Best Greek Islands to visit in May

Mykonos - Greek islands to visit in May

Want to head to Greece but don’t know the best time to go? While there’s no bad time to visit this gorgeous country, the summer months bring huge crowds and sweltering heat, which can take away from your visit. It’s …

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Best Greek Islands for Food

Best Greek Islands for food

No trip to Greece is complete without sampling the country’s rich and delicious cuisine. Like many Mediterranean countries, the trinity of wheat, olive oil and wine can be found pretty much everywhere. It is, of course, complimented by fresh meat, …

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Best Greek Islands to Visit in Winter

Santorini in Greece - Best Greek Islands to visit in winter

When thinking of a holiday in Greece, olive groves, endless beaches, and hot summers come to mind. However, visiting Greece in the winter is less popular since many of the islands are seasonal. By the end of summer, workers are …

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Most Beautiful Greek Islands

Oia, Santorini - beautiful Greek Villages

With more than 6,000 islands across the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, you could explore the Greek islands for years and barely scratch the surface. While Santorini and Mykonos rightly draw lots of tourists, there are few Greek Islands that won’t …

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Cheap Greek Islands to Visit

Lefkada - cheap greek islands to visit

Greece is one of the most popular countries to visit in Europe thanks to its rich history, lively culture, and countless gorgeous natural sites. Another reason for its popularity is that Greece is quite cheap. Compared with other European countries, …

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Best Party Islands in Greece

ios island greece

Greece may be known for its whitewashed hilltop villages, historic monuments, and jaw-dropping natural sights. However, if you’ve seen the first Inbetweeners movie, set in Malia, you’ll know all about Greek party islands! Spend your day on the beach, before …

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Best Greek Islands for History

acropolis of Lindos

It’s challenging to think of a better country for history in the world than Greece. Greece has the most incredible, rich history dating back thousands of years. There is a reason why Greece is the 13th most visited country globally, …

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14 Small Islands in Greece

Paxos Island

Greece is known for its islands. You’ve probably heard of Crete, Corfu, Santorini, and Rhodes – these are some of the most popular among tourists. However, with more than 6,000 islands making up Greece, some of these are pretty small. …

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Best Greek Islands for Hiking

Hiking over the volcano in Santorini

Greece is an incredible hiking country. It is home to numerous islands with majestic views, great beaches, and stunning mountains – you’ll struggle to find better trails in Europe. There are over 6,000 Greek Islands, and you can find stunning …

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