A Guide to Pyrgi Village in Chios

Pyrgi Village, Chios - beautiful villages in Greece

Pyrgi is one of the most beautiful villages on the island of Chios. Its architecture is unique and is something you need to see with your own eyes. It belongs to the Mastihochoria (Mastic Villages), and most of its inhabitants …

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Best Beaches in Chios

Vroulidia Beach - Best beaches in Chios

Chios, a Greek island of immense beauty, is mainly known for its mastic, famously growing on mastic trees only in the forest of Chios. Its beauty, however, does not only lie there. You can explore its hidden treasures, namely, the …

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A Guide to Chios Island, Greece

Chios windmills

Though the Cyclades are the most popular and well-known of the Greek islands, they are not the only treasures you can discover when you plan a trip to the Aegean. One of them, truly a place you won’t find anywhere …

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