How to get from Athens to Mykonos

Mykonos, one of the first islands to have developed its tourism, is still the most famous cosmopolitan hub of the Greek islands. Taking its name from Mykonos, a descendant of God Apollo himself, the island stands out with its picturesque beauty and rich nightlife.

From its whitewashed houses with blue windows to the cobble-paved alleys of Chora, Mykonos is an outstanding example of Cycladic architecture. There is nothing that compares to the beauty of its windmills and the ceaseless blue of the Aegean as a background.

Its famous beaches are worth visiting, with Paradise, Super Paradise, and Psarrou, being the most popular ones. During the summer nights, the island is practically sinking with people strolling, enjoying their drinks, and partying non-stop. Here’s all you need to get there from Athens.

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Getting From Athens to Mykonos by Ferry and Plane

How to get from Athens to Mykonos by plane

Mykonos has an International Airport (JMK), located 4 km away from Mykonos town, which receives domestic flights from Athens and Thessaloniki, but from some European countries directly, as well.

From ATH International Airport, the main companies operating this route are Aegean Airlines/Olympic Air. The journey lasts approximately 40 minutes and the prices start from 51 Euros.

Upon arrival, to get from the airport to your accommodation or the center, pre-book and pre-pay your own private transfer with Welcome Pickups. They operate in Mykonos with local drivers, who can welcome you and give you a heads up. 

Click here for more information and to book your private transfer.

Find other transportation choices from JMK airport here.

How to get from Athen to Mykonos by ferry

You can reach Mykonos by ferry, of course! There are daily direct crossings from the port of Piraeus to the port of Mykonos, mainly operated by Blue Star Ferries, SEAJETS, and Golden Star Ferries.

According to seasonality and demand, you can find high-speed ferries that cover the 86 nautical miles in about 2.5 hours, while conventional ferries take up to 5 hours to reach Mykonos. The cost for high-speed ferries may begin as high as 60 Euros, while for conventional ones, approximately 25-30 Euros, so it is a quite affordable transportation option. The earliest ferry leaves at 7:00 a.m. and the last one is usually around 21:00 p.m.

Another port in Athens with a daily connection to Mykonos is the port of Rafina, close to Athens International airport.

With Ferryhopper, you can find as many as 3-4 crossings per day during the high summer season, and 1 to 2 during wintertime. Book your tickets in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises, as it is a very popular destination.

Click here for the ferry timetable and to book your tickets.

How to get from the airport to the port

Want to get from Athens (ATH) airport to the port?

Private Transfer

There’s no better way to reach Piraeus than booking your private transfer right from the airport to the port with Welcome Pickups. Airport pickup services include flight monitoring, so you won’t have to worry about delays. The duration of the ride is 40 mins and the flat rate is 54 Euros, so it’s better if the expenses are shared.

Welcome Pickups can guarantee a score of 99 out of 100 for safety measures, such as car sanitization, and 20-minute gaps between rides. You pre-pay your flat fares, so there are no surprises and the ride is contactless.

Book your private transfer or read more about it here.

Public Transportation

Alternatively, you can use the X96 bus right from the airport to the port of Piraeus. It departs every 30 to 40 mins from the airport bus stations at the arrival terminal. Between exits 4 and 5, the trip lasts about an hour. The tickets are one-way and cost 5.50 Euros, while the half ticket costs 3 Euros.

Remember: Children under 6 travel for free, while people aged 6-18 are eligible for half-price tickets.

Find schedules and details here.

Sail to Mykonos

Sailing to Mykonos would not only be an amazing experience of a lifetime, it will also provide a great opportunity for island hopping. Setting sail from Athens to Mykonos will be a long sea journey, but it is worth every minute of it.

Remember that during the end of July and August, the Aegean Sea is visited by strong winds called meltemia, coming from north, north-east, or north-west directions. The island complex of Cyclades is especially prone to those winds, so sailing during that time might be tricky.

To find out which anchorage to visit for an overnight stay, or which beach and coast are less crowded to dive into tranquil waters, you can use the free mobile app keeano. With it, you have your own Social Coastline Guide that can solve your hands and lead you to hidden gems.

You can either hire a bareboat if you are licensed to sail or rent a skippered boat and enjoy the sun on board. For some offers of sailing cruises from Athens to Mykonos you can check the link below:

8 days Athens to Mykonos Sailing trip by Sailing Greece

How to get around Mykonos

Mykonos is a relatively small island, and 3 to 4 days are enough for you to see the most important sights, explore the popular beaches and spend your nights in Mykonos town, strolling and partying.

Car Rental

Another option would be car rental and depending on the car, seasonality, and the services you are looking for, you can find affordable vehicles. The island has a very good road network, so no off-road vehicle is normally needed.

I recommend booking a car through Discover Cars where you can compare all rental car agencies’ prices, and you can cancel or modify your booking for free. They also guarantee the best price. Click here for more information and to check the latest prices.

Local bus (KTEL)

Mykonos has an organized bus line network that leads to the most popular beach and mainland destinations. They offer transfer-tours, evenings out and social events, transportation for private groups, and VIP transportation. Prices vary according to the services you choose, but you can find more information here.

Check the bus schedules/timetables here.

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