Little Kook, Athens

Searching for a quirky and special place for your afternoon break in Athens? Visit Little Kook in Psiri Neighborhood.

Try this nice themed café in Psiri for your parties and special occasions or simply to spend a couple of hours in a surreal atmosphere that will take you away from boring everyday life. Little Kook is located on a side street of the hip Psiri neighborhood, just in front of the cheery Pittaki Street with its multicolored lamps. You surely cannot miss it, since there is always someone taking a picture or a selfie in front of its highly decorated and fairy front door!

This creative café was inaugurated in 2015 and it rapidly became very popular among locals and tourists thanks to its original concept. Inside, you’ll find several themed rooms inspired by the most famous fairy tales like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland or Jack and the Beanstalk.

A huge black dragon stands above the outdoor sign overlooking the many statues, decorations and lights inspired by an ever-changing seasonal theme. The staff is also dressed-up according to the main theme of the period and every single detail is conceived to make you feel a fairy tale hero or heroine.

The best times of the year to visit Little Kook are Halloween and Christmas, because the setting is really impressing and even more spectacular than usual. However, any time of the year has its own special setting planned to the least detail to offer the customers an unforgettable experience.

The café is composed of a few buildings so that you’ll find several internal seats and also a lovely outdoor seating area in summer. Fairytales and fantastic characters are brought to life to the delight of both children and adults and be ready to feel surrounded by a fantasy world. If you are planning a family trip to Athens, make sure a stop at Little Kook is included in your itinerary and spend some time indoor spoiling your kids with a yummy snack in this fabulous setting.

What should you order at Little Kook? A dessert, of course! Cakes are very popular and the menu has a wide selection of sweet courses with mysterious names such as Dragon’s Lava or Princess with Rosy Cheeks. Portions are really generous and a slice of cake is probably enough for 2 people, so be careful when you place your order!

Also forget your diet because Little Kook’s desserts are extremely rich and decadent, which makes them perfect for bending the rules every once in a while! The menu is more appropriate for a winter afternoon break involving a hot drink and a scrumptious slice of cake, but you can also find some “lighter” courses and even a few savoury snacks.

The only drawback is the long line you’ll probably find at the entrance: Little Kook is one of the most popular cafés in Athens and it gets really crowded during the weekend. It is best to plan your visit on a weekday to make sure local kids are at school and you can enjoy your break in a quiet place! Prices are not so cheap, but the setting and the friendly staff will make up for that!

Address: 17 Karaiskaki Street (a 3minute walk from Monastiraki metro station)
Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to midnight- Weekend from 9 a.m. to midnight

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