete. The hike will give you amazing coastal views.

A popular option among those who love the bigger hikes is the Andros Route, which spans over 100km. The European Ramblers Association awarded this trail the ‘Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe Award’. In fact, it is the only island in Europe to receive this award.

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7. Corfu

Hiking trail in Corfu island - Hiking on the Greek Islands
Hiking trail in Corfu island

Corfu is an excellent island that remains extremely popular with tourists. The island is full of rich history, unforgettable scenery, and historical architecture – it’s no wonder so many millions visit the island!. And the island is home to an excellent array of hiking trails. The Corfu Trail is a perfect option, and it has been notorious since locals established it in 2001.

Agios Georgios Bay - Corfu Trail Greece
Agios Georgios Bay – Corfu Trail

The Corfu Trail will take you through olive trails, forests, and stunning beaches, but it isn’t the shortest of hikes. Covering a distance of 220km, it will take days, if not weeks, to complete.

However, you don’t need to do it all at once, and you can do it in various sections. A popular trail is the Mount Stavros Loop. You can see incredible views of Corfu Town, Pantokrator Mountain, and Mainland Greece from this viewpoint.

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8. Evia

Dimosari Gorge in Evoia - Hiking on the Greek islands
Dimosaris Gorge

Evia is the second-largest island in Greece, so you’d expect many fantastic hiking trails. It’s also relatively unknown to tourists – therefore, you’ll get the hikes all to yourself, which is pretty great.

Evia is full of scenic mountains, green forests, and hidden beaches, and there are always beautiful places to hike. A very popular hike is the Dimosaris Gorge. It has incredible waterfalls and passes through lush, green forests.

Hiking in Dirfis Mountain in Evia
Hiking in Dirfis Mountain

A great hike is Mount Olympus, one of the highest mountains on the island. The height of the mountain is 1,172m, which is truly phenomenal. You can only imagine how incredible the views are from the top!

The tallest mountain is Dirfi, reaching a height of 1,743m. It is also a very popular hiking summit. If you’re the adventurous type and want to experience some challenging high climbs, these are the best two hikes on the island.

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