Polis Hammam, a Hammam Bath in Athens Greece

As much as we would like to take a vacation often the truth of the matter is: most of us have a busy schedule that wouldn’t allow us to have a long relaxing vacation as we would wish for. However, Polis Hammam which is located in the busy Athens near Psirri gives you an alternative by allowing you to have some self-relaxing time. As the Travel Bloggers Greece, we were invited to Polis Hammam for a treat and this proved to be the best treat of my life so far.

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Experiencing a Hammam Bath in Athens

On arrival at the facility, you shall immediately feel relaxed. From the colors, scent, silence… virtually everything in here will make your mind transition to a relaxation mood. On entering the building we were welcomed by very friendly staff who handed us a glass of strawberry juice each.

Personally, I love strawberry-flavored drinks and I enjoyed every sip of it. We were then walked to the dressing room where we changed to flip flops and pesternal towels and it was then we knew that things just got serious and we were about to have some of the best moments of our lives.

Polis Hammam Athens

Services offered at Polis Hammam

To begin with, there are quite a handful of services that are offered at Polis Hammam. From body massage, hot baths, face scrubbing, body exfoliation… basically, this is a perfect place not only when you are seeking some alone time but also if you wish to have a treat as a group. Be it an anniversary, wedding, bachelor’s party, proposals… any other kinds of celebrations.

Polis Hammam Athens
the reception area
Polis Hammam Athens
dressing room

The Passa Hammam

It was a hard choice to make on the services we wanted but we chose the Passa Hammam ritual which involves having someone bathe and exfoliate your body in a hot and humid room. In preparation for the Passa Hammam ritual, we stayed in the hot marble room, and just like the ancient women did we had a chit-chat with my fellow girlfriends from the Travel Greece Bloggers.

Polis Hammam Athens

A few minutes passed and it was then that very friendly and professional therapists started treating us to a full-body exfoliation using a special grove the “kesa Grove” to remove all the dead skin and toxins from our bodies. And, it didn’t end there, after the body exfoliation the treatment continued with a beneficial pure olive oil soap massage.

You just have to be careful not to lose yourself and forget where you are since the whole experience is so soothing and relaxing.  Again, when we just thought it was over it just got better. My therapist washed and relaxed my hair and it felt much better than the experience I have in the salon.

Polis Hammam Athens

 The Aritma Polis 30’ treat

After the body exfoliation and cleansing, I headed to the massage room where I had the Aritma Polis 30’ massage which is a massage from the backside of the body. This signature massage is meant to not only give you pleasure but also to re-energize your body. Particularly this form of massage would fit you if you engage in vigorous physical activities since it will provide deep tissue pressure allowing your body to relax.

Polis Hammam Athens
One of the massage rooms

Our treat ended with us relaxing at the lounge where we were offered aromatic oriental tea with Turkish delight. My whole experience at Polis Hammam was one of a kind and I will definitely come back for another treatment. You should also give it a try and experience the magic.

Under the basic Hammam treatment, you will have the privilege to sit on the warm marble bench and also get to enjoy a full-body exfoliation where the professional therapist will unclog your blocked pores with the help of the kesa grove. You shall also have your hair washed and by the time they are through you shall feel young and fresh.

For more information:

Polis Hammam Athens

Avliton 6-8, Psirri

T: +30 210 321 20 20

email: athens@polis-hammam.gr


I was a guest at the Polis Hammam, but as always opinions are my own.


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