Ios Beaches, Best Beaches to Visit in Ios Island

Ios is a beautiful Greek island that draws in tourists from around the world for its beaches, parties, water sports, and more. Some of Ios’ beaches are considered the best in Greece, with long golden bays, fresh turquoise waters, and traditional tavernas serving up delicious local cuisine. Here I’ll run through my list of the best beaches in Ios, including some of the more popular tourist spots as well as more secluded coves.

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18 Beaches to Visit in Ios Island

Map of Ios Beaches

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1. Gialos or Yialos beach

Gialos Beach in Ios

Paralia Gialos (also sometimes called Ormos Beach) is one of the most popular beaches on the island thanks to its close proximity to the port town, Chora. The beach features soft sand and is a Blue Flag bay meaning it reaches stringent safety and sustainability standards.

The longe stretch of sand includes organized areas of sunbeds and umbrellas as well as open sections where you can just lie freely on the sand. There are also a number of tavernas and rooms to let around the beach so you can stay right on the waterfront for a relaxing beachside getaway.

2. Tzamaria Beach

Tzamaria Beach in Ios

One cove further round from Ormos/Gialos is Tzamaria Beach. This is a part pebble/part sand beach that is preferred by snorkellers due to its rocky shoreline that attracts a plethora of different fish.

Tzamaria - Ios Beaches

It does make it a little more tricky for those wanting to swim in the shallows so it’s not recommended for families with small children. Being located just 3km from Chora, Tzamaria is a good choice for those who want a peaceful unorganized beach with pristinely clear water not far from town.

3. Koumbara Beach

Koumpara Beach in Ios island Greece

Further west still from Chora is Koumbara Beach, a little cove that plays host to the cool restaurant and beach bar EREGO. EREGO is part of the LuxurIOS collection of venues and boasts an amazing location to while away the day. The beach bar features a swimming pool and sunbeds set back from the beach as well as an organized area of sunbeds and natural parasols on the sand.

Koumpara Beach

There are plenty of lounge areas where guests can enjoy drinks, dining, and relaxing music moving you seamlessly from day to night. In order to reach Koumbara Beach, you’ll either need to hire a car or moped or take the bus from the port.

4. Loretzena Beach

Loretzena Beach in Ios

If you’re looking for a small, off-the-beaten-track beach then Loretzena Beach is the one for you. This rugged cove is surrounded by cliffs and features soft sand and calm, azure waters. As it is fairly remote there are no tourist facilities so you’ll want to bring your own drinks and snacks and it may be a beach where you spend a few hours rather than a whole day as there is no natural shade.

Loretzena - Best Beaches in Ios

Loretzena Beach is situated around 6km north-west of Chora so you’ll need a car or moped to get there.

5. Plakoto Beach

Plakoto Beach in Ios

Located in the north of the island is the unorganized Plakoto Beach, a sandy cove with flat, rocky surrounds. As Plakoto is situated on the tip of the island, the beach is often affected by the strong Meltemia winds that arrive in summer, and as such, it’s one of the quieter beaches on Ios. It does make it a good choice for those seeking a secluded beach though.

Plakoto Beach - Ios beaches

Plakoto Beach does not include any tavernas or facilities and is accessed via a dirt road. One of the interesting things about visiting Plakoto Beach is that it’s close to the ancient tomb site that is thought to be the resting place of Homer.

6. St Theodoti Beach / Agia Theodoti Beach

Ag Theodoti Beach in Ios

Agia Theodoti Beach (aka St Theodoti) is a gorgeous stretch of golden sand located in the north-east of the island with a mix of natural landscapes and great tourist facilities. The beach itself features sunbeds and umbrellas and there is a local taverna situated just above the beach. There are also a few rooms to let nearby if you choose to stay in this region. Due to its location, Agia Theodoti Beach can also be affected by the Meltemia winds which is something to note when visiting in summer.

7. Psathi Beach

Psathi beach in Ios

Situated 17km east of Chora is the beach of Psathi is a quiet, relaxing spot that is good for families, swimmers, snorkellers, yachties, windsurfers, and spear-fishers. The unorganized beach is sunny and sandy and features a number of trees offering natural shade. While there aren’t any facilities on the beach itself, there is a taverna just a short walk away. Psathi Beach is also located close to Byzantine Paleokastro (the Old Castle) which is thought to date back to the 8th century.

8. Kalamos Beach

Kalamos Beach in Ios

Accessed by a dirt road in the east of the island, Kalamos Beach is a sandy unorganized, secluded beach that offers a mix of sand and small pebbles that make it the perfect combination of warm and relaxing on the shore and clean and clear in the water. This is a quiet patch of beach that is ideal for those seeking a rural destination for sunbathing and snorkeling.

Kalamos Beach - Best Beaches in Ios

On the way to the beach make sure you check out the Kalamos monastery (Agios Ioannis), a preserved, picturesque Byzantine monastery with classic white-washed walls and Aegean blue accents.

