How to Get to Skopelos

Although not as popular as Santorini and Mykonos, Skopelos is a stunning island in the North Sporades. It is no wonder it hosted Mamma Mia! Its beauty is beyond comparison, with the amazing contrast of the pines touching the emerald crystal-clear sea creating an image out of a dream.

From the mesmerizing beaches along its coastline to the numerous sights to visit on the island, Skopelos never fails to amaze. Whether for families or for young travelers, the island is ideal for a quieter vacation!

There are 3 airports you can use to travel to Skopelos. Thessaloniki airport, Athens airport, and Skiathos Airport. Here’s all you need to know how to get there.

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Getting to Skopelos Greece

How to Get From Thessaloniki to Skopelos

Since Skopelos is in the middle of Greece more or less, there are several ways to get there. An option would be to fly to Thessaloniki Airport (SKG), which accepts various international flights.

Step 1: Catch the Public Bus from the Airport

Upon arrival, you can catch the non-stop transit bus service Nr. X1 from the airport terminal towards “Makedonia” Regional Coach Terminal KTEL, the local bus station. There is a non-stop service approximately every 30 mins and the trip will last 40 to 50 mins. There is also the respective night service with bus line Nr. N1. The bus fare for this service is 2 Euros currently and you can normally buy the ticket from the vending machines inside the bus, or ask the staff.

For detailed info click here.

Step 2: Take the KTEL bus Thessaloniki to Volos

Once you reach the KTEL, you can buy your tickets to Volos which usually are 18,40 Euros, although schedules and prices vary. This, however, is the most affordable way to reach the destination. The trip begins from the Thessaloniki KTEl to Zahou & Sekeri str, which is the address of the Volos KTEL terminal.

Find the detailed schedule from Thessaloniki to Volos here or here.

Step 3: Hop on a ferry from Volos to Skopelos

Skopelos has three ports, but from Volos, you can find ferry routes to the ports of Glossa and Chora. There are daily ferry lines connecting Volos and Skopelos, serviced by ANES Ferries, BLUE STAR Ferries, and Aegean Flying Dolphin.

Weekly, there are about 10 crossings, always depending on the season and the weather conditions. The ferry tickets start from 20 Euros and the duration of the 38 nautical miles crossing is 2 to 4 hours depending on the ferry company.

Find everything you need for this trip on Ferryhopper.

port of Skopelos

How to Get From Skiathos to Skopelos

Step 1: Fly to Skiathos from abroad

To get to Skiathos, you can directly fly from abroad, as the airport of Skiathos (JSI) accepts international flights. Some of the many airline companies offering direct flights to Skiathos are Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines, Condor, Sky Express, Ryanair and British Airways.  The airport is known for its breathtaking low landings as well!

Step 2: Take the ferry to Skopelos

From the port of Skiathos, you can then take the ferry to cross to port Glossa in Skopelos. There are daily schedules for this crossing, serviced by Blue Star Ferries, ANES Ferries, and Aegean Flying Dolphin, with ticket prices starting at only 5 Euros.

The small distance can be covered from 15’ to an hour, so this itinerary is also perfect for a day trip! You can easily book your tickets via Ferryhopper in 4 simple steps!

Book tickets and find info here.

Skiathos port
Skiathos port

How to Get From Athens to Skopelos

From Athens, you can repeat the previously mentioned itinerary by flying to Skiathos and then crossing to Skopelos by ferry, although it is not guaranteed that the domestic flight prices will be convenient. But there are other options as well

Step 1: Athens Airport to the KTEL bus station

Another option is to fly to Athens ATH International airport from abroad and then go to the KTEL station of Liosia. The bus line from the airport is X93, departing/arriving every 30 to 40 mins terminating at Intercity Bus Station known as KTEL Liosion.

You can catch the bus from the Arrivals level, between EXIT 4 and 5. The duration of the trip is about 60 mins. Ticket price for airport buses such as this one is 6 Euros one trip.

Find further details about the schedule here and about the tickets here.

Another option would be to take your private transfer directly outside the airport by having booked with Welcome Pickups. Although pricier than the bus, it is ideal for more than 2 people to share the expenses and pre-pay it easily and conveniently. Their services are praised for safety measures against COVID-19.

Step 2: From Athens to Volos to Skopelos

You can then buy your tickets to Volos which will cost about 27 Euros for a one-way trip. The intercity bus will take you to Volos Central KTEL station and the trip will last more or less 4-5 hours.

Find the schedule here and book your tickets here.

From the KTEL station, you can then get to the port on foot, as it is 300m away. You can then take the ferry from Volos to Skopelos, as explained above.


Agios Ioannis Church - Things to do in Skopelos
Agios Ioannis Church – setting of Mamma Mia

From Agios Konstantinos to Skopelos

Step 1: Athens to the port of Agios Konstantinos

Another option is to take the ferry from Agios Konstantinos, a port located 184 km from the airport of Athens. To get there, you can either take the bus from Kaniggos square in the centre of Athens, or take the KTEL to Agios Konstantinos. The trip lasts 2h and 30 mins.

Find details here.

Tip: If your ferry ticket is booked with ANES Ferries, the company offers a bus that departs daily at 06.30 a.m. from their offices at Diligiani Theodorou Str. 21 near Metaxourgio metro station

Step 2: Agios Konstantinos to Skopelos by ferry

During summer high season, ANES Ferries offers crossings to Skopelos with the ship “SYMI”. There is also the possibility that HELLENIC Seaways will offer a crossing. The journey lasts approximately 3 hours and 45 mins. Prices vary and usually start from 30 Euros per person.

Tip: Remember that infants and children up to 4 years travel for free, while children aged 5-10 are eligible for a ticket for half the price.

Find details here or here.

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