Things Not To Do In Greece

things not to do in Greece

Going to Greece for vacations is a dream come true for many: from the hundreds of crystal clear, turquoise, emerald, and deep blue seas to the gorgeous verdant islands and the rolling hills and mountains, there is something breathtakingly awesome …

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Planning a Trip to Greece

The Acropolis of Athens - Famous Landmarks of Greece

Greece is a wondrous, magical destination for all types of vacationers. There’s nothing you can’t find in Greece, from its iconic Cycladic islands with the sugar cube houses and the blue-domed churches to age-old forests, deep canyons, medieval castles, gorgeous …

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Basic Greek Phrases for Tourists

Basic Greek phrases for tourists

Travelling to Greece is an experience, guaranteed to give you unique, beautiful memories of places that have no business existing outside of an artbook or a landscape artist gallery. You will also interact with very a friendly people, the Greeks, …

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Spring in Greece

Greece in Spring - Acropolis Athens

Spring is the season of rebirth and regeneration. It is nature’s symphony, when the earth turns green and flowers bloom with abandon when the sky turns bluer and the sun turns warmer, signaling that winter is ebbing, and life wakes …

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Greece in Winter

Village of Metsovo with snow in Greece

Everyone pictures the beautiful and scorching hot summer when Greece is talked about as a vacation destination. And that is for good reason! There are little spots of Paradise to discover all over Greece during the summer, from swimming in …

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Autumn in Greece

Konitsa Greece in Autumn

Autumn is the season of rich colors, cool but still-warm weather, light breeze, and crispy sounds of leaves on the ground, and tasty food with warm beverages all over the northern hemisphere! But in Greece, the flavors, the colors, the …

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Summer in Greece

Sarakiniko Beach in Parga Greece

Summer in Greece is a dream for many: From the brilliant blue skies to the glistening, crystal blue and turquoise seas to the golden sandy beaches to the great food and even more astounding hospitality, Greece’s beauty and warm-hearted people …

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Seasons in Greece

The 4 seasons in Greece

Greece is mostly associated with the famous and highly popular “Greek Summer”. With good reason! Summer in Greece is a paradise of heat, blessed shade, iced coffee, and chilled cocktails. It’s a kaleidoscope of warm vibrant nights full of experiences …

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Does It Snow In Greece?

Meteora with snow - does it snow in Greece

A lot of people ask me “does it snow in Greece ?” You may be surprised but the answer is yes! Often, when thinking of Greece, we get images of the warm, scorching sun, endless sunny beaches, boiling heat, and …

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