A Guide to Pythagorion, Samos

Pythagorion is the most picturesque village on the island of Samos. It takes its name after the famous philosopher and scientist Pythagoras. It is located around 11 kilometers from the island’s capital Vathy. Traditional old houses with red-tiled roofs surround the village. It is worth taking a walk in its narrow alleys.

It also has lots of cafeterias, restaurants, and many more facilities. In the small port, you will see fishing boats early in the morning and fishermen coming into the port with their catch. Also, you can get boat trips to the Psili Amos beach, to the island of Samiopoula.

The town is built amphitheatrically around the bay, where the ancient town of the island was found during excavations. You can easily walk to the beach from Pythagorion, and the crystal clear waters attract all visitors.

One of the most important things you should know about this small village is that it is under UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) as a town of global cultural inheritance.

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Visiting the village of Pythagorion

How to get to Pythagorion

You can get a bus from Vathy. It should take around 20 minutes, costing 3-5 euros. Buses are every 4 hours, but the schedule can change in low seasons.

You can take a taxi, which will take you around 15 minutes. The cost of the ride might be something between 18-22 euros. Again depends on the season.

Another option is to hire a car. Again with a car, you will get to Pythagorion in about 15 minutes, and prices vary for different car rentals.

You can always hike or ride a bike. Try to do it early in the morning or evening, as the sun can be extreme.

History of Pythagorion

As we mentioned before, the village name came after Pythagoras; most of you maybe are familiar with the Pythagorion theorem used in geometry to measure right angles and triangles.

The village has an unstopped history of around 3000 years. The past and the present combine this place’s magic nature and incredible energy.

Things to do in Pythagorion

If you are an ancient history lover, this is the place to be, and here are the things you need to visit and see.

Pythagoras Statue
  • Pythagoras Statue, which has been standing on the East part of the pier since 1988
  • The Blue Street, where locals have painted and decorated with blue and white. It is a beautiful street where you can stroll in the evening.
Logothetis castle
  • Logothetis castle served as a defense and military base during the Greek revolution.
  • Metamorfosis of Sotiros is a church located on a hill next to Logothetis castle and is celebrating on 6th August. So if you are there don’t miss out on the church festival which usually happens on 5th August.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion is located in the center of the village and next to the ancient town ruins. It houses around 3000 items found in excavations in the old town and around the island.
Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion
  • The Monastery of Panagia Spiliani is located 125 meters above sea level. This monastery is dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin Mary and is built in a large cave, where people believe it was a place of worship in ancient times. The legend is that strangers stole the icon, and while unloading it from the boat, it fell and broke into pieces. Over time, the pieces were carried by sea back to the island, and the locals collected all of them and put the icon back together.
  • Ancient Theater is classified as a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO. The theater hosts many festivals during the summer season, so if you are there during this season, you are in for a treat.
  • The Efpalinio is one of the most outstanding achievements in engineering and proves the level of knowledge that ancient Greeks had; this is how Herodotus described this trench. It was used as a water tunnel to bring drinking water from the Agiades spring to the city in 6th B.C.
The Efpalinio

Where to stay in Pythagorio

Pythais Hotel: It is only one minute from the beach and is centrally located in the village. The building is a traditional stone and has a garden and a terrace.

Archo Suites Pythagoreio: It is only 2 minutes from the beach and very near the village’s center. It provides sea views and homemade breakfast.

What to do near Pythagorion

Pythagorion has many things to do, and you must spend a few days and enjoy what this village offers. You can visit nearby towns such as Mitilinii, Ireo, Koumaradei, and the archaeological site of Heraion.

the archaeological site of Heraion

The island is lively all year round as it has a Greek military base, and many facilities are open during the winter too. Also, Samos is a large island and has around 32.000 inhabitants. You can visit the island all year round, but if you want to enjoy a traditional Greek summer, definitely go during the summer season.

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