A Guide to Kastania Cave

Kastania Cave is a true testament to Nature being a wondrous artist. This stunning geological marvel is a symphony of unforgettable shapes, colors, silhouettes, and ambiance. Entering Kastania Cave feels like stepping into a timeless monument of the earth’s endurance …

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A Guide to Ancient Corinth

Akrokorinthos Greece

Prominent in art and architecture as well as religion, Ancient Corinth is one of the most important cities of Greece and the Mediterranean in general. With a powerful history of almost 5,000 years, a gorgeous location, a once illustrious acropolis, …

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A Guide to Areopoli, Greece

Areopoli - Beautiful Towns in Greece

Areopoli is a town in Mani on the south of Peloponnese in Greece. For years it has been a financial and cultural center and played a crucial role in the development of the whole area. Pages of Greek history are …

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A Guide to Vathia, Greece

Vathia is a mountainous village in Mani, Peloponnese. This settlement, which has been a ghost village for many years, is now one of the top attractions in Greece. The village is on the top of a mountain overlooking the Aegean. …

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A Guide to Limeni, Greece

Limeni Greece

Limeni is a village in Mani. Mani is in the southern part of Peloponnese and is an area of unique natural beauty, tradition, and history. This place is a secret gem that is not known to many tourists, and it …

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A Guide to Mystras, Greece

Mystras, Greece

Located five kilometers west of Sparta, at the foot of Mount Taygetos, Mystras is considered to be one of the most important historical sites in the Peloponnese. The site boasts a rich history that stretches from the 13th to the …

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The Archaeological Site of Mycenae

Mycenae Greek Landmark

Located on the eastern Peloponnese, about 150 km southeast of Athens, the ancient town of Mycenae is one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in Greece. The city inspired the epic poet Homer to write his two famous …

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Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Theatre of Epidaurus

Considered one of the greatest ancient Greek theaters with regards to acoustics and aesthetics, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is also known as one of the best-preserved ones in the whole of Greece. History of the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus …

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