How to get from Athens to Ikaria

Ikaria, the island that took its name from Icarus, son of Daedalus, is a new sensation for travelers among other Greek islands thanks to its serenity, distinct character, and philosophy of living. It features stunning landscapes of otherworldly beauty and …

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A Guide to Ikaria Island, Greece

Ikaria island

If you are looking for a unique, different Greek Aegean island with lush nature, rich culture, and beautiful beaches, then you can’t miss Ikaria. Ikaria is considered one of the most verdant islands of the Aegean and is mentioned as …

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Best Beaches in Ikaria

Ikaria is an upcoming Greek island that has recently been visited by many people who wish to enjoy its pristine nature, otherworldly beauty, and absolute serenity. It is known as the island where time stops, or rather, works quite differently. …

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