How to Get From Athens to Naxos

One of the most popular destinations of Greece, Naxos is a gem of the Cyclades that combines wonderful beaches and a stunning tradition of Aegean beauty. From the stone-paved alleys of the center to the breathtaking cliffs of Apollo beach, Naxos stands out and is definitely worth exploring! If you plan to visit this destination, here is everything you need to know about how to get from Athens to Naxos.

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3 Ways to Get From Athens to Naxos

1. Fly from Athens to Naxos

Naxos has a National Airport (JNX) located approximately 3 km away from the city of Naxos. Most frequent flights from Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos are serviced by Olympic Air/Aegean and Sky Express. Although the airport is quite small, it is very functional and it has plenty of parking space as well.

Flying to Naxos is a good choice to avoid delays and a long sea journey, with flights being approximately 44′ minutes long. Booking early would definitely be a good and affordable choice, but keep in mind recent covid-19 regulations.

2. Ferry from Athens to Naxos

Ferry to Gree Islands
Blue Star Ferries Athens to Naxos

One of the most popular ways to get to Naxos from Athens is by taking the ferry. You can travel directly from the port of Piraeus in Athens to the Port of Naxos located at the town center of the island.

The ferry trip lasts 4 and a half to 5 hours approximately, with many lines being offered on a weekly basis. Prices start from 30€ and vary according to season and availability.

Blue Star Ferries and SEAJETS are the two main service providers for the trip. Blue Star Ferries offers 3 routes daily, with the earliest beginning at 07:25 a.m. and the latest at 18:45 p.m. depending on the day of the week, while SEAJETS offers about 6 routes weekly.

If you are prone to seasickness I suggest that you book the regular ferry (Blue Star Ferries) to Naxos.

It is recommended to book your tickets beforehand and be prepared or you can simply purchase them at the port right before the trip.

Click here for more information and to check the ferry schedule.

Tip: If you plan your holidays during high season, which means July and August in Greece, book your tickets way ahead in time to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to get from the airport to the port

Getting to the port of Piraeus after landing can become a tricky adventure if you are not prepared. The ATH airport is approximately 43 km away from the Port of Piraeus and commuting there might not be the best solution during summertime. Similarly, if you plan to depart from the center of Athens towards the airport, the best option is to take a private transfer.

There are taxis everywhere, right outside the airport and in various hubs in the center of Athens, but the most effortless solution is to book your private transfer via Welcome Pickups.

Their airport pick-up services include English-speaking drivers, a flat fee equivalent to a taxi but pre-paid, as well as flight monitoring to arrive on time and avoid delays.

Click here for more information and to book your ride.

Alternatively, you can take bus number X 96 from outside the arrivals terminal at the airport.

For more information check my post how to get from Athen airport to Piraeus port.

3. Getting to Naxos on a sailing boat

how to get from Athens to Naxos

A ferry is not the only boat to get you there! You can sail your way to Naxos and enjoy the wonderful and very adventurous-in other worlds windy- Cycladic trip on a cruise ship with the luxury that you choose and the sea by your side.

Wake up to the beauty of the Aegean Sea and live the experience of your journey to Naxos to the fullest on board.

You can sail there with your own bareboat or hire a charter with a skipper to explore the hidden beaches and dive into unknown waters on the route. With the help of keeano, your go-to app to discover amazing spots along the coastline, you can find secret coves to anchor and enjoy the perfect summer day, create routes and even see how crowded the coast you want to visit is in real-time!

Check out this sailing cruise from Athens to Naxos by IntersailClub.

Another option is offered Sail Greece.

How to get around Naxos

Naxos Melanes Kouros Statue,

Reached Naxos and want to explore it? Your best option to consider is renting a car to have the freedom of movement anytime anywhere. The island offers countless places to see, with some of those being mountainous and away from the coastline!

Although the island has a good road network, there might be places or hidden beaches that are approached only by dirt roads, so consider a compatible vehicle if you plan to visit these locations.

I recommend booking a car through Discover Cars where you can compare all rental car agencies’ prices, and you can cancel or modify your booking for free. They also guarantee the best price. Click here for more information and to check the latest prices.

Another option is to take the bus around the island. There are local bus lines (KTEL) on a daily basis that get you to and from various destinations.

Find contact information and schedules here.

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FAQ About Your Trip From Athens to Naxos

How do I get from Athens to Naxos?

You can either use a ferry from Piraeus port in Athens or fly from ATH International Airport. There are daily ferry lines to Naxos from Athens all year round.

How do I get from Naxos to Santorini?

Island-hopping in Greece is quite popular and the best way to go is by ferry. Flying is hardly an option as islands have small airports only taking flights from ATH International Airport mostly.

How long is the ferry from Athens to Naxos?

Ferry trips from the port of Piraeus in Athens to the Port of Naxos usually last 4 to 5 hours. There are some catamaran boat ferries that can offer a short 3–4-hour trip to Naxos, while the most frequent ferry by Blue Star usually lasts about 5 hours.

How much does the ferry ticket cost from Athens to Naxos?

Ferry tickets vary and begin at 30 Euros from the Port of Piraeus and vary according to the season and ferry type.

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