Hottest Greek Islands to Visit in April

Did you know that you can visit Greece in springtime by visiting the warmest Greek islands in April? Thanks to their warm climate, some islands are ideal for an early summer vacation away from the heatwave and the crowds.

With mild temperatures, empty beaches, and crystal-clear waters, they invite travelers to discover their authentic, untouched character before the start of the high season. Of course, you should keep in mind that not everything is going to be open during April, as it is the start of the season, and many of the restaurants, hotels, and facilities are being prepared.

Sometimes April also coincides with the Greek Orthodox Easter, so it is generally a lovely period to enjoy traditions, great food, and a lovely atmosphere.

Here, you can find all the information you need for such a trip, as well as the top things to do on the warmest Greek islands in April!

Warmest Greek Islands to Visit in April

Weather in the Greek islands in April

Statistically, April is a hot and dry month in Greece. However, since it is a transitional month, there can be unpredictable changes. Generally, islands have milder and drier weather. The average temperature on the warmest Greek islands in April is 20ºC (68ºF).

The islands also get about 6 hours of sunshine during this period. Of course, there is always a slight chance of rainfall, but that depends. In Kos and Rhodes, the average temperature is 20ºC and the lowest is 12ºC during the evenings.

Crete has an average of 19ºC and 8 hours of sunshine to warm you. It can get a little cooler during the night at about 11ºC. Symi island in the Dodecanese gets the highest temperature score with about 21.4°C during the day and as low as 11°C at night.

Karpathos is also among the warmest Greek islands in April, with an average of 18.7°C and a minimum average of 15°C, and about 5 rainy days during the whole month.

What to pack for April on the Greek islands

As April is a month full of surprises with regard to weather, you should be prepared. It can get quite warm during sunny days and chilly during evenings and nights.

What to pack:

  • T-shirts
  • Airy dresses
  • A pair of Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Socks (light & warm)
  • A pair of hiking sandals
  • Sneakers (or any comfortable footwear)

For when it’s chilly:

  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Light jacket
  • Cardigan
  • Hoodie

Don’t forget your swimsuit if you are brave enough. If not, get a wetsuit.

Can you swim on the Greek islands in April?

Yes, you can swim in the sea in April. The average sea temperature of the Greek islands in April is about 17°C. This means that the water is still cool but refreshing. With the right preparation, you can comfortably enjoy a swim. Go to the beach during midday when the sun has warmed the waters. This will also help you warm yourself on sunny days.

Here are some useful tips to help you swim in the sea during April:

  • Swim first and then sunbathe otherwise your increased body temperature will make the water seem colder.
  • Take it easy. Walk into the sea slowly and get yourself accustomed by wetting some parts gradually.
  • Invest in a good wetsuit if you want to stay warm.

Best Greek islands to visit in April

So, which Greek islands are the warmest to visit and enjoy in April? Here’s a list of them and what to see there.


Crete is one of the warmest Greek islands in April, as it is also the southernmost island in Greece. The weather is milder and more pleasant than most places, and that includes springtime.

April is usually the month when Greek Orthodox Easter takes place, so most places have celebrations and traditions, especially in the smaller villages.

During Easter, you will see flower-decorated churches, painted eggs, the Resurrection of Jesus (Anastasi), and the typical Easter Sunday lamb feast.

Balos Crete - Beautiful Landscape
Balos Beach

Of course, head to the beaches with no heat and crowds. Go to the mesmerizing Balos lagoon with the shallow turquoise waters which will be warm enough during sunny days to swim and enjoy. Similarly, you can go to the sand dunes of Elafonissi to sunbathe and enjoy crystal-clear waters. In April, you can also enjoy windless days at Falassarna in Chania or Voulisma.

While in Crete, you can’t miss the opportunity for some history and sightseeing. Head to the renowned palace of Knossos and all the other sights to discover Crete’s past. With April weather, you can also easily explore more of the hiking side, with countless trails both to the mountains (Lefka Ori) and to the canyons, such as Agiofaraggo, if you are the adventurous type.


St-Pauls's bay from above-Lindos Rhodes
St-Pauls’s bay from above-Lindos Rhodes

Rhodes also makes it on the list of the hottest Greek islands in April. Located in the Dodecanese, it has mild weather and many sunny days. Since it is a big island with lots to see, April is a great month to explore it unbothered by the excessive heat and unbearable summer sun.

With the pleasant weather, you can marvel at the beauty of the Old Town of Rhodes, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk along the Street of Knights, a paved road from the Archaeological Museum to the Palace of the Grand Master. Visit the Museum and the Hospital of the Knights to learn more about the rich history.

