Best Street Food In Athens by a Local

Street food has become very popular these days in Athens. There were always the traditional street food choices like the Greek souvlaki, cheese pies, or koulouri. Recently new shops have opened offering a wide range of food from all over the world. If you are planning to visit Athens and you want to know where to eat like a local, here you will find a list of my favorite places to eat on the road.

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Where to eat the best food in Athens

1. Greek Souvlaki at Kostas

You are in Greece so tasting Greek souvlaki is a must. One of my favorites is Kostas just off Mitropoleos Street near Syntagma. Kosta’s grandfather opened the shop in 1950 and it has been serving souvlaki ever since. How he makes the souvlaki?

With small pieces of pork, tomato, parsley, yogurt, and onion into pita bread. The shop operates Monday to Saturday from 9 am until 14.00 pm. There are many places serving souvlaki in Athens but this is my favorite. Try to avoid the popular places in Monastiraki Square that are very touristy.

You will find it Pentelis 5 & Mitropoleos

2. Greek pies at Ariston

This traditional bakery serving mostly Greek pies operates since 1906 at the same place near Syntagma Square. It sells a variety of Greek pies, 120 different ones, from regions around Greece. It is famous for the cheese pie called Kourou. Make sure to try one, they make a perfect snack.

You will find it Voulis 10

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3. Traditional Koulouri

You can find stands selling koulouri (rings of bread sprinkled with sesame seeds) all over Athens. Apart from the plain one you can taste a variety of flavours like cheese and olives. If you want to taste the best koulouri you can head to Psyri neighbourhood at the traditional bakery called “To koulouri tou Psyri” that operates in the area since 1960. This bakery supplies most of the stands in Athens area. You should give it a try since it’s a very healthy and tasty snack.

You will find it Karaiskaki 23

4. Falafel at Falafellas

Falafellas is a shop selling Falafel near Monastiraki Square. It is very popular and very crowded, especially on Saturdays. At Falafellas they serve their falafels (made from chickpeas) in 2 sizes, pocket, and giant. They come with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, aubergine, tomato sauce, and yogurt sauce. The menu also includes some salads. It is worth standing in line the food is very tasty!

Falafel pocket

You will find it at Aiolou 51

5. Food Str.

A small shop centrally located near Agias Irinis Square square serving burgers with homemade ingredients. They also serve fantastic fried potatoes accompanied by a variety of sauces, fish, and chips, and hot dogs. There are some seats available upstairs but it is mostly a takeaway.

You will find it Kalamiotou 14

6. Feyrouz

Perched on the corner of Karori and Aiolou, Feyrouz is a small yet mighty eatery that serves up a taste of the Middle East, with Mrs. Feyrouz’s flavors being inspired by Antioch, Greece, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Istanbul.

The menu of savory street food eats is filled with flavorsome options such as Lachamtzoun (flatbreads) and Peinirli (aka pizza boats) and they offer a number of home-made Greek and Turkish desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth too

You will find it at Agathonos 2

7. Souvlaki Kostas Agias Irinis

Kostas Souvlaki in Agias Eirinis Square in Athens is one of the most famous joints in the city to pick up a souvlaki pita and it’s well worth the inevitable wait. Kostas’ gyros wraps are stuffed with lean, juicy meat as well as tomatoes, tzatziki, and chips which are all expertly wrapped to eat on the go.

While there are some small tables outside the shop it’s usually pretty full. If you see a queue out of the door then you know you’re in the right place!

You will find it at Agias Irinis Square

8. Street Wok

If you want something quick, easy, and healthy on the go while in Athens, check out StreetWok on Aiolou. This fast-food restaurant offers freshly-prepared noodles or rice dishes with your choice of toppings and sauce so that everyone can make their own perfect meal. While this is not traditional Athenian food, it makes a great alternative option if you’ve had one too many gyros on your trip already!

You will find it at Aiolou 21

9. Ethniko street food

Etnico on Kolokotroni Street offers diners ‘alternative street cuisine’ with flavors from around the world such as chimichangas, samosas, and falafel wraps. The restaurant is laid-back and welcoming which makes it an ideal spot for solo travelers and the quick, friendly service makes it a hit both day and night.

You will find it at Kolokotroni 22

10. Amandine bagels

Amandine’s bagels are arguably the best bagels in the city with a range of spectacular ingredients and specials served up from 10 am-10 pm daily. Whether you fancy a quick bite to eat for lunch or would rather enjoy a rich coffee and a sweet treat bagel for breakfast, Amandine’s is the place to be! Select from the menu or create your own and enjoy freshly made bagels that the whole family will love.

You will find it at Nikis 13

11. Zisis Fish on a cone

Zisis Fish on a cone - best street food in Athens

A must-try taste experience for those who love seafood is ideally located in the heart of Athens, near the square of Agia Eirini. If you’re tired of eating the same old junk food while on holiday, this is your chance to try something different. Zisis Fish on a Cone offers fresh seafood,  fried with flour and extremely crispy, on a convenient cone. This serving idea is genius, practical, and allows for a good portion!

The history of this family business goes a long way back to when the grandfather named Zisis had a seafood tavern in Volos. The idea of serving in a cone has two possible explanations. One, family and friends used to wrap seafood in paper because they had to go but they were so tasty that they couldn’t resist.

