Greek Easter Traditions

Easter traditional bread and red eggs - Easter in Greece

When thinking of visiting Greece, most people think of summer– summer in the islands or in the mountains or even in the Greek famous cities, like the capital, Athens, or Thessaloniki, or Patra. But few get to experience the country …

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Windmills in Greece

Greece Windmills Mykonos

One of the most iconic images from Greece is one of round, whitewashed windmills against the clear, azure sky of islands and mountain slopes. The windmill has been an integral part of Greece’s heritage and economic history. Though its invention …

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Greek Traditions

evil eye - customs in Greece

Greece has a rich and long history that spans several millennia. Over these several centuries there are many parts of history, a lot of mythology, and innumerable communal experiences that the Greeks share as a nation in a deep, visceral …

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Famous People of Greece

plato and socrates - famous people of Greece

From ancient times to today, Greeks have contributed, in way or another, to global civilization. The Greek spirit has survived through the ages and continues to reach new heights. Many Greeks have set an example through their art, philosophy or …

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Best Palaces and Castles in Greece

Methoni Castle

Greece has a long and illustrious history and is considered the birthplace of western civilization, including western philosophy and literature, democracy, political science, and major mathematical and scientific discoveries. It is not just Greece’s ancient history that is fascinating either …

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Ancient Greek Temples

Temple of Hephaistos, Athens

Every civilization needs a place to worship the divine. The ancient Greek were no exception. The ancient Greek temple had one primary function: to provide a shelter for the statues of the gods. It was believed that in the statues …

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