Interesting Facts About Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt

Artemis - 12 Olympian Gods

It’s common knowledge that being a woman in Ancient Greece wasn’t the greatest experience. Women didn’t enjoy the same rights as men, which is often reflected in Ancient Greek mythology. Despite that, there are some shining exceptions, powerful female figures …

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Powers of the Greek Gods

Greek Gods and their powers

Every human has its own particular powers, and so did the Greek gods. Some powers were common to all, such as immortality, enhanced intelligence, teleportation, and the ability to change forms. However, each Olympian had unique superpowers that set them …

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17 Greek Mythology Creatures and Monsters

Greek mythology is one of the most prevalent and famous ones in the western world. Art, theater, and cinema have always been inspired by Greek mythology. The famously illustrious yet flawed Greek Olympian gods, the powerful demigods and heroes and …

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