Zisis Fish on a cone - street food in Athens

The second one has to do with marines, who were visiting or departing from the port of Volos. The mariners were always in a rush to get to the ship, and so, they had to take their “chonaki” cones to eat on the go. Whatever the true origin, the result is rewarding!

You will find fish treats such as squid, anchovy, sand smelt, cod strips, fried prawns, and more.  These cones come served with a delicious dressing such as chili and mayonnaise sauce to tie this together. You can sit and enjoy your meal with some ouzo and a wider menu or simply hit the road with the cone in hand.

You will find it at Athinaidos 3

12. Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo - Street food in Athens

Want to eat the tastiest Bao buns in town? Then head right to the Pink Flamingo near Syntagma Square and close to the metro station. Chef Vassilis Kallidis and his team bring Southeastern Asian food to Athens by borrowing tastes from the markets of Bangkok, Hanoi, and Beijing and giving them a Western twist for the European palates. What better opportunity to try some ethnic food while on vacation in the multicultural capital of Greece?

Don’t miss the wonderful steamed bao bun with roast duck, pickled carrots, scallions, ginger mayo, and roasted sesame. There are even options for vegetarians, such as the steamed bao bun with seared shrimp, avocado, spicy veganaise, and sesame. The menu is custom and all the materials are super fresh. You can also find bao burgers to try something different or drink one of their signature cocktails to pair with your meal. 

You will find it at Soufou 2-4

13. Poncho Tacos

Poncho Tacos - best street food in Athens

Another great ethnic food choice to try out in Athens is found in Karitsi Square, in the heart of Athens. Poncho is a Mexican chef dedicated to offering the city the Mexican food it deserves. The famous al pastor tacos are among the tastiest street foods out there! And you won’t find a more authentic place to get them, as Mexican food requires passion and effort to make.

You won’t get a variety of dishes, but you’ll get variations of the main two: tacos and quesadillas! The al pastor tacos are filled with seasoned beef, coriander, chopped onion, and slices of pineapple for a bit of a twist! The quesadillas have the same ingredients along with a homemade black beans puree, and a special Mexican cheese that melts in your mouth.

Poncho Tacos - Street food in Athens

Along with Poncho, Fanis, the vegan chef, offers a wider variety of choices both for vegans and vegetarians, because these tacos are too good to be missed! You will find mushroom al pastor tacos and vegan quesadillas with sweet potato, carrot instead of cheese, and other ingredients that make it so tasty.

You will find it at Pl. Agiou Georgiou Karitsi 10

14. Smak peinirli and pizza

Looking for the best dough in Athens? Head to Smak, at Romvis Street, close to Klafthmonos Square in the center of Athens. Smak means “taste” in Swedish, and that’s how the locale took its name, offering delicious street food options such as classic pizza and peinirli. It combines Neapolitan cuisine with the Scandinavian character, true to its flavor and its simplicity.

Smak peinirli and pizza - best street food in Athens

The dough is fluffy but crispy, creating the perfect base for the fresh ingredients. It is a handmade dough recipe that takes time to be prepared in a traditional stone oven, which only adds to its quality.

Don’t miss Smak’s signature peinirli with mozzarella, and chicken pieces dipped in lemon and oregano. The classic choice of margarita is perhaps one of the best you could possibly try with fresh tomato juice and other spices that make it unique.

Smak peinirli and pizza - street food in Athens

The little spot offers a warm atmosphere, a cozy feeling, and friendly staff that can give you a great street food meal in less than two seconds!

You will find it at Romvis 21

15. Saitama

Saitama - street food in Athens

A more alternative street food option is located in Kerameikos, an upcoming hub near the center of Athens. Saitama is a street food spot that takes its name from the world-famous anime One Punch-man. It was the idea of Stamatis Stamatiadis, which could not be a success without Adam Kontovas’ menu choices and careful planning.

Add some signature cocktails on tap to the mix by Panos Migklis, and there you have it- the perfect spot to catch a breath and grab something to bite. The menu mainly consists of kebabs and noodles in an attempt to bring together Asian and Mediterranean culinary elements.

Kebabs are served with rice, pickles, and flatbread. There are several meat combinations for meat lovers, such as minced beef-lamb kebab with kabayaki sauce, or chicken with satay sauce. There’s even a dish that combines minced pork and shrimp, which is fluffy, tasty, and very unique in taste.

The noodle dishes are also exceptional. You can choose the ones with beef, roast carrot, ramen eggs, and a special soya sauce. For lovers of spicy food, Saitama offers noodles with pork cuts, edamame beans, and crispy onion. There are also vegetarian variations of these noodles that are worth the try!

For dessert, don’t miss the not-so-usual ice cream created by Adam Kontovas which ties your meal together and leaves you with a sweet taste! For cocktails on tap, you get to taste a Negroni with cherry and strawberry flavor, a unique Margarita, Spicy Paloma, and a pineapple Mai Tai.

You will find it at Keramikou 101

Whether you are on a budget or you simply want to grab something for the road you should consider trying all the above they are all tried by me and my friends and are all delicious

Have you ever tried street food in Athens?

What is the best street food you have tasted and where was it?

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