40 Quotes About Greece

40 interesting Quotes about Greece

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Greece has inspired philosophers, poets, and writers since the dawn of civilization. These inspiring quotes about Greece pay tribute to its people, its food, its history, and everything else in between. …

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Famous Greek Statues

Artemision Bronze - Best Greek Statues

Ancient Greek sculpture is considered the main surviving type of fine ancient Greek art. Historians of art typically identify three main stages in monumental sculpture in bronze and stone: the Archaic (from about 650 to 480 BC), Classical (480–323 BC), and Hellenistic (323-28 BC). …

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Famous Landmarks of Greece

The Acropolis of Athens - Famous Landmarks of Greece

Greece is one of the most popular countries in the world for travelers. A nation of incredible history, excellent nature, and awe-inspiring scenery – it’s no wonder why 33 million people visit the country every year. This article will give …

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