9. Tris Klisies Beach

Tris Klisies Beach in Ios

As Tris Klisies Beach is such a remote, secluded beach it is often frequented by nudists who want somewhere with added privacy. The hidden bay is surrounded by rocky cliffs and can only be reached by a hiking trail that takes around 10-15 minutes from the nearest parking at Agia Triada church. Of course, as Tris Klisies is off the beaten path, there are no sunbeds, parasols, or tavernas here so you’ll want to bring your own towels and refreshments.

10. Manganari Beach

Manganari Beach in Ios

The area known as Manganari Beach is actually five consecutive beaches, some organized and others more low-key.

The sandy beaches are picture-perfect with golden shorelines and bright, turquoise waters and the protected nature of the bays means that they’re not affected by Ios’ strong winds.

Manganari Beach - Best beaches in Ios

Travelers can stay around Manganari Beach or access it by bus from Chora and there are tavernas within walking distance of beach cove. Manganari is a blue flag beach and is also known for being the location of some of the scenes from the movie Big Blue.

11. Never Bay

Never Bay in Ios

The secluded Never Bay is one of Ios’ real hidden gems as it’s a beach that can only be reached by boat or perhaps by ATV along the rugged dirt tracks.

Located just further along than Manganari Beach, Never Bay is an Insta-worthy destination that offers rocky outcrops and crystal-clear water as a backdrop and is perfect for those who want to enjoy some cliff-jumping, snorkeling, and swimming.

As long as you bring your own food and drink you can while away hours at this peaceful spot, probably having the whole place to yourself!

TIP: Check out some of the most beautiful beaches of Ios island with this 4-hour cruise.

12. Mylopotas

Mylopotas Beach in Ios

Probably the busiest and most popular beach on the island, Mylopotas is an organized bay just a short walk from the port town of Chora. This Blue Flag beach features beach bars, tavernas, guest houses, and water sports and is also the location of Far Out camping, a fun backpacker spot.

If you’re looking for beach relaxation and party vibes, then Mylopotas is the place to be!

13. Valmas Beach

Located just a 15-minute walk from the port of Ios lies Valmas Beach a peaceful, unorganized, sandy beach that is great for snorkeling. The entrance to the water is quite rocky so it’s not ideal for taking a quick paddle or lounging in the shallows. As Valmas is a fairly low-key beach there are no tourist facilities or tavernas but if you’re happy to bring your own refreshments it can be a lovely, quiet place to spend the day.

14. Kolitsani

Kolitsani Beach in Ios

One bay further east than Valmas is Kolitsani Beach, a small bay known for its clear, green-hued water and lush golden sand. As it is quite a secluded bay with no amenities Kolitsani Beach is favored by nudists but is also frequented by yachties who anchor up in the still bay. Just a short walk from Kolitsani Beach is the Ios Modern Art Museum, so you could visit both the beach and the gallery for a great day out. Kolitsani Beach can be reached on foot from Chora, by car/moped or by boat.

15. Sapounochoma Beach

Sapounochoma Beach in Ios

If you’re seeking luxury and seclusion, look no further than Ios Villa on Sapounochoma Beach. This private villa can host up to 13 guests and offers visitors their own stretch of sand on which to relax. When booking the villa the bay is all yours as well as having a fully-equipped villa with a modern kitchen, numerous verandas, and high-speed internet.

For even more luxury guests can add a full hostess service include food shopping, meal preparation, and babysitting. The bay features soft sand, clear water, and rock surround making it both peaceful and picturesque. Sapounochoma Beach is only available for villa guests and can be reached by boat or on a hiking path from Mylopotas that takes 40 minutes.

16. Tripiti Beach

Tripiti Beach in Ios

Located 20km south of Chora, Tripiti Beach is a stunning sandy cove that can only be reached by boat or by walking 2km from Manganari. As it is quite remote, Tripiti Beach tends to stay pretty quiet throughout the whole season and is ideal for those looking to unwind.

Tripiti Beach - Best beaches in Ios

There are no facilities at the beach, so the closest food and accommodation can be found in Manganari.

17. Pikri Nero Beach

Pikro Nero Beach in Ios

Paralia Pikri Nero is an unorganized, sandy beach located in the south-west of Ios island that can only be accessed by boat. This remote region comprises three small bays next to each other with verdant, rocky landscapes surrounding the cove.

Pikro Nero in Ios

Some parts of the beach feature large flat rocks and the rest if soft, golden sand. This is a lovely spot if you’re really looking to get away from it all. 

18. Klima Beach

Klima Beach in Ios

Last but by no means least is one of the most intriguing beaches on the island. Accessible only by boat or via a long 75-minute hike from Mylopotas, Klima Beach is a remote, sandy bay that offers guests a rugged natural landscape. It is unorganized with no sunbeds or parasols. In winter, turtles come to Klima Beach to lay their eggs, with hatchlings shuffling into the sea just a few weeks later. If you’re able to witness this, without interrupting the flow of nature it can be really fascinating!

So, there you have it, some of the best beaches in Ios. Nearly all the beaches and bays on the island feature warm, clear waters and soft sand so you can’t really go wrong! Which is your favorite beach on Ios? Let me know in the comments below.

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