15 Top Historical Sites in Greece

Knossos Palace in Crete

If you are a history lover, then a vacation to Greece is pure perfection. Known as the birthplace of Western civilization, Greece’s lush and tumultuous history spans several millennia. Athens, Greece’s capital, is the oldest European capital, with a whopping …

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15 Movies About Greece to Watch

meteora monasteries- landmarks of Greece

The unique landscapes of Greece, with their huge versatility and unparalleled beauty, are great for getaways and exploration, but they also make for great cinematic settings. From the breathtaking caldera views of volcanic Santorini to the mythical “soaring” rocks of …

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Most Beautiful Lighthouses in Greece

The beautiful and jagged coastline of Greece is a gift to behold while on a visit to the country. Some edges of these shores are decorated with mysterious, old lighthouses which used to bring the good news of land nearby …

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Name Days in Greece

We’re used to birthdays as the one day of the year where we celebrate our friends and loved ones existing. Birthdays have gained international acceptance as our ‘special day’ of the year where we receive gifts and have parties in …

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22 Greek Superstitions People Still Believe

Every culture has its own unique superstitions, like a special kind of seasoning in a perfect dish. Greece is no different! Greeks have several superstitions that have been passed down over generations within their culture, many of them with a …

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Greek Easter Traditions

Easter traditional bread and red eggs - Easter in Greece

When thinking of visiting Greece, most people think of summer– summer in the islands or in the mountains or even in the Greek famous cities, like the capital, Athens, or Thessaloniki, or Patra. But few get to experience the country …

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Windmills in Greece

Greece Windmills Mykonos

One of the most iconic images from Greece is one of round, whitewashed windmills against the clear, azure sky of islands and mountain slopes. The windmill has been an integral part of Greece’s heritage and economic history. Though its invention …

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Why the houses in Greece are white and blue?

Castle of Astypalaia

One of the most iconic images associated with Greece, apart from the Parthenon glistening under the Athenian sun, is that of the whitewashed, bright houses with blue windows or church domes. Huddled together like sheep at the slopes of dry, …

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Greek Traditions

evil eye - customs in Greece

Greece has a rich and long history that spans several millennia. Over these several centuries there are many parts of history, a lot of mythology, and innumerable communal experiences that the Greeks share as a nation in a deep, visceral …

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