Visiting the Papingo Rock Pools

Papingo Rock Polls

Greece is famous for its golden beaches and beautiful islands. However, mountains in Greece are also worth the visitors’ attention. In the mountainous areas of Greece, you can find hidden villages, exquisite natural landscapes, historical and archaeological sites.  One of …

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Top Things to Do in Metsovo, Greece

Metsovo Greece

If you are a lover of the beauty of the mountains, of color, folklore, and good food then Metsovo in Epirus, Greece, is for you. People come for the emerald and sapphire waters around the islands and at the numerous …

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Villages of Tzoumerka in Epirus

The Villages of Tzoumerka – the Tzoumerkohoria – are like a fairy tale land, a region of northern Greece so rugged and remote it’s like stepping back in time. The mountain hides 47 villages, some with only a few permanent …

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Zagorohoria, Greece: 10 Things to Do

This lesser-known region, also known as Zagori, in North-West Greece is heaven-on-earth for hikers with its 1,000sq km of mountains, canyons, and picturesque stone villages. Here are the things you shouldn’t miss out on doing when you visit whether you’re …

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Tzoumerka, Epirus, Greece Travel Guide

Located in North-Western Greece, in the Ioannina region, you’ll find a mountain range called Tzoumerka, an area of impressive natural beauty that is only just beginning to make its mark on the tourist industry. 7 Fun Things to Do in …

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Top Things to Do in Ioannina Greece

At the banks of lake Pamvotida

Ioannina or Yannena is a beautiful town in the region of Epirus in northwestern Greece. Built at the banks of lake Pamvotida, one of the oldest lakes worldwide is a place full of history and art. Ioannina is also known …

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