A Guide to Tinos Island, Greece

Panormos, Tinos

Usually, when thinking of the Greek islands, one’s mind goes to the gorgeous Santorini (Thera) or the cosmopolitan Mykonos, the superstars of the Cyclades. But the informed travelers and the locals know that you can get the iconic Cycladic beauty …

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Where to Stay In Tinos: The Best Hotels

Tinos island in Greece

The third biggest island of the Cyclades, Tinos, is mostly known as Greece’s top pilgrimage site. Thanks to the resplendent white church of Evagelistria (Our Lady of Tinos), every Orthodox from Greece and even the Balkans travels to the island …

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Ηow to get from Athens to Tinos

How to get from Athens to Tinos

Tinos is among the top Cycladic islands in the Aegean to visit. It used to be more of a spiritual center for worshipers, as it is thought to be a holy island, thanks to Panagia Megalochari, the church and the …

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