How to Get From Athens to Milos

Milos is the most southwestern island of Cyclades, known for its rich history, its cultural heritage, and its popularity among travelers. It is considered an ideal destination for couples, yet it is preferred by all types of travelers eager to explore its almost extraterrestrial beauty.

Volcanic rocks around Sarakiniko beach and the awe-inspiring cliffsides of Kleftiko look like moonscapes on Earth. Milos is the gift that keeps on giving. Find out all about how to get there from Athens below.

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3 Ways to Get From Athens to Milos

1. Fly from Athens to Milos

Although quite small, the airport of Milos receives domestic flights from Athens ATH airport only. You can fly there with Olympic Air/Aegean or Sky Express. Ticket prices begin at 51 Euros yet vary significantly. If you book well in advance you can save both money and time by flying there.

The airport is located approximately 10 km away from Adamas, so it is quite convenient and easy to access by mainland for the return. Although flying to Milos is time-saving as the flight duration is more or less 35 mins, remember that since the airport has only one gate, delays may occur now and then.

Where to stay in Milos - Adamas
Traditional fishing village Adamas

2. Athens to Milos by Ferry

Most travelers reach their destination in Milos by ferry, as it is by far the most frequent means to get there. The port Adamas, located near the center of the island, is connected with the port of Piraeus with frequent routes to and from the island.

Booking your tickets with Ferryhopper is the fastest way to secure a safe and easy trip there. According to their info, there are weekly trips to Milos mainly with the companies Aegean Airlines, SEAJETS, and GOLDEN STAR Ferries and all these trips last up to 3 hours. Sometimes the line is also serviced by Minoan Lines and ZANTE ferries

During the summer season, there are daily trips and the earliest ferry is usually at 06:50 and the latest at 17:00. Prices vary according to seasonality but generally start from 42€.

Keep in mind that taking the ferry offers the advantage of transporting a vehicle from Athens, as well, but there is an extra charge in ticket prices.

Read more about tickets and schedules here.

From the airport to the port with Private Transfer

Reached the ATH International airport and looking for a way to get to the port of Piraeus in time for your ferry departure?

Don’t waste time by changing multiple public transport lines. Book your private transfer with Welcome Pickups to ensure that you will have a ride as soon as you land. With their flight monitoring service, you will never again experience delays or unpleasant surprises.

Their experienced staff will also introduce you to your destination and ensure that you will arrive at the right gate at the right time to depart for Milos. Keep in mind that the port of Piraeus isn’t small, so walking around to find the right gate might be an anxiety-inducing choice.

The benefits of the private transfer include covid-19 safety with car sanitization and other measures, with their net safety score currently at 99/100 after several reviews from customers.

Most importantly, with Welcome Pickups, you can pre-pay your flat fare without additional charges.

Find more here and book your private transfer.

Stay in Pollonia, Milos
Pollonia village

3. Sail to Milos

Are you into sea adventures and sailing? Whether you are certified to sail or simply considering to charter a yacht to Milos, know that the experience will be unique!

Sailing the Aegean can be tricky, with lots of winds during the high season, which means mid-July to August, but the route is truly worth it. Especially during the covid-19 era, chartering seems a relatively safe solution for alternative vacations.

This route here, provided by Sail in Greek Waters, departs from the stunning location of Lavrion and reaches Kythnos on the first day. On day 2, it leaves the mesmerizing beaches of Kythnos to reach Milos making a round trip around the island.

According to keeano, the Social Coastline Guide, sailing from Lavrio to the port of Adamas in Milos is approximately 4 hours and 11 mins of sail, with a distance of 63 nautical miles. With this mobile app, you can create routes, discover hidden gems along the coastline and even know coast and beach occupancy before you get to your spot, avoiding the crowds and staying safe.

Find all about the details of port Adamas here.

There are also several yacht chartering services for daily or weekly trips around Milos, Kimolos, and the nearby islets.

Find some of them below:

Plan your trip to Milos Island with my guides:

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Sarakiniko Beach -The Best Milos Beaches
Sarakiniko Beach

How to get around the island

Chartering daily yachts is one way to discover the island, but it might prove costly. If you are planning on staying for quite a few days, consider renting a car to explore the island from the mainland. Preparing well in advance for this rental might cut down your budget significantly, as there are some substantial offers from various providers.

I recommend booking a car through Discover Cars where you can compare all rental car agencies’ prices, and you can cancel or modify your booking for free. They also guarantee the best price. Click here for more information and to check the latest prices.

Alternatively, you can use the local bus of Milos that covers both coastline and beach tourist destinations and some main villages of the island. Tickets are issued on the bus mainly.

Find the timetable and additional details here.

FAQ About your Trip From Athens to Milos

How much is the ferry from Athens to Milos?

Ferry ticket prices vary according to the ferry company but usually start at 40 Euros for passengers. Additional charges apply to transport vehicles from the port of Piraeus to Adamas port in the ferry garage.

How long is the ferry route Milos to Santorini?

Many ferry companies including SEA SPEED FERRIES, SEAJETS, and GOLDEN STAR ferries offer routes from Milos to Santorini, but the duration varies from 2h to 5h 30 mins. Prices vary from 16€ to 75€.

How long do you need to explore Milos?

Milos has a lot of beaches to explore and wonderful villages to get to know the Cycladic tradition. You need approximately 5 days to a week to enjoy your stay and get around the island.

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