Don’t forget to visit the Suleiman Mosque of Rhodes at the end of Socrates Street, and the imposing Chapel of Panagia tou Kastrou.  Then, you can enjoy the New Town with the many shops and restaurants, bars and cafes. In the Mandraki harbor, you can find the iconic statues of the deer and stroll around for a romantic evening walk.

If you are in the mood for a daily excursion, visit Ancient Kamiros, an ancient Doric town with imposing sights. You can also go to Monolithos Castle, which is a medieval Venetian Castle 70 km from Rhodes town.

Don’t miss the wonderful town of Lindos, known for the Acropolis of Lindos and its ancient remains. Visit the Temple of Athena Lindia, and find the Byzantine remains and the medieval castles such as the Castle of the Knights of St. John, built in the 14th century.

Explore the nature park “Valley of the Butterflies” located 26 kilometers from Rhodes town. Alternatively, head to Prassonisi Beach for a swim or go to the famous Anthony Quinn beach, the film location of the “Guns of Navarone.”


Another warm Greek island in April is Kos, also located near Rhodes. The weather there is pleasant during springtime, and there’s surely a lot to see in the historic birthplace of Hippocrates, the famous father of medicine as.

While in Kos town, you can actually visit the Plane Tree of Hippocrates in the main town. Similarly, since the weather permits it, you should also go sightseeing to the Sanctuary of Asclepius (Asklepieion) and the Ancient Agora. While in Town, there are lots of things to see such as the stunning Casa Romana mansion, Nerantzia Castle, the Archaeological Museum, and the Ottoman Mosques.

Palio Pyli is also worth exploring, as well as the Venetian Castle in Kos Town and the Fortress in Antimachia. If you want to head further out, choose a tour of the “ghost village” of Haihoutes or Agios Dimitrios, and marvel at the deserted dwellings.

Things to do in Kos - Tigaki Beach
Tigaki beach

Of course, blooming springtime is the perfect time for some nature exploration, and Kos has a lot to offer. There is the forest of Plaka, the Tigkaki Salinas, the imposing Dikaios Mountain, and the wetlands of Psalidi for nature lovers.

For swimming, don’t miss Psalidi Beach, Paradise Beach, and Lambi Beach. Since it is spring and not yet summer, you might wish to go to Thermes Beach, which is a beach with thermal springs of medicinal qualities.


view from the castle of Symi

Symi is a very distinctive small island situated 41 kilometers northwest of Rhodes. It’s also among the warmest Greek islands in April, with imposing cliffs, little to no vegetation, and the characteristic colorful harbor with neoclassical buildings. Stroll around the town of Symi and see the pastel-colored mansions of the Symi harbor up close.

Get to the Chorio village, above the main town, by climbing 500 steps to enjoy great views. There, you can also find the Venetian Castle, as well as the Archaeological and Folklore Museums, to learn more about Symi’s rich history. Choose a spot to enjoy a drink or grab a bite. The island is known for its shrimps, so head to a seafood restaurant to try it!

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Symi island

Visit the Monastery of Panormitis dedicated to Archangel Michael, which is among the worthiest sights in Symi. If you wish to go for a swim, go to St. George Bay with its stunning blue waters. Unlike Rhodes, Symi has smaller coves and no long beaches. You can also go to tiny Nos beach, as it won’t be crowded during April, and enjoy the majestic waters.


Last but not least on the bucket list of the warmest Greek islands in April is Karpathos, a remote and rugged island of the Dodecanese with lots of beauty. While it is warm, it is not windy at all, something which is the case during most summer months on this island. Grab the perfect opportunity to discover this hidden gem!

If you want to learn more about the history and traditions of Karpathos, visit The Acropolis of Arkassa, built upon a hill with a great panoramic view. Similarly, you can find the Ancient Potideon in Pigadia village.

Find the mythical Cave of Poseidon and take amazing photos of the ancient sanctuary dedicated to the God of the Sea. Similarly, you can go village hopping, since Karpathos has authentic, picturesque villages with amazing food.

In April, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some of the island’s most famous beaches all on your own! Imagine going to Kyra Panagia and Diakofti beaches and finding almost no one there! You can also enjoy your privacy and turquoise waters at Apella Beach, Amoopi Beach, Damatria Beach, and Achata Beach, among many others.  

If you’re an active traveler, spring is also the time to go around and find places, especially since everything is blooming, full of color and life. Karpathos has a lot of spots to go hiking, such as Aperi to Achata Beach (5 km) or Kali Limni (1.6 km), or even the hiking trail of the Acropolis of Arkasa.

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