Is Athens Worth Visiting?

Is Athens worth visiting? If you search assorted travel blogs talking about Athens, you will find that emotions run strong- you can’t be indifferent when it comes to the capital of Greece. Visitors seem to either fall in love with …

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Athens in September: Weather and Things to Do

The Acropolis as seen from the Roman Agora

The Greek capital, Athens is the center of the ancient world, with its abundance of historic sites and landmarks still in impeccable condition, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, throughout the summer months, …

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Athens in October: Weather and Things to Do

Visit Athens in October and you’ll enjoy cheaper accommodation, fewer crowds, but still have beautiful sunny weather without the oppressive heat of August – Perfect for exploring the historical archaeological sites and traditional neighbourhoods! A Guide to Visiting Athens in …

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Where is Athens?

Did you know that Athens, Greece, is Europe’s oldest capital city, and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, after Jericho and Byblos? There are many amazing facts to know about Athens, Greece- but let’s start at …

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Is Athens Safe

Is Athens safe? Knowing how safe the city to which you are traveling is, is of paramount importance. Safety really is as high as you plan for it in any situation and being prudent with precautions is the way to …

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Athens on a Budget by a Local

The Change of the Guards in Athens

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to visit Greece, which is also one of Europe’s most inexpensive countries. It is entirely possible to do Athens on a budget, and the experience is one you won’t forget. Read …

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Summer in Athens: Weather and Things to Do

summer in Athens

The Greek capital of Athens is a wonderful city throughout the year, though it is particularly spectacular in the summer months. However, despite the array of historical, cultural and archaeological sites looking astonishing in the summer glow, there are downsides …

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