Adamas, Milos: Complete Guide

Adamas - Milos

Although the capital of Milos, one of the volcanic islands of the Cyclades, is Plaka, Adamas village is its main, busiest port. Also called “Adamantas,” the name literally means diamond in Greek, and this shimmering little town absolutely lives up …

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Luxury Hotels in Milos

Some of Greece’s best luxury hotels are in Milos. This Cycladean jewel boasts a distinctive volcanic environment and surrounding ocean vistas, making it a calmer and less crowded alternative to Mykonos and Santorini. Though you may come for the beaches, …

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A Guide to Tsigrado Beach in Milos Island

Tsigrado beach -The Best Milos Beaches

Milos is known for its turquoise waters, the wild beauty of its coastline, its mineral resources, the gorgeous sunsets, the colorful Klima village, and the dormant volcano. In Milos, one can enjoy the unspoiled nature and Greek hospitality. The island …

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Best Villages in Milos

Klima Milos

Milos, a jewel of the Aegean Sea has again been awarded the title of Top Island in the World / Top Island in Europe for 2021, according to the magazine “Travel + Leisure.” With volcanic landscapes- or better yet moonscapes- …

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How to Get From Santorini to Milos

How to get from Santorini to Milos

Santorini is a top island of Greece, as popular as its neighboring Mykonos. With volcanic beauty, steep cliffs, and picturesque views, the island has a lot to offer to any traveler eager to explore it. Apart from those, however, it …

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A Guide to Plaka, Milos

Plaka Milos - View from the Castle

Plaka village is the capital town of Milos, one of the volcanic islands of the Cyclades, in the Aegean. All of Milos island is stunningly gorgeous and Plaka is no different: beyond the natural Cycladic beauty of its sugar-cube houses …

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A Guide to Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

Sarakiniko in Milos - Most beautiful Greek Islands

The gorgeous, alluring, alien landscape of Sarakiniko Beach in Milos is one of the most popular ones on the Greek islands. Its unique structure, the varied expanse, and the gorgeous azure, emerald, and turquoise waters in stark contrast with the …

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A Guide to Mandrakia, Milos

Mandrakia Milos

On the northern coast of Milos island in the Cyclades, you will find the picturesque Mandrakia village. With beautiful, whitewashed houses, lush vegetation that trails into the sea, and crystal-clear waters, Mandrakia village is the perfect place to relax and …

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A Guide to Firopotamos, Milos

Firopotamos Milos

Milos is a Greek island of unique beauty. People from around the world come to Milos to spend some relaxing days next to the sea and swim in the crystal-clear waters. There are many picturesque fishing villages in Milos, for …

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A Guide to Klima, Milos

Milos Island Cyclades - Island Hopping in Greece

Milos is already gorgeous, as all of the Cyclades’ volcanic islands tend to be. It speaks volumes, therefore, that the village of Klima in Milos stands above others as especially picturesque. It is also called “the most colorful village” and …

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