Naousa, Paros Island Greece

One of the most popular Cycladic tourist destinations is Naoussa, a small town located on the northern coast of Paros Island. It’s not only a lively summer destination but it’s also surrounded by picturesque countryside scattered with orchards and vineyards. This area is famous for its local wine production and it’s an interesting food and wine tourist destination offering some tasting opportunities and a few typical products for your souvenirs.

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A Guide to the Fishing Village of Naoussa, Paros

The best time to visit Paros

To make the best of your stay, choose summer! In July, you’ll also have the chance to attend the Fish Festival where you’ll be able to taste some fried fish while listening to some local bands. If you happen to be there at the end of summer, don’t miss the “Night of the Corsairs” taking place on August 23rd: it is the historical re-enactment of the victory of the inhabitants over the pirates guided by Redbeard.

How to get to Paros Island (Paroikia port)

  • By plane from Athens: Paros has a small airport for internal flights only. It will take 40 minutes to get there from Athens.
  • By ferry from Athens: You can get the ferry from Piraeus Port in Athens. The journey takes between 3 and 5 hours depending on the type of ferry.
  • By ferry from other islands: Paros is connected by ferry with other Greek islands like Mykonos, Syros, Naxos etc.

Check here for more information on the ferry timetable and to book your ferry tickets.

Naoussa Paros

How to get to Naoussa from Parikia

  • By taxi: it takes about 15 minutes and the average cost is 10 euro.
  • By bus: it takes about 30 minutes and the ticket costs 1,80 euro. For more information visit
  • By rented car

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Things to see in Naoussa

Venetian Castle: it is located close to the old port and it’s the symbol of the town. It dates back to the XV century and it was a Venetian outpost to protect the island from the pirates. It was later used by the Ottomans as a defensive tower.

Venetian Castle Naoussa Paros
Venetian Castle Naoussa Paros

Old Port: busy and picturesque, it’s the heart of local nightlife. Enjoy its typically Greek colors and atmosphere and lose yourself in its winding alleys.

Byzantine Museum: it displays objects and pieces of art from a period spanning from prehistoric times to the Roman era. It is useful to learn more about the ancient history of Paros island. It is housed inside the Agios Athanasios monastery, whose church is also worth a visit thanks to its frescoes.  

Church of St Nicholas: a tiny church overlooking the old port and offering a nice view.

Church of St Nicholas Naoussa Paros
Church of St Nicholas Naoussa Paros

Shopping: Just like other Cycladic towns, Naoussa is full of handicraft and souvenir shops, especially in the port area. The most typical souvenirs of Naoussa are local wine, cheese, honey, olive oil, and jams.

Nightlife: Naoussa has a lively nightlife and two of the most popular clubs of Paros: Nostos and Insomnia clubs. There are also some quieter and more refined places like a couple of nice cocktail bars overlooking the sea, other than plenty of restaurants and bars also popular among locals.

Beaches in and near Naoussa

Piperi Beach: it’s the main beach of Naoussa, it’s free and partially shaded by some trees. It’s narrow and quite small, so it’s perfect if you look for a quiet and not too busy place.

Piperi Beach Naoussa Paros
Piperi Beach Naoussa Paros

Agioi Anargyroi Beach: another free and quiet beach a little larger than Piperi.

Monastiri Beach: located on the northernmost tip of Paros island, this beach is one of the most popular ones. It’s fully equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, boat rental, a restaurant, and a bar and it’s always crowded in summer. You can reach it in about 15 minutes by car from Naoussa.

Kolymbithres Beach: it’s located close to Monastiri Beach and it’s smaller but equally popular and crowded. Its highlights are the rocky environment and its particularly crystal-clear water.

Kolymbithres Beach Paros
Kolymbithres Beach

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Things to see near Naoussa

Moraitis Winery: this historic wine estate offers some tastings of its prized local wines other than an interesting wine museum. The main wine varieties you can find here are Malvasia, Mandilaria, Aidani Black, Vaftra, and Karampraimi. Address: Epar.Od. Naoussa-Marpissas Opening hours: 12 – 4 p.m. (closed on Sunday). Website:

Paros Park: enjoy some scenic walks and this network of panoramic trails overlooking the sea. It’s a great place for some pictures too! Address: Ai-Yannis Detis Kolimbithres Naoussa Website:

Monastery of Agios Ioannis Detis Paros

Monastery of St John of Deti: it’s located inside Paros Park and it offers a great view and a perfect place to watch the sunset. Its name stems from a Greek word meaning “tie” and it has a double meaning: it refers to the action of tying a boat in the small cove below but it also metaphorically refers to the “miracles” of the Saints that could “tie” (“imprison”) illness to heal his faithful.

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Where to eat in Naoussa

  • Yemeni: it is located in the Old Town and it offers both traditional meat and fish dishes. It’s one of the most popular restaurants among tourists.
  • Marmitta: located a little bit further from the busiest streets, it offers a typically Greek menu to be tasted outdoor under a nice pergola.
  • Barbounaki: the perfect option for a fish dinner overlooking the sea.

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Where to stay in Naoussa

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