The Best Restaurants in Rhodes Town

The island of Rhodes, dubbed the island of the knights, is the capital of the Dodecanese island group. All are known for their lush nature and rich historical heritage, but Rhodes is the queen of it all. Rhodes Town is the main town (Chora) on the island of Rhodes, and it is a time capsule waiting to surround you with the atmosphere of medieval knights, castles, and romance.

It’s divided into the Old Town, the medieval part of it, and the New Town, which is more modern. The Old Town is one of Europe’s biggest, best preserved medieval fortified cities!

All of the development in Rhodes Town respects the medieval personality imbuing it, which has made the city a gem of the Aegean. It’s very tourist-oriented, meaning there is a wide range of amenities without compromising the authenticity of the surroundings. There are several top-tier restaurants to discover, with a variety of cuisines and styles for you to enjoy after a day in the town, exploring the picturesque, paved pathways, the gorgeous views, and the imposing medieval buildings.

This guide will give you a much-needed list of the best restaurants in Rhodes Town. Take your pick and enjoy a meal as unforgettable as the town in any of these unique restaurants below!

10 Restaurants to Try in Rhodes Town

Ono by Marouli

Ono by Marouli is a lovely café bar that can be an oasis for anyone who is vegan or vegetarian. With a focus on Mediterranean cuisine and strategic ethnic choices from around the Mediterranean basin to complement the Greek range of dishes, you won’t be disappointed, no matter your nutritional needs. Enjoy a casual, comfortable environment, generous portions, and some choice refreshments while you wait.


Avocado is the epitome of a modern Greek restaurant. With a creative fusion of traditional and modern Greek cuisine, a focus on seafood and fish, and a wide range of alternative options in case you prefer vegetarian or vegan dishes, Avocado will not disappoint. Its got great service and a sleek, up-to-date environment that also respects tradition, making it a great way to start your culinary adventure in Rhodes.


In Turkish, “tamam” means “just right,” and that’s exactly what you get to experience once you let Tamam’s staff take care of you. With top-quality materials and very affordable prices, Tamam wishes to invite you to “the most formal family dinner” you will ever experience. The restaurant focuses on Greek cuisine, both traditional and modern.


Piatakia means “small plates,” and it couldn’t be more fitting for this remarkable restaurant bar. Taste a wide range of different Mediterranean cuisines on small plates to give you a chance to appreciate them all in perfect presentation while enjoying your cocktail. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, let the chef be your captain in this journey of taste- you won’t be disappointed!

Marouli Vegan Restaurant

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, Marouli Vegan Restaurant is a must-visit. With a wide range of tasty dishes from the rich reserves of the Mediterranean diet, your palate will be pleased, and your body will applaud. Healthy choices don’t mean bland choices; a meal at Marouli Vegan Restaurant will convince you!


Nireas is the quintessential Greek tavern, complete with a gorgeous outdoor yard with age-old olive trees and blossoming flowers. Enjoy perfectly grilled and cooked seafood, other traditional Greek dishes, and quite a few vegan and vegetarian options.


Koukos is a traditional Rhodian guesthouse in the heart of Rhodes Town. You can complete the experience of immersing yourself in Rhodes’ history by opting to stay in one of its carefully designed rooms, but even if you don’t, you can get a good taste at its restaurant. Koukos specializes in catering to you around the clock!

From early morning breakfast to formal evening dinner, Koukos will serve you excellent, tasty food made with local produce. The cuisine is traditional Greek, with some modern experimentation for fine dining that will surprise you! Make sure to taste Koukos’ cocktails and coffee throughout the day, as well as its finger food, too.


Drosoulites is a raki restaurant, which means that it specializes in food that goes well with raki or other alcoholic drinks! Get ready for a culinary experience of food designed to keep you sober; the better to appreciate good drinks because that’s exactly what you will be getting at Drosoulites! A lot of the ingredients aren’t just locally sourced but harvested from Drosoulites’ own farm.

The cuisine is mainly Cretan, one of the best subcategories of Greek cuisine, and the menu often changes, so you can never be sure to find the same dishes. What you will find is the same warm atmosphere and the same high-quality taste!

Paneri Creative Mediterranean Cuisine

Paneri is where you go if you are in the mood for fine dining. With a romantic atmosphere and excellent service, this restaurant expands the borders of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. You will explore different tastes from around the world, wrapped into a tasty cocoon of Greek flavors and materials, while you enjoy fine wine or cocktails. Though the quality is very high and the experience is luxurious, you will find that prices are quite reasonable, which adds to the popularity of this restaurant!

Dromos Street Food

Dromos- the name literally means ‘street’- should be your first choice if you’re feeling like some street food, as it serves some of the best sandwiches and wraps in Rhodes Town! It is run by a multicultural family, and it shows in their menu: though there is a strong streak of Greek flavors, the cuisine is fusion with several other tastes from around the world, especially from Brazil. The ingredients used are all top quality, and the resulting dish is designed to be healthy so that you can enjoy your street food without the guilt!

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