Vegan and Vegetarian Greek Dishes

Gemista - Vegan and Vegetarian Greek Dishes

Being vegan or vegetarian can be a challenge when being on vacation. Often restaurants and eateries will have a very narrow or limited menu. Sometimes even the concept of what a vegetarian or vegan person is may not be understood …

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Greek Street Food You Must Try

Koulouri - Greek street food

Greece is renowned for its natural beauty and surprising diversity of settings, environments, views, and landscapes that one can visit. The hospitality of the locals is also part of the culture, ingrained through millennia of history. It already would be …

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Greece’s National Dish

Moussaka - Greece national food

Greece is a gem of the Mediterranean. Everywhere you go there is a little touch of paradise, be it during the summer or the winter. That would be enough, but Greece’s graces don’t stop there! The food is also mind-blowingly …

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Famous Greek Desserts

karidopita - famous greek dessert

Greece is famous for the breathtaking natural beauty that makes it a bit of a paradise to vacation in. But that’s not all. Greece boasts fantastic cuisine, be it traditional or modern, which manages to be extremely tasty yet also …

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Greek Breakfast

Greek Coffee and Spoon Sweet - Greek Breakfast

There is a running joke among Greeks and those who know Greeks that the ultimate Greek breakfast is coffee and a cigarette. There is even a meme about it! And while there is some truth to that, in that Greeks …

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What You Need To Know About Tavernas in Greece

Everything you need to know about tavernas in Greece

If you google the translation of the word “ταβέρνα”, which is how a taverna is written in Greek, you will see that it is not readily matched with the word ‘restaurant’. You get ‘tavern’ and ‘eating house’ instead. That’s because …

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Greek Drinks You Should Try

Part of the fun of visiting a country is to discover its food and drinks. Visiting Greece or the Greek Islands certainly has plenty of surprises in store with both!  A variety of different spirits have been made by the …

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Greek Beers to Taste in Greece

Greece is famous around the world for its wines and spirits like ouzo and raki. In recent years, many new craft breweries have opened in mainland Greece and on some of the islands. They are producing great beers of different …

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What To Eat In Greece? (Popular Greek Food To Try)

Greece is blessed with its location on the culinary crossroads. Hence, Greek cuisine consists of elements imported from the East and West. More so, Greeks specialize in combining those and creating signature Greek dishes. After all, the country producing some